Verb: смеяться хохотать высмеивать подсмеиваться
Noun: смех хохот шутка смешной случай


full-mouthed laugh - громкий смех

to do smth. for a laugh / for laughs - делать что-л. ради смеха

to have the laugh of / on smb. - высмеять того, кто смеялся над тобой

to have a good laugh at smb. - от души посмеяться над кем-л.

to stifle / suppress a laugh - сдерживать смех

derisive laugh - иронический смех

infectious laugh - заразительный смех

sardonic laugh - сардонический смех

subdued laugh - сдерживаемый смех

to laugh up one's sleeve - смеяться втихомолку

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What are you laughing about? - Над чем вы смеётесь?

He gave a loud laugh. - Он громко рассмеялся.

I've never laughed so hard in my life. - Я никогда, в своей жизни, не смеялся так сильно.

He laughed a reply. - Он ответил со смехом.

He laughed his pleasure. - Он рассмеялся от удовольствия.

It was a great holiday with lots of laughs. - Это был большой праздник, наполненный смехом.

She gave a wan laugh. - Она едва (слабо) посмеялась.

The joke got a big laugh. - Над шуткой много смеялись.

Everyone laughed about the incident. - Все смеялись над происшествием.

I like him because he makes me laugh. - Мне он нравится, потому что заставляет меня смеяться. / Я люблю его за то, что он меня смешит.

I couldn't help but laugh. - Я не мог не смеяться.

He laughs best who laughs last. посл. - Хорошо смеется тот, кто смеется последним.

He always enjoys a good laugh. - Он всегда не прочь посмеяться.

Maria looked at him and laughed. - Мария посмотрела на него и рассмеялась.

They laughed at our efforts. - Они смеялись над нашими усилиями.

At first she was silent, then she gave a nervous laugh. - Сначала она молчала, а потом издала нервный смешок.

A small laugh escaped her. - Она нечаянно хихикнула.

He laughed himself hoarse. - Он смеялся до колик.

The movie was hilarious. We laughed our heads off. - Фильм был уморительным. Мы смеялись от души. / Фильм был прикольный. Мы животики надорвали.

The frequent laugh goes round. - Часто то тут, то там раздаётся смех.

She was recalled by a loud laugh - Она запомнилась громким смехом

We wanted to laugh but didn't dare. - Мы хотели рассмеяться, но не осмелились.

Now don't laugh when you hear this. - Только не смейся, когда услышишь это.

a joke that always gets a big laugh - Шутка над которой всегда смеются.

Such a gay, pretty, heart-whole laugh! - Какой веселый, милый, искренний смех!

This scene gets one of the biggest laughs in the movie. - Этот эпизод был одним из самых смешных в фильме.

Don't laugh while I'm playing the piano, you put me off. - Не смейся, когда я за роялем, ты меня отвлекаешь.

She resisted the temptation to laugh. - Она устояла перед соблазном рассмеяться.

It was a cross between a laugh and a bark. - Раздалось нечто среднее между смешком и лаем.

He's one of the few writers who can make me laugh out loud. - Это один из немногих писателей, который может заставить меня рассмеяться вслух.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you laugh off a difficult or serious situation, you try to suggest that it is amusing and unimportant, for example by making a joke about it.

If you laugh off a difficult or serious situation, you try to suggest that it is amusing and unimportant, for example by making a joke about it.

Связанные термины:

laugh at: to be amused by

laugh off: If you laugh off a difficult or serious situation, you try to suggest that it is amusing and unimportant, for example by making a joke about it.

belly laugh: A belly laugh is a very loud, deep laugh.

horse laugh: a coarse, mocking, or raucous laugh ; guffaw

laugh away: to dismiss or dispel (something unpleasant ) by laughter

laugh down: to silence by laughing contemptuously

laugh lines: Laugh lines are wrinkles which some older people have at the outside corners of their eyes .

laugh track: laughter which is pre-recorded and then added to a radio or TV show to be played when it is aired

a good laugh: If you describe someone as a laugh or a good laugh, you like them because they are amusing and fun to be with.

infectious laugh: When you laugh, you make a sound with your throat while smiling and show that you are happy or amused . People also sometimes laugh when they feel nervous or are being unfriendly .

the last laugh: the final success in an argument, situation, etc, after previous defeat

laugh like a drain: to laugh a lot

don't make me laugh: Some people reply to other people's comments or opinions by saying ' Don't make me laugh ' when they disagree with them and think they are foolish or inaccurate .

have the last laugh: to make your critics or opponents look foolish or wrong, by becoming successful when they said that you would fail

laugh one's head off: Phrases such as laugh your head off and scream your head off can be used to emphasize that someone is laughing or screaming a lot or very loudly.

laugh up one's sleeve: to laugh or have grounds for amusement, self-satisfaction, etc, secretly

laugh up your sleeve: to be secretly amused by something, for example because someone has done something very badly, or because you know something that nobody else knows. This expression is usually used to show disapproval .

laugh your head off: to laugh or shout a great deal

for a laugh/for laughs: If you do something for a laugh or for laughs, you do it as a joke or for fun .

to have the last laugh: If you say that you have the last laugh, you mean that you become successful at something so that people who criticize or oppose you look foolish .

to laugh your head off: Phrases such as laugh your head off and scream your head off can be used to emphasize that someone is laughing or screaming a lot or very loudly.

get a laugh to raise a laugh: If a person or their comment gets a laugh or raises a laugh, they make the people listening to them laugh.

a good laugh/a bit of a laugh: If you describe a situation as a laugh, a good laugh, or a bit of a laugh, you think that it is fun and do not take it too seriously .

laugh at someone's expense: to make someone seem foolish by laughing at them

laugh in a person's face: to show open contempt or defiance towards a person

to laugh in someone's face: If someone laughs in your face, they are openly disrespectful towards you.

to laugh someone out of court: If you laugh someone out of court, you say that their opinions or ideas are so ridiculous that they are not worth considering.

have a good laugh about something: If you have a good laugh about something, you find it amusing and realize that it is funny, especially when the situation was at first upsetting .

laugh all the way to the bank: to make a lot of money very easily or very quickly

you've got to laugh/you have to laugh: If you say ' you've got to laugh ' or ' you have to laugh ', you are trying to see the amusing side of a difficult or disappointing situation rather than being sad or angry about it.

to laugh all the way to the bank: If you say that someone is laughing all the way to the bank, you mean that they are making a lot of money very easily .

laugh on the other side of one's face: to show sudden disappointment or shame after appearing cheerful or confident

laugh out of the other side of your mouth: said to warn someone that although they are happy or successful at the moment, things are likely to go wrong for them in the future. The British expression is laugh on the other side of your face .

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Однокоренные слова:

laugh away - прогнать смехом, рассеять смехом
laugh down - засмеять, заглушить смехом
laugh off - отшутиться, отделаться смехом
laugh over - смеяться над, обсуждать в шутливом тоне

Связанные слова: