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look: If you look in a particular direction, you direct your eyes in that direction, especially so that you can see what is there or see what something is like.

good looks: personal attractiveness or beauty

it looks like: it seems that there will be

look-in: If you look in on a person or place, you visit them for a short time, usually when you are on your way somewhere else.

look on: If you look on while something happens, you watch it happening without taking part yourself.

look to: If you look to someone or something for a particular thing that you want, you expect or hope that they will provide it.

look up: If you look up a fact or a piece of information, you find it out by looking in something such as a reference book or a list .

the future looks: If you look in a particular direction, you direct your eyes in that direction, especially so that you can see what is there or see what something is like. [...]

look back: If you look back, you think about things that happened in the past.

look down: to express or show contempt or disdain (for)

look into: If a person or organization is looking into a possible course of action, a problem, or a situation, they are finding out about it and examining the facts relating to it.

look over: If you look something over, you examine it quite quickly in order to get a general idea of what it is like .

New Look: that has a new appearance or has been revamped in some way

wet look: a shiny finish given to certain clothing and footwear materials, esp plastic and leather

dirty look: If someone gives you a dirty look, they look at you in a way which shows that they are angry with you.

look after: If you look after someone or something, you do what is necessary to keep them healthy, safe, or in good condition.

look ahead: If you look ahead, you think about what is going to happen in the future and perhaps make plans for the future.

look around: If you look around or look round a building or place, you walk round it and look at the different parts of it.

look through: If you look through a group of things, you examine each one so that you can find or choose the one that you want .

look up to: If you look up to someone, especially someone older than you, you respect and admire them.

what sb/sth looks like: If you ask what someone or something looks like, you are asking for a description of them.

look down on: To look down on someone means to consider that person to be inferior or unimportant, usually when this is not true .

look out for: If you look out for something, you pay attention to things so that you notice it if or when it occurs.

something looks good on paper: said to mean that something seems to be a good idea, plan, or argument when you read about it, but may not be good in reality

look forward to: If you look forward to something that is going to happen, you want it to happen because you think you will enjoy it.

dixie: a large metal pot for cooking, brewing tea, etc

lookout: A lookout is a place from which you can see clearly in all directions.

by the look of/by the looks of: You use expressions such as by the look of her and by the looks of it when you want to indicate that you are giving an opinion based on the appearance of someone or something.

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