Noun: светило свет освещенность освещение
Verb: светить зажигать зажигаться освещать
Adjective: легкий световой светлый слабый
Adverb: легко налегке


brilliant light - очень яркий свет

light bulb - прозрачная лампочка

to turn on / light a burner - включить горелку

light calibre - лёгкий калибр

light come light go - что досталось легко, быстро исчезает

to light a candle - зажечь свечу

to light (up) a cigar - зажечь сигару

clear light - яркий свет

coherent light - когерентный свет

light blue - голубой

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Where's the light switch? - Где выключатель?

Her face lit. - Она просияла (от радости).

She lit a candle. - Она зажгла свечу.

The sun gives light. - Солнце — источник света.

Light goes on. - Включается свет.

She's quite a light sleeper. - Спит она довольно чутко.

Light flickers. - Свет мерцает.

A smile lit her face. - Её лицо осветила улыбка.

A light snow was falling. - Падал небольшой снег.

The lights are off / out. - Свет выключен.

the light of the moon - свет луны

The red light means 'Stop'. - Красный свет означает "стоп".

You've left your lights on. - Ты не выключил фары.

A light arced across the sky. - На небе появилась световая дуга.

I fell into a light sleep. - Я задремал.

She gave him a light kiss on the cheek. - Она легонько поцеловала его в щёку.

She is a light dancer. - Она очень грациозно танцует.

I had a light lunch in town. - Я слегка пообедал в городе.

It's a light, fresh wine. - Это лёгкое, свежее вино.

Light flooded into the room. - В комнату хлынул свет.

The lights have fused. - Свет погас. Пробки вышибло.

the coil in a light bulb - спираль в электрической лампочке

a dim light beside the bed - тусклый светильник рядом с кроватью

A light rain began to fall. - Начал накрапывать небольшой дождь.

The light rain had stopped. - К тому времени дождик уже перестал.

He has very light coloring. - У него очень светлая кожа и волосы.

The light focused. - Свет сфокусировался.

Light land is easily tilled. - Рыхлую землю легко пахать.

Misfortune lighted upon him. - На него свалилось горе.

He murmured loverly something about "the light of her jacinth hair". - Он любовно прошептал что-то про "блеск её гранатовых волос".

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you light on something or light upon it, you suddenly notice it or find it.

If you light something up or if it lights up, it becomes bright, usually when you shine light on it.

Связанные термины:

arc light: Arc lights are a type of very bright electric light.

bad light: If something is presented in a particular light, it is presented so that you think about it in a particular way or so that it appears to be of a particular nature.

fog light: a powerful light for use in foggy conditions, usually positioned low down on the front or rear of a road vehicle

hot light: a powerful light used in television production

key light: the main stage or studio light that gives the required overall intensity of illumination

light air: very light air movement of force one on the Beaufort scale

light ale: a type of beer that is light in colour and low in alcohol content

light box: a light source contained in a box and covered with a diffuser, used for viewing photographic transparencies, negatives, etc

light on: If you light on something or light upon it, you suddenly notice it or find it.

light out: to depart quickly, as if being chased

light pen: a rodlike device which, when applied to the screen of a cathode-ray tube, can detect the time of passage of the illuminated spot across that point thus enabling a computer to determine the position on the screen being pointed at

light up: If you light something up or if it lights up, it becomes bright, usually when you shine light on it.

red light: A red light is a traffic signal which shines red to indicate that drivers must stop.

wax light: a candle or taper of wax

back light: light falling on a photographic or television subject from the rear

black light: the invisible electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet and infrared regions of the spectrum

brake light: a red light attached to the rear of a motor vehicle that lights up when the brakes are applied, serving as a warning to following drivers

cold light: light emitted at low temperatures from a source that is not incandescent, such as fluorescence, phosphorescence, bioluminescence, or triboluminescence

dash light: a light to illuminate a dashboard in a motor vehicle

fill light: a light that supplements the key light without changing its character, used esp to lighten shadows

first light: First light is the time in the early morning when light first appears and before the sun rises .

flat light: even front lighting of a subject, producing little contrast, no shadows, and no modeling

green light: a signal to go, esp a green traffic light

grow light: a fluorescent light bulb designed to emit light of a wavelength conducive to plant growth

half-light: a dim light, as at dawn or dusk

idiot light: a light on an instrument panel or dashboard that reminds or warns the operator or driver of something

Inner Light: the presence and inner working of God in the soul acting as a guiding spirit that is superior even to Scripture and unites humankind to Christ

klieg light: intense carbon-arc light

laser light: light which is generated by a laser

light-armed: bearing light weapons

light beer: beer with a lower alcohol content than average

light bread: bread made of wheat flour with yeast as a leavening agent

light bulb: A light bulb or bulb is the round glass part of an electric light or lamp which light shines from.

light cream: Light cream is thin cream that does not have a lot of fat in it.

light dawns: said to mean that someone suddenly realizes or understands something that they should have realized or understood before

light face: a weight of type characterized by light thin lines

light-faced: (of type) having a weight of type characterized by light thin lines

light-fast: (of a dye or dyed article ) unaffected by light

light guide: a hair-thin, fiber-optic cable

light horse: lightly armed and highly mobile cavalry

light into: to assail physically or verbally

light lunch: Lunch is the meal that you have in the middle of the day.

light meal: A meal is the food you eat during a meal.

light meter: → exposure meter

light music: music for popular entertainment

light opera: a short, amusing musical play; operetta

light rail: a transport system using small trains or trams, often serving parts of a large metropolitan area

light show: a kaleidoscopic display of moving lights, etc, projected onto a screen, esp during pop concerts

light table: a translucent surface of ground glass or a similar substance, illuminated from below and used for the examination of positive or negative film, and for the make-up of photocomposed pages

light trap: any mechanical arrangement that allows some form of movement to take place while excluding light, such as a light-proof door or the lips of a film cassette

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Однокоренные слова:

light heavy-weight - борец или боксер полутяжелого веса, полутяжелый вес
light out - уходить в спешке, убегать, сбегать, покидать в спешке
light up - загораться, светиться, освещать, засветиться, зажигать, зажигаться, разжечь

Связанные слова: