Verb: позволять давать пускать оставлять
Noun: препятствие помеха сдача внаем


to let the cat out of the bag - проговориться, нечаянно выболтать секрет

let's have a chat - поболтаем

to have / let out a chuckle - (тихо) засмеяться

to depress / ease up / let up on an accelerator - отпустить педаль газа, перестать давить на газ

to let things drift - пускать на самотёк

to let the car free-wheel - пустить автомобиль накатом

to emit / give / let out a gasp - онеметь от изумления

to emit / give / let out a guffaw - хохотать

to let in a visitor - впустить посетителя

don't let it pass your lips - об этом ни слова

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Let it be! - Да будет так!

Let him speak. - Дай ему сказать. / Пусть говорит.

Let it rain! - Пусть будет дождь!

Let them through. - Разрешите им пройти. / Пропустите их.

Just let him try! - Пусть он только попробует!

Let us pray. - Помолимся.

Live and let live. - Живи сам и не мешай другим.

Let's take the bus. - Давай(те) сядем на автобус.

Let me help you with those bags. - Позвольте мне помочь вам донести эти сумки.

She didn't let him into the house. - Она не пустила его в дом.

Open the door, and let the cat out. - Открой дверь и выпусти кошку.

Let me have a look at that letter. - Позвольте мне взглянуть на это письмо.

I was not let see him. - Мне не дали его повидать.

Let me by, I'm a doctor. - Пропустите меня, я доктор.

Let me give you a piece of advice. - Позвольте мне кое-что вам посоветовать.

Let angle A equal the sum of the two opposite sides. - Пусть угол А равен сумме двух противоположных сторон.

Don't let anyone know it was me who told you. - Пусть никто не знает, что это я тебе сказал.

Don't let's argue like this. - Давайте не будем вот так ссориться. (брит. разг.)

I let it be known that I was not interested - Да будет вам известно, что я не был заинтересован.

These cheap boots let the rain in. - Эти дешёвые ботинки промокают в дождь.

I've let my spare room to a student. - Я сдал свободную комнату студенту.

Open the gates and let the crowd through. - Открой ворота и пропусти толпу.

A break in the clouds let us see the summit. - Просвет в облаках позволил нам увидеть вершину.

Let's make a start, shall we? - Ну что, начнём?

I can let you have another £10, but no more. - Я могу позволить тебе взять ещё десять фунтов, но не больше.

He was right in letting Newman have the funds. - Он оказался прав, позволив Ньюману получить эти деньги.

The first serve was a let. - Первую подачу пришлось повторить. (о теннисе)

Max let the door swing open. - Макс позволил двери распахнуться настежь.

An agency is managing the let. - Сдачей помещений внаём управляет одно агентство.

Don't let him be the one who died, she prayed. - Только бы не он оказался этим погибшим, — молилась она.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

let's: Let's is the usual spoken form of 'let us'.

let be: to refrain from annoying or interfering with

let go: to relax one's hold (on); release

let in: If an object lets in something such as air, light, or water, it allows air, light, or water to get into it, for example because the object has a hole in it.

let on: If you do not let on that something is true, you do not tell anyone that it is true, and you keep it a secret.

let up: If an unpleasant, continuous process lets up, it stops or becomes less intense .

re-let: to make (land or property) available for letting again after the previous tenants have vacated it

let fly: to lose one's temper (with a person)

let off: If someone in authority lets you off a task or duty, they give you permission not to do it.

let out: If something or someone lets water, air, or breath out, they allow it to flow out or escape.

let rip: If you let rip, you do something forcefully and without trying to control yourself.

let alone: Let alone is used after a statement, usually a negative one, to indicate that the statement is even more true of the person, thing, or situation that you are going to mention next .

let down: If you let someone down, you disappoint them, by not doing something that you have said you will do or that they expected you to do.

let drive: to hit or aim

let into: If you let someone into a secret, you allow them to know it.

let loose: to set free

let slide: to allow to follow a natural course, esp one leading to deterioration

let slip: If you let slip information, you accidentally tell it to someone, when you wanted to keep it secret .

let in on: If you let someone in on something that is a secret from most people, you allow them to know about it.

let it go: If someone says or does something that you think is annoying or stupid and you let it go, you do not react to it or say anything about it.

let sb go: If you let someone or something go, you allow them to leave or escape .

let through: to allow to pass (through)

let up on: If you let up on someone or something, you stop being so harsh or strict with them.

buy-to-let: of or relating to the practice of buying a property to let to tenants rather than to live in oneself

fly-to-let: the practice of buying a property in a foreign country for rental as an investment

jet-to-let: the practice of buying a property in a foreign country for rental as an investment

let in for: to involve (oneself or another) in (something more than is expected )

let it rip: If you let it rip, you do something forcefully and without trying to control yourself.

to let fly: If you let fly, you attack someone, either physically by hitting them, or with words by insulting them.

let fly (at): to shoot or throw (at)

let her rip: to go ahead ; continue without restraint

let sth rest: If someone refuses to let a subject rest, they refuse to stop talking about it, especially after they have been talking about it for a long time.

let loose sth: If someone lets loose a sound or remark, they make it, often suddenly .

let off steam: to do or say something which helps you to get rid of your strong feelings about something

let someone be: To let someone be means to leave them alone and not interfere in what they are doing.

let sth slide: If you let something slide, you allow it to get into a worse state or condition by not attending to it.

let us assume: You can use let us assume or let's assume when you are considering a possible situation or event, so that you can think about the consequences .

let oneself go: If you let yourself go, you relax and behave much more freely than usual .

let me/let's see: People say ' let me see ' or ' let's see ' when they are trying to remember something, or are trying to find something.

let loose (with): to set free or give out; release

let's face it: You use the expression ' let's face it ' when you are stating a fact or making a comment about something which you think the person you are talking to may find unpleasant or be unwilling to admit .

let someone stew: to deliberately leave someone to worry about something, for example the consequence of their actions, and to not do anything to comfort or help them

let something rip: If you let something rip, you do it as quickly or as forcefully as possible . You can say ' let it rip ' or ' let her rip ' to someone when you want them to make a vehicle go as fast as it possibly can.

to let off steam: If you let off steam, you get rid of your energy, anger, or strong emotions with physical activity or by behaving in a noisy or violent way .

let the side down: to disappoint people by doing something badly or by doing something which people do not approve of

let your hair down: to relax and enjoy yourself, without worrying about behaving politely

let oneself in for: If you say that you did not know what you were letting yourself in for when you decided to do something, you mean you did not realize how difficult, unpleasant, or expensive it was going to be.

live and let live: to refrain from interfering in others' lives; to be tolerant

to let go of sth: If you let go of a feeling, attitude, or the control that you have over something, you accept that you should give it up or that it should no longer influence you.

let it all hang out: If you let it all hang out, you relax completely and enjoy yourself without worrying about hiding your emotions or behaving politely.

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Однокоренные слова:

let by - пропускать
let down - опускать, подводить, спускать, уронить, разочаровывать, повредить репутации
let in - впустить, впускать, напускать, давать доступ, не выдержать, обманом впутывать
let off - простить, разрядить ружье, выстрелить, выпалить, разрядить
let on - делать вид, выдавать секрет, притворяться, доносить на
let out - выпускать, освобождать, проговориться, сдавать внаем, выбалтывать
let up - прекращаться

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