Adjective: последний прошлый истекший недавний
Adverb: в последний раз в конце недавно на последнем месте
Verb: длиться продолжаться продлиться хватать
Noun: конец колодка ласт выдержка


the last but one - предпоследний

the last straw to break the camel's back - последняя капля, переполнившая чашу терпения

last chance - последний шанс

to read down to the last page - дочитать до последней страницы

to draw back from the deal at the last moment - отказаться от сделки в последний момент

to have a last fling - гульнуть в последний раз

to last for an hour - длиться в течение часа

ready to the last gaiter button - полностью готовый

last home, long home - могила

the last word in technology - последнее слово в технике

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He was the last to leave. - Он уходил последним.

The examination lasted two hours. - Экзамен шёл два часа.

She was the last to finish. - Она закончила последней.

The bad weather lasted for three days. - Плохая погода держалась в течение трёх дней.

I saw him last in London. - В прошлый раз я видела его в Лондоне.

I had to miss the last of the movie - Мне пришлось пропустить конец фильма.

The meeting lasted from one to three. - Встреча продолжалась с часу до трёх.

This winter seems to last for ever. - Кажется, эта зима никогда не кончится.

We refer to your letter of (the) 15th May last. - Мы ссылаемся на ваше письмо от 15 мая прошлого года.

the last cookie in the jar - последнее печенье в банке

Those shoes didn't last (me) for a month. - Эти ботинки не протянули у меня и месяца.

There is no last answer to the problem. - Для этой проблемы ещё не найдено окончательного решения.

I last saw him in the supermarket. - В последний раз я видел его в супермаркете.

Last, I'll discuss family values. - Наконец, я поговорю о семейных ценностях.

They last went to the beach in June. - В последний раз они ходили на пляж в июне.

You are the last person I might agree to marry. - Ты последний человек, за которого я соглашусь выйти замуж.

He spoke last at the meeting. - На собрании он выступал последним.

My horse was last in the race. - Моя лошадь пришла последней в забеге.

She succeeded on her last attempt. - Её последняя попытка оказалась удачной.

Last, let's consider a philosophical aspect of this problem. - И в заключение, давайте обсудим философский аспект этой проблемы.

I haven't seen her recently. The last time we met was at a party. - Я её в последнее время не видел. В последний раз мы виделись на какой-то вечеринке.

to the last measure of human endurance - до крайней степени человеческой выносливости

the last person we would have suspected - последний человек, которого мы могли заподозрить

He was the last one out of the building. - Он последним выходил из здания.

the last days of the dinosaurs - последние дни динозавров

The arbiter will have the last say. - Последнее слово останется за арбитром.

These are the last two books in the series. - Это две последние книги в данной серии.

This word was last used in the 17th century. - В последний раз это слово использовалось в семнадцатом веке.

He was tragically killed during the last days of the war. - Он трагически погиб в последние дни войны.

the last man they would have chosen for the job - последний человек, которого бы они выбрали для этой работы

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

late: Late means near the end of a day, week, year, or other period of time.

at last: If you say that something has happened at last or at long last you mean it has happened after you have been hoping for it for a long time.

last-born: (of a child) last to be born in a family

Last Day: → the Last Day

last-gasp: You describe something as the last gasp to emphasize that it is the final part of something or happens at the last possible moment .

last name: → surname

last out: to be sufficient for one's needs

last post: a bugle call that orders personnel to retire for sleep

last word: the final word or speech, regarded as settling the argument

the last: a person or thing that is last

every last: You use every last to emphasize that you are talking about all the people or things in a group or all the parts of something.

last breath: When someone takes their last breath, they die .

last-cyclic: denoting rules that apply only to main clauses

last ditch: A last-ditch action is done only because there are no other ways left to achieve something or to prevent something happening . It is often done without much hope that it will succeed .

last hurrah: Someone's last hurrah is the last occasion on which they do something, especially at the end of their career .

last-minute: A last-minute action is one that is done at the latest time possible.

last resort: the last possible course of action open to one

last rites: The last rites are a religious ceremony performed by a Christian priest for a dying person.

last sleep: death

last straw: the last of a sequence of annoyances or troubles that results in a breakdown, loss of patience, etc.

Last Supper: the last supper eaten by Jesus with his disciples before the Crucifixion, as related in the New Testament

last thing: as the final action, esp before retiring to bed at night

paddy last: the last person in a race or competition

trade-last: a compliment that one has heard about someone, which one offers to tell to that person in exchange for a compliment heard about oneself

last honours: observances of respect at a funeral

Last Judgment: the final judgment of humanity at the end of the world

last quarter: one of the four principal phases of the moon, occurring between full moon and new moon, when half the lighted surface is visible

at long last: finally, after difficulty, delay, or irritation

last but one: next to last

Last Judgement: In the Christian religion, the Last Judgement is the last day of the world when God will judge everyone who has died and decide whether they will go to Heaven or Hell .

last knockings: the final stage of a period or activity

the Last Day: the final and eternal judgement by God of all souls and nations

to the last: If you say that something goes on happening to the last, you mean that it happens throughout the whole of a book, film, or event.

first and last: on the whole; overall

the last laugh: the final success in an argument, situation, etc, after previous defeat

the last straw: If an event is the last straw or the straw that broke the camel's back, it is the latest in a series of unpleasant or undesirable events, and makes you feel that you cannot tolerate a situation any longer.

the last trump: the final trumpet call that according to the belief of some will awaken and raise the dead on the Day of Judgment

the last word: the closing remark of a conversation or argument, esp a remark that supposedly settles an issue

as a last resort: If you do something as a last resort, you do it because you can find no other way of getting out of a difficult situation or of solving a problem .

at the last gasp: at the point of death

breathe one's last: When someone breathes their last, they die.

famous last words: said to mean that it is quite possible that your claim that something will definitely happen in a certain way will be proved wrong

last chance saloon: a place frequented by unsavoury or contemptible people

last-minute change: If there is a change in something, it becomes different.

last-minute gift: A gift is something that you give someone as a present.

last resting place: a place where someone or something rests, esp ( last resting place ) the grave

one's last hour: the time of one's death

on its last legs: no longer as useful, successful, or strong as before, and about to fail altogether

see the last of: to see for the last time

the Last Judgment: the occasion, after the resurrection of the dead at the end of the world, when, according to biblical tradition, God will decree the final destinies of all people according to the good and evil in their earthly lives

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Однокоренные слова:

lasting - прочный, длительный, длящийся, устойчивый, продолжительность, длительность
lastly - наконец, в заключение

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