Verb: класть возложить прокладывать уложить
Noun: расположение слой положение рельеф
Adjective: мирской светский непрофессиональный недуховный


to lay brick on end - класть кирпич на торец

to lay / string cable - протягивать кабель

to lay out a cable - раскатывать кабель

to establish / lay down a canon - устанавливать критерий

to lay up a car - консервировать автомобиль

to lay a carpet - постелить ковёр

to lay to smb.'s charge - обвинять кого-л.

to knock / lay (out) cold - потерять сознание, быть без сознания

to lay out the course - прокладывать курс следования

to lay hands on smth. - завладеть чем-л.

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Lay the books on the table. - Положите книги на стол.

Lay the packages on the table. - Положи пакеты на стол.

Lay the cartons one on top of the other. - Ставь коробки одна на одну.

I'll lay money that they'll say yes. - Бьюсь об заклад, они согласятся.

This hen doesn't lay. - Эта курица не несётся (не откладывает яйца).

Lay the patient carefully onto the bed. - Осторожно уложите больного на кровать.

Lay the fabric carefully on the table. - Аккуратно разложите ткань на столе.

It's a mistake to lay too much emphasis on grades. - Неверно придавать слишком большое значение оценкам.

Lay the material flat on the table. - Положите материал плашмя на стол.

a lay opinion as to the cause of the disease - непрофессиональное мнение о причине заболевания

a science magazine written for the lay public - научный журнал, изданный для широкой публики

For a year or two he wrote poetry. But then he gave up that lay. - В течение года или двух он писал стихи, но потом бросил это занятие.

I'd lay money that he will go on to play for England. - Готов поспорить, что он будет продолжать играть за Англию (досл. Я бы поставил деньги на то...)

A cuckoo is able to lay in a range of different nests. - Кукушка может откладывать яйца в разные гнезда. (не только в одно, но точно - не в своё!)

The patient's lay diagnosis was close to the doctor's. - Диагноз, поставленный себе пациентом, оказался близким к врачебному.

Lay the wounded soldier down carefully so as not to hurt him. - Уложи раненого осторожно, чтобы не сделать ему больно.

The flies lay their eggs on decaying meat. - Мухи (часто) откладывают свои яйца / личинки в мясе, которое (уже) начинает портиться.

lay the foundation for a new health care plan - заложить фундамент для нового плана медицинского обслуживания

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

lie: If you are lying somewhere, you are in a horizontal position and are not standing or sitting .

lay-by: A lay-by is a short strip of road by the side of a main road, where cars can stop for a while.

lay in: If you lay in an amount of something, you buy it and store it to be used later.

lay on: If you lay on something such as food, entertainment, or a service, you provide or supply it, especially in a generous or grand way.

lay to: to bring a vessel into a haven

lay up: If someone is laid up with an illness, the illness makes it necessary for them to stay in bed .

re-lay: to lift up (a carpet, floorboards, etc) and then attach them back to their usual permanent position

lay day: any of the days allowed for loading or unloading a ship without payment of extra charge

lay for: to be waiting to attack

lay low: to cause to fall by a blow

lay off: If workers are laid off, they are told by their employers to leave their job, usually because there is no more work for them to do.

lay out: If you lay out a group of things, you spread them out and arrange them neatly, for example so that they can all be seen clearly .

lay aside: If you lay something aside, you put it down, usually because you have finished using it or want to save it to use later .

lay away: to store or reserve for future use

lay bare: to reveal or explain

lay days: the number of days permitted for the loading or unloading of a ship without payment of demurrage

lay down: If you lay something down, you put it down, usually because you have finished using it.

lay into: To lay into someone or something means to start attacking or criticizing them.

lay open: to reveal or disclose

lay over: to postpone for future action

lay vicar: a member of a cathedral choir appointed to sing certain parts of the services

lay waste: to devastate or destroy

lay aboard: ( formerly ) to move alongside a warship to board it

lay analyst: a person without medical qualifications who practises psychoanalysis

lay before: If you lay an idea or piece of information before someone, you present it to them in detail, usually in order to obtain their approval or advice .

lay brother: a man who has taken the vows of a religious order but is not ordained and not bound to divine office

lay figure: an artist's jointed dummy, used in place of a live model, esp for studying effects of drapery

lay it on: to exaggerate, esp when flattering

lay people: → lay person

lay person: A lay person is a person who is not trained, qualified, or experienced in a particular subject or activity.

lay reader: a person licensed by a bishop to conduct religious services other than the Eucharist

lay sister: a woman who has taken the vows of a religious order but is not ordained and not bound to divine office

lay an egg: if something lays an egg, it fails because people are not interested in it or do not want it

lay preacher: a preacher who is not a member of the clergy

lay sb low: If a disease or illness lays you low, it makes you weak or ill .

ordinary lay: the form of lay found in a cable-laid rope

lay a course: to sail on a planned course without tacking

lay claim to: to assert one's possession of or right to

lay hands on: to seize or get possession of

lay hold of: to seize or grasp

lay siege to: to besiege (a city, etc)

lay sth bare: If you lay bare something or someone, you reveal or expose them.

lay store by: to value or reckon as important

lay to rest: to bury (a dead person)

lie in: If you have a lie-in, you rest by staying in bed later than usual in the morning.

lie to: (of a vessel) to be hove to with little or no swinging

lie up: to go into or stay in one's room or bed, as through illness

lay about one: to deliver blows on all sides; strike out in every direction

lay waste (to): to destroy; devastate ; make desolate

give odds: to offer a bet with favourable odds

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Однокоренные слова:

lay about - размахивать
lay aside - откладывать, откладывать в сторону, приберегать, бросать, отказываться
lay away - откладывать на будущее, сберегать, резервировать, откладывать
lay back - отводить назад, расслабиться, успокоиться, наклоняться назад
lay by - откладывать, приберегать, откладывать в сторону
lay down - сложить, устанавливать, закладывать, укладывать, класть, утверждать, оставлять
lay in - заготовить, запасать
lay off - увольнять, снять с работы, переставать, прекращать, отдыхать, снимать одежду
lay on - накладывать, прокладывать, облагать, наносить краску, подводить
lay out - выкладывать, раскладывать, размещать, вынимать, разбивать, планировать, выставлять
lay over - покрывать, задерживаться, прерывать путешествие, получать преимущество
lay up - копить, откладывать, запасать, выводить временно из строя, припрятывать

Связанные слова: