Noun: левые левая сторона левый фланг
Adjective: левый
Adverb: слева налево


left cancellation law - левый закон сокращения

left justified clause - оператор выравнивания по левым символам

closed on the left - замкнутый слева

continuous from the left - непрерывный слева

continuous of the left - непрерывный слева

continuous on the left - непрерывный слева

derivative on the left - левая производная

proof is left as an exercise - доказательство оставим в качестве упражнения

on the left flank - на левом фланге

rule of left generalization - правило левого обобщения

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He left two days ago. - Он уехал два дня назад.

He left after an hour. - Он ушёл через час.

I have two years left. - У меня осталось два года.

the friend at your left hand - друг, находящийся слева от вас

Opera left him cold. - Опера оставила его равнодушным.

We left home at noon. - Мы вышли из дома в полдень.

The film left me cold. - Кино оставило меня равнодушным.

Turn left after the hotel. - После гостиницы поверните налево.

the left side of the street - левая сторона улицы

I wonder why they left. - Интересно, почему они ушли.

He paid his bill and left. - Он оплатил счёт и ушёл.

She has no juice left. - Она совсем без сил.

He left without a word. - Он ушёл, не сказав ни слова.

Turn left at the church. - У церкви поверните налево.

He took a sharp left turn. - Он резко повернул налево.

Steer toward the left. - Держите курс левее.

She left the door ajar. - Она оставила дверь приоткрытой.

I left my bags right here. - Я оставил сумки вот здесь.

The news left her aghast. - Новость повергла её в ужас.

Take a left at the corner. - На перекрёстке поверните налево.

He left the secret untold. - Он не раскрыл этой тайны.

the third house on the left - третий дом слева

Is there any milk left? - Молока совсем не осталось? / Осталось ли хоть немного молока?

a quick dart to the left - быстрый бросок влево

Take the next left turn. - На следующем повороте — налево.

I left my music at home. - Я оставил ноты дома.

The wine left a dark stain. - От вина осталось тёмное пятно.

a hard left to the chin - сильный удар с левой в челюсть

We left by the back gate. - Мы вышли через задние ворота.

He left in great disgust. - Он ушёл в сильном раздражении.

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Связанные термины:

leave: If you leave a place or person, you go away from that place or person.

eyes left: a command to troops to look left, esp as a salute when marching

far left: of or relating to the extreme left wing

hard left: You use hard left to describe those members of a left wing political group or party who have the most extreme political beliefs .

left back: a defending player on the left side of the field

Left Bank: a district of Paris, on the S bank of the River Seine ; frequented by artists, students, etc

left half: a defensive player who plays midfield, on the left side of the pitch

left-hand: If something is on the left-hand side of something, it is positioned on the left of it.

left out: excluded

left over: If there is a certain amount of something left over, or if you have it left over, it remains when the rest has gone or been used.

left wing: Left-wing people have political ideas that are based on socialism .

New Left: a loose grouping of left-wing radicals, esp among students, that arose in many countries after 1960

inside left: (esp formerly) a player having mainly midfield and attacking roles

left brain: the left hemisphere of the human brain, which is believed to control linear and analytical thinking, decision-making, and language

left-click: To left-click or to left-click on something means to press the left-hand button on a computer mouse.

left-field: If you say that someone or something has come out of left field or is out in left field, you mean that they are untypical, unusual, or strange in some way.

left-footed: kicked with the left foot

left-footer: (esp in Ireland and Scotland) a Roman Catholic

left-handed: Someone who is left-handed uses their left hand rather than their right hand for activities such as writing and sports and for picking things up.

left-hander: You can describe someone as a left-hander if they use their left hand rather than their right hand for activities such as writing and sports and for picking things up.

left heart: the half of the heart containing the left ventricle and left atrium, which supply oxygenated blood to all parts of the body

left-winger: A left-winger is a person whose political beliefs are close to socialism, or closer to them than most of the other people in the same group or party.

loony left: → the loony left

stage left: Stage left is the left side of the stage for an actor who is standing facing the audience.

swipe left: to move a finger from right to left across a touchscreen in order to dismiss an image

ultra-left: having extreme left-wing views

left fielder: the player whose position is left field

left-justify: If printed text is left-justified, each line begins at the same distance from the left-hand edge of the page or column .

left luggage: Left luggage is used to refer to luggage that people leave at a special place in a railway station or an airport, and which they collect later .

outside-left: a footballer who plays on the outside left wing of the field

radical left: the faction representing extreme left-wing political views, often Marxist or Maoist in ideology

hang a left: to turn to the left (or right), as in driving a car

the far left: the more extreme supporters or advocates of social, political, or economic change, reform, or revolution designed to promote the greater freedom, power, welfare, or comfort of ordinary people

to the left: radical in the methods, principles, etc, employed in striving to achieve such change

left-of-center: holding liberal views in politics ; left-wing

left-of-centre: Left-of-centre people or political parties support political ideas which are closer to socialism than to capitalism .

left-wing bias: Bias is a tendency to prefer one person or thing to another, and to favour that person or thing.

the loony left: the extreme left

left-hand drive: A left-hand drive vehicle has the steering wheel on the left side, and is designed to be used in countries where people drive on the right-hand side of the road .

left-wing activist: An activist is a person who works to bring about political or social changes by campaigning in public or working for an organization.

leftover: You can refer to food that has not been eaten after a meal as leftovers .

leftovers: an unused portion or remnant, as of material or cooked food

have two left feet: to be very clumsy

left-luggage locker: a coin-operated locker in which luggage can be left

left-luggage office: a place at a railway station, airport, etc, where luggage may be left for a small charge with an attendant for safekeeping

out in left field: unusual and unconventional

where you left off: If something continues from where it left off, it starts happening again at the point where it had previously stopped .

be left in the dust: to be outdone or left far behind by someone or something

eyes right (or left): a command to snap the head to the right (or left) while marching, as a salute when passing in review

grand right and left: an interweaving of two concentric circles of dancers, one moving clockwise, the other counterclockwise, giving right and left hands alternately to successive partners

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Однокоренные слова:

leftist - левый, левак, член левой партии
leftward - влево, слева, расположенный слева
leftwards - влево, слева
leftism - левизна, левые взгляды, левачество

Связанные слова: