Noun: нога ножка этап стойка
Verb: бежать шагать проталкивать ногой ударить по ноге


to put one's best foot / leg foremost - делать всё от себя зависящее

to be lame in one leg - хромать на одну ногу

artificial / wooden leg - протез, деревянная нога

to make a leg - расшаркиваться

to run off one's leg - сбиться с ног

leg strap - ножной обхват

to cost an arm and a leg - стоить больших денег, стоить очень дорого

leg swing - мах ногой

table leg - ножка стола

gate leg / drop leaf table - стол с раздвижной откидной крышкой

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Leg it, the police are coming! - Сматываемся, полиция!

One leg of the chair is cracked. - Одна из ножек стула треснула.

A little boy was legging the boat along. - Маленький мальчик толкал ногами лодку вперёд.

a chair with a broken leg - стул со сломанной ножкой

We had chicken legs for dinner. - На обед у нас были куриные ножки.

We're finally on the last leg of our journey. - Наконец-то мы находимся на последнем этапе нашего путешествия.

He is one that cannot make a good leg. - Он из тех, кто не умеет продемонстрировать почтение там, где нужно.

He won the first two legs of horse racing. - Он победил в двух первых заездах на скачках.

His legs gave way under him and he fell over. - Ноги под ним подкосились, и он упал.

She fell and broke her leg. - Она упала и сломала ногу.

He was now to be seen legging it across the field. - Было видно, как он быстро бежит по полю.

One of the legs on the table was a bit wobbly. - Одна из ножек стола немного шаталась.

He rolled up his trouser legs and waded out into the stream. - Он закатал штанины и пошёл вброд через ручей.

She broke her leg in a skiing accident. - Она сломала ногу, когда каталась на лыжах.

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Связанные термины:

leg it: If you leg it, you run very quickly, usually in order to escape from someone.

leg up: a push to help someone to climb an obstacle upwards

dog leg: A dog leg is a part of a wellbore which is not straight .

leg bye: a run scored after the ball has hit the batsman's leg or some other part of the body, except the hand, without touching the bat

peg leg: A peg leg is an artificial leg made out of wood.

dead leg: temporary loss of sensation in the leg, caused by a blow to a muscle

fine leg: a fielding position between long leg and square leg

leg bone: a bone of the leg

leg break: a bowled ball that spins from leg to off on pitching

leg iron: a shackle for a prisoner's leg

leg-pull: a practical joke or mild deception

leg room: Leg room is the amount of space, especially in a car or other vehicle, that is available in front of your legs.

leg rope: a rope used to secure an animal by its hind leg

leg stump: the stump closest to the batsman's body at the normal guard position

long leg: a fielding position on the leg side near the boundary almost directly behind the batsman's wicket

lower leg: the lower part of your leg between your ankle and your knee

milk leg: inflammation and thrombosis of the femoral vein following childbirth, characterized by painful swelling of the leg

pant leg: the leg part of a pair of trousers or pants

seal leg: A seal leg is an open pipe which contains particles that gas cannot leak through.

sec. leg.: according to law

short leg: a fielding position on the leg side near the batsman's wicket

table leg: one of the legs forming part of a table and on which it rests

white leg: inflammation and thrombosis of the femoral vein following childbirth, characterized by painful swelling of the leg

hollow leg: an ability or inclination to drink large quantities of alcoholic beverages, esp. without evident drunkenness

inside leg: (in tailoring ) the inside leg from the crotch to the ankle on a person or on a pair of trousers

leg muscle: any of various muscles in the leg of a human or animal

leg-pulling: the act of performing practical jokes

leg shield: a part on a motorcycle, scooter, etc, that protects the legs of the rider or of a passenger

leg warmers: a set of coverings for the legs, worn for warmth or, as by dancers rehearsing, to prevent leg cramps

square leg: a fielding position on the on side approximately at right angles to the batsman

trouser leg: the leg of a pair of trousers

wooden leg: a replacement leg made of wood

cabriole leg: a type of furniture leg, popular in the first half of the 18th century, in which an upper convex curve descends tapering to a concave curve

show a leg: to get up in the morning

a hollow leg: the capacity to eat or drink a lot without ill effects

break a leg!: said to a performer who is about to go on stage as a way of wishing them good luck

shake a leg: to hurry up: usually used in the imperative

leg-of-mutton: (of a sail, sleeve, etc) tapering sharply or having a triangular profile

blewit: an edible pale-bluish mushroom Tricholoma personatum

bowleg: a leg that curves outwards

dogleg: A dogleg is a sharp bend in a road or a path .

give a leg up: to help to mount

leg before wicket: a manner of dismissal on the grounds that a batsman has been struck on the leg by a bowled ball that otherwise would have hit the wicket

pull someone's leg: to tease someone about something, for example by telling them something which is not true

legroom: room to move one's legs comfortably, as in a car

an arm and a leg: If you say that something costs an arm and a leg, you mean that it is very expensive .

inside leg measurement: (in tailoring ) the measurement on a pair of trousers or on a person of the inside leg from the crotch to the ankle

leg-of-mutton sleeve: a sleeve on a woman's garment that is loose on the arm but tight at the wrist

leg-o'-mutton sleeve: a sleeve on a woman's garment that is loose on the arm but tight at the wrist

to pull someone's leg: If you are pulling someone's leg, you are teasing them by telling them something shocking or worrying as a joke .

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Однокоренные слова:

legal - правовой, юридический, законный, легальный, узаконенный
legate - легат, посол, папский посол, делегат, отписывать, завещать
legible - разборчивый, четкий
legion - легион, множество
legist - правовед, юрист
legged - с ножкой или с ножками, как компонент сложных слов, ноги
legger - забеловщик ног, ,
legless - безногий, мертвецки пьяный

Связанные слова: