Noun: уровень степень ступень этаж
Adverb: ровно вровень
Adjective: ровный горизонтальный равномерный плоский
Verb: выравнивать нивелировать сровнять уравнивать


to bring / level / make a charge - предъявить обвинение

level of complexity - уровень сложности

cool head, level head - рассудок, рассудительность, спокойствие, хладнокровие

to keep a level head, keep one's head - владеть собой, сохранять спокойствие

at a height of two hundred feet above sea level - на высоте двух сотен футов над уровнем моря

height above the sea level - высота над уровнем моря

high-level negotiations - переговоры на высшем уровне

to level an airplane - выравнивать самолёт

at sea level - на уровне моря

on a level with smth. - на одном уровне с чем-л.

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The floor was level. - Пол был ровный.

1000 m above sea level - тысяча метров над уровнем моря

She gave him a level look. - Она пристально на него посмотрела.

He forced his voice to remain level. - Он заставил себя говорить спокойным тоном.

He scored twice to level the score. - Он дважды забил и сравнял счёт.

an increased level of performance - повышенный уровень производительности

She rose to the level of manager. - Она поднялась до уровня управляющего.

I have to level with you. - Придётся быть с тобой откровенным.

Try to reduce your stress levels. - Попробуйте уменьшить уровень стресса.

Love levels all ranks. - Любовь всех уравнивает. (W. S. Gilbert)

The building was levelled. - Здание сравняли с землёй.

The horses ran level with one another. - Лошади бежали голова в голову.

Amy knelt down so that their eyes were level. - Эми опустилась на колени, и их глаза оказались на одном уровне.

Stir in 1 level teaspoon of yeast. - Добавьте в смесь одну чайную ложку закваски без верха.

foods that contain a high level of fat - продукты с высоким уровнем содержания жира

I woke to find a shotgun levelled at my eyes. - Я проснулся и обнаружил, что на меня направлено дуло дробовика.

The ground levelled off. - Земля выровнялась.

Dolphins show a high level of intelligence. - Дельфины демонстрируют высокий уровень интеллекта.

50 metres above sea level - пятьдесят метров над уровнем моря

The water has risen to flood level. - Вода поднялась до уровня затопления.

The village is well below sea level. - Деревня находится ниже уровня моря.

Your arms should be at the same level as your desk. - Ваши руки должны быть на одном уровне с поверхностью стола.

Many of the banks offer a poor level of customer service. - Многие банки предоставляют низкий уровень обслуживания клиентов.

They will level the field. - Они выровняют поле.

Water seeks its own level. - Вода стремится выровнять свой уровень.

We need support at grass-roots level. - Нам нужна поддержка рядовых избирателей.

Each path is coded to show the level of difficulty. - Каждый путь кодируется таким образом, чтобы показать уровень сложности.

ECL level - ЭСЛ-уровень, уровень (напряжения) ЭСЛ-схем

Bedford Level - Бедфордская равнина

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Фразовые глаголы:

If a changing number or amount levels off or levels out, it stops increasing or decreasing at such a fast speed.

Связанные термины:

A level: A levels are British educational qualifications which school children take when they are seventeen or eighteen years old. People usually need A levels if they want to go to university in Britain .

O level: the basic level of the General Certificate of Education, now replaced by GCSE

S level: a public examination in a subject taken for the General Certificate of Education : usually taken at the same time as A2 levels as an additional qualification

Y-level: a level mounted on a Y-shaped support that can be rotated

A2 level: the second part of an A-level course, taken after the AS level examination

AS level: a public examination taken for the General Certificate of Education, with a smaller course content than an A level : since 2000 taken either as the first part of a full A level or as a qualification in its own right

eye level: → at eye level

fog level: the density produced by the development of photographic materials that have not been exposed to light or other actinic radiation . It forms part of the characteristic curve of a particular material

level off: If a changing number or amount levels off or levels out, it stops increasing or decreasing at such a fast speed .

low-level: not high in the sky

oil level: the amount of lubricant in a vehicle or machine ( sometimes indicated by an oil guage)

sea level: Sea level is the average level of the sea with respect to the land. The height of mountains or other areas is calculated in relation to sea level .

top-level: A top-level discussion or activity is one that involves the people with the greatest amount of power and authority in an organization or country.

Abney level: a surveying instrument consisting of a spirit level and a sighting tube, used to measure the angle of inclination of a line from the observer to another point

base level: the lowest level to which a land surface can be eroded by streams, which is, ultimately, sea level

blood level: the amount of a substance, as cholesterol, alcohol, or triglycerides, circulating in the bloodstream : often expressed as a percent or in milligrams or micrograms per deciliter of blood

dumpy level: a levelling instrument consisting of a horizontal telescope with various rotational arrangements and a spirit level

entry-level: Entry-level is used to describe basic low-cost versions of products such as cars or computers that are suitable for people who have no previous experience or knowledge of them.

high-level: (of conferences, talks, etc) involving very important people

level staff: a graduated rod that is used to determine differences in elevation

logic level: the voltage level representing one or zero in an electronic logic circuit

split-level: A split-level house or room has part of the ground floor at a different level from another part, usually because the house has been built on ground that slopes .

stock level: the quantity or number of goods or raw materials kept on the premises of a shop or business

true level: a hypothetical surface that is perpendicular at every point to the plumb line, such as the mean sea level or geoid

water level: the level reached by the surface of a body of water

energy level: a constant value of energy in the distribution of energies among a number of atomic particles

flight level: a specified height at which an aircraft is allowed to fly

ground level: If something is at ground level, it is at the same level as the ground, as opposed to being higher up or below the surface.

level-headed: If you describe a person as level-headed, you mean that they are calm and sensible even in difficult situations.

level pegging: If two opponents in a competition or contest are level pegging, they are equal with each other.

on a level: on the same horizontal plane as another

poverty level: if someone is on the poverty line, they have just enough income to buy the things they need in order to live

reduced level: calculated elevation in relation to a particular datum

spirit level: A spirit level is a device for testing to see if a surface is level. It consists of a plastic, wood, or metal frame containing a glass tube of liquid with an air bubble in it.

street level: ground level

support level: a minimum price below which a specific stock is not supposed to fall, as because of the stock's inherent worth

Advanced level: a public examination in a subject taken for the General Certificate of Education ( GCE ), usually at the age of 17–18

at eye level: at the height of somebody's eyes

boardroom level: → at boardroom level

level crossing: A level crossing is a place where a railway line crosses a road.

on the level: If you say that someone or something is on the level, you mean that they are sincere or honest, and are not attempting to deceive people.

Ordinary level: the basic level of the General Certificate of Education, now replaced by GCSE

bargaining level: the level within an organizational hierarchy, such as company level, national level, etc, at which collective bargaining takes place

confidence level: a measure of the reliability of a result. A confidence level of 95 per cent or 0.95 means that there is a probability of at least 95 per cent that the result is reliable

level descriptor: one of a set of criteria used to assess the performance of a pupil in a particular subject

mean sea level: (in the UK) the sea level used by the Ordnance Survey as a datum level, determined at Newlyn in Cornwall

resistance level: a point at which the rise in price of a specific stock is arrested due to more substantial selling than buying

starvation level: → to be living at starvation level

subsistence level: a standard of living barely adequate to support life

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Однокоренные слова:

level down - опустить, понизить, уравнивать, выравнивать
level off - выравнивать, выровнять, выравнивать самолет, делать ровным
level out - привести к одному уровню, сглаживать, выравниваться
level up - поднять, приподнять, выравнивать, поднимать до определенного уровня

Связанные слова: