Adjective: живший


short-lived triumph - преходящий триумф

long-lived daughter - долгоживущий дочерний изотоп

they lived two doors to us - их дом был третий от нашего

longer-lived engine - двигатель с большим ресурсом

long-lived immunity - продолжительный [стойкий] иммунитет

short-lived immunity - непродолжительный [нестойкий] иммунитет

long-lived key - долгоживущий ключ, долговременный ключ

they lived in luxur. - они жили в роскоши.

once upon a time there lived a king - давным-давно жил-был король

short-lived isotope radiation - излучение короткоживущих изотопов

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We lived in the city. - Мы жили в городе.

He lived a sad life. - Жизнь его была печальна.

They lived in luxury. - Они жили в роскоши.

We lived very low. - Жили мы в жуткой бедности.

He lived on the stead. - Он жил на ферме.

They lived by pulling. - Они жили воровством.

She lived on our block. - Она жила в нашем квартале.

I lived in a grotty flat. - Я жил в отвратительной квартире.

He lived a life of excess. - Жизнь его была полна излишеств.

The old crone lived alone. - Старуха жила одна.

He lived to the age of 92. - Он дожил до девяносто двух лет.

He lived simply on the farm. - Он жил простой жизнью на ферме.

I lived through two divorces. - Я пережил два развода.

He lived a hardscrabble life. - Жизнь его была тяжела.

He lived for his art. - Он жил ради своего искусства.

She lived a godly life. - Она прожила праведную жизнь.

He lived at a fast pace. - Он жил в быстром темпе.

I asked him where he lived. - Я спросил его, где он живёт.

My grandmother lived to 85. - Моя бабушка дожила до 85 лет.

She lived to the age of 79. - Она дожила до семидесяти девяти лет.

They lived happily ever after. - И жили они долго и счастливо.

She lived alone for many years. - Она много лет прожила в одиночестве.

They lived a quiet, pious life. - Они жили тихой, благочестивой жизнью.

He lived a life of dissipation. - Он растратил жизнь на развлечения.

He lived a long and happy life. - Он прожил долгую и счастливую жизнь.

I've never lived abroad before. - Я никогда прежде не жил за границей.

It's not certain where he lived. - Где он жил, точно неизвестно.

He lived overseas for many years - Он много лет прожил за границей.

They have lived there for years. - Они прожили там много лет.

The baby only lived a few hours. - Малыш /младенец/ прожил всего несколько часов.

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Связанные термины:

live: If someone lives in a particular place or with a particular person, their home is in that place or with that person.

lived-in: having a comfortable, natural, or homely appearance, as if subject to regular use or habitation

long-lived: Something that is long-lived lives or lasts for a long time.

relatively short-lived: Relatively means to a certain degree, especially when compared with other things of the same kind. [...]

haven't lived: If you tell someone that they haven't lived unless they experience a particular thing, you are telling them that thing is extremely good and should be experienced.

lived happily: You can add happily to a statement to indicate that you are glad that something happened or is true . [...]

live in: A live-in partner is someone who lives in the same house as the person they are having a sexual relationship with, but is not married to them.

live on: If you live on or live off a particular amount of money, you have that amount of money to buy things.

live up: to fulfil (an expectation, obligation, principle, etc)

short-lived joy: Joy is a feeling of great happiness.

live down: If you are unable to live down a mistake, failure, or bad reputation, you are unable to make people forget about it.

live off: If you live off another person, you rely on them to provide you with money .

live out: If you live out your life in a particular place or in particular circumstances, you stay in that place or in those circumstances until the end of your life or until the end of a particular period of your life.

live trap: a box constructed to trap an animal without injuring it

live with: to dwell with (a person to whom one is not married)

live through: If you live through an unpleasant event or change, you experience it and survive .

live up to: If someone or something lives up to what they were expected to be, they are as good as they were expected to be.

live together: If two people are not married but live in the same house and have a sexual relationship, you can say that they live together .

the relief was short-lived: If you feel a sense of relief, you feel happy because something unpleasant has not happened or is no longer happening .

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Однокоренные слова:

livable - уживчивый, пригодный для жилья, общительный, годный для жилья
liver - печень, печенка, житель
living - живой, живущий, жилой, обитающий, жизнь, образ жизни, приход, бенефиций

Связанные слова: