Verb: запускать начинать выпускать открывать
Noun: катер баркас спуск судна на воду моторная лодка


to build up / establish / launch a business - организовать компанию

to launch / lower a boat - спускать судно на воду

to launch / mount / organize a campaign - организовывать кампанию

to enter on / launch a career - начать карьеру

to launch an inquiry - расспрашивать

to launch / mount / organize an expedition - организовывать экспедицию

to launch a glider - запускать планер

to launch / lob / throw a grenade - бросать гранату

to deliver / launch into a harangue - произносить речь

to carry out / launch an invasion - совершить вторжение

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The launch of a ship was a big occasion. - Спуск корабля на воду был большим событием.

The launch was postponed to a later date. - Запуск был перенесён на более поздний срок.

The police have launched an investigation into the incident. - Полиция начала расследование дела.

She's trying to launch a new career as a singer. - Она пытается начать новую карьеру в качестве певицы.

the launch of a new women's magazine - начало выпуска нового женского журнала

NASA reported a trouble-free launch - NASA сообщили об успешном запуске (ракеты)

Can we afford to launch out on a colour television? - Можем мы потратиться на цветной телевизор?

The enemy launched an attack at sunrise. - Враг начал наступление на рассвете.

Double-click on an icon to launch an application. - Дважды нажмите на значок, чтобы запустить приложение.

abort the launch of a rocket - отменить запуск ракеты

The big bosses went to Hawaii, ostensibly to launch the new project. - Высшее руководство отправилось на Гавайи, якобы для того чтобы запустить новый проект.

The musical theatre company is about to launch a new performer on the musical world. - Музыкальная компания собирается выпустить на мировую сцену нового исполнителя.

The book launched his career as a novelist. - Эта книга положила начало его карьере в качестве романиста.

He helped launch her in her career as a singer. - Он помогал ей начать карьеру певицы.

This morning's launch of the space shuttle has been delayed. - Запуск шаттла, намеченный на утро, был отложен.

He launched into a long diatribe. - Он начал долгую обличительную речь.

We'll make a trip by launch to White Island. - Мы поедем на катере на остров Уайт.

The missiles were launched against enemy targets. - Ракеты ударили по целям противника.

The company says it is committed to launch a new vehicle every year in India. - Компания заявила о том, что решено выпускать новый автомобиль на рынок в Индии каждый год.

The press launched a vicious attack on the President. - В прессе начались злобные нападки на президента.

The company hopes to launch the new drug by next October. - Компания надеется выпустить новый препарат к октябрю следующего года.

The show is timed to coincide with the launch of a new book. - Данное представление приурочено к выходу новой книги.

You can launch the program by double-clicking on the icon. - Программу можно запустить двойным щелчком по иконке.

The organization has launched a campaign to raise $150,000. - Организация развернула кампанию по привлечению ста пятидесяти тысяч долларов.

From launch to splashdown the Apollo-8 mission went entirely without hitch. - От запуска и до приводнения космический полет Аполло-8 прошел гладко.

A test satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral. - С мыса Канаверал был запущен пробный спутник.

There was great rejoicing at the launch party for the book. - На презентации этой книги было много веселья.

The police have launched an investigation into his activities. - Полиция начала расследование его деятельности.

The Canadian police plan to launch an investigation into the deal. - Канадская полиция планирует начать расследование этой сделки.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you launch into something such as a speech, task, or fight, you enthusiastically start it.

If you launch into something such as a speech, task, or fight, you enthusiastically start it.

Связанные термины:

hard launch: the general or official launch, esp of a website, after which all features, products, and services are understood to be available

launch into: If you launch into something such as a speech, task, or fight, you enthusiastically start it.

launch pad: A launch pad or launching pad is a platform from which rockets, missiles, or satellites are launched.

launch shoe: an attachment to an aircraft from which a missile is launched

soft launch: the launch of a website in stages, with regular updating

launch party: a party that celebrates the launch of a new magazine, product, etc

launch window: the limited period during which a spacecraft can be launched on a particular mission

motor launch: a small naval vessel that chases submarines, etc

press launch: the launch of a product, exhibition, event, etc, to which journalists are invited, in order to publicize it

launch vehicle: a rocket, without its payload, used to launch a spacecraft

rolling launch: the process of introducing a new product into a market gradually

delay a launch: If a company launches a new product, it makes it available to the public.

manifesto launch: To launch a large and important activity, for example a military attack, means to start it.

launch a challenge: If you challenge someone, you invite them to fight or compete with you in some way.

launch a crackdown: A crackdown is strong official action that is taken to punish people who break laws.

launch a flight: A flight is a journey made by flying, usually in an aeroplane .

launch an action: Action is doing something for a particular purpose.

store launch event: A store launch event is a special event, which publicizes the opening of a new store and at which discounts and free samples may be offered .

launch an operation: An operation is a highly organized activity that involves many people doing different things.

launchpad: a platform from which a spacecraft, rocket, etc, is launched

booster: A booster is something that increases a positive or desirable quality.

booster rocket: a person or thing that supports, assists, or increases power or effectiveness

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Однокоренные слова:

launch out - пускаться, сорить деньгами

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