Adjective: свободный сыпучий рыхлый неплотный
Adverb: свободно навалом
Verb: освобождать развязывать ослаблять выстрелить
Noun: выход распущенный человек проявление


to break loose - выходить из-под контроля

loose / spare cash - свободные деньги

loose / weak confederation - непрочная, слабая конфедерация

lax / loose / slack discipline - слабая дисциплина

engine breaks loose - двигатель отрывается

fast and loose - непостоянный, изменчивый, ненадёжный

to loose shop adjustment - нарушать заводскую регулировку

loose / weak grip - слабая хватка

free / liberal / loose interpretation - произвольная интерпретация

to get loose - сбежать

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She was wearing a loose dress. - На ней было свободное платье.

She gave a loose to her tears. - Она дала волю слезам.

Loose the hounds. - Выпусти собак.

She wore her hair loose. - У неё были распущенные волосы.

Is that shirt loose enough? - Не тесна ли эта рубашка?

The dog ran loose in the yard. - Собака свободно бегала по двору.

Let chickens run loose. - Пусть цыплята побегают на свободе.

The rope came loose. - Верёвка ослабла.

Cows in India are running loose. - Коровы в Индии свободно гуляют по улицам.

Some of the pages have come loose. - Некоторые страницы оторвались.

Don't let your dog loose on the beach. - Не спускайте собаку с поводка на пляже.

This tooth feels very loose. - Этот зуб очень сильно шатается.

a loose, fluid style of dancing - свободный, плавный стиль танца

Years of loose living made him soft. - Годы беспутной жизни подорвали его здоровье.

Mind your stepthe railing's loose. - Идите осторожно — перила шатаются.

I'm ready to cut loose and enjoy the weekend. - Я готов оторваться и воспользоваться выходными по полной программе.

Her hair hung loose to her shoulders. - Её волосы свободно падали на плечи.

The nails had been pried loose. - Гвозди уже были расшатаны.

The loose papers blew off the desk. - Свободно лежащие бумаги сдуло со стола.

Her logic is too loose to make much sense. - Её рассуждение носит слишком общий характер, чтобы иметь какой-то глубокий смысл.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. - Носите свободную, удобную одежду.

The noose loosened. - Петля ослабла.

She was branded a loose woman. - Её заклеймили "распущенной".

He let loose a spray of bullets. - Он дал очередь (из автомата).

The horses were turned loose in the field. - Лошадей выпустили в поле.

Coil the end of the string round your finger, so that the toy plane can't get loose. - Намотай верёвку на палец, чтобы твой самолётик не улетел.

One end had torn loose. - Один конец был полностью оторван.

His moral character was exceedingly bad, he is still a loose hand. - У него очень низкие моральные качества, он по-прежнему очень распущен.

She is covered from head to foot in the loose chador of indigo cotton. - С головы до ног её закрывала чадра из хлопка цвета индиго.

Farmers have to fence in their fields to keep the cattle from getting loose. - Фермерам приходится огораживать поля, чтобы коровы не разбредались.

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Связанные термины:

cut loose: to become free from the influence or authority of other people

let loose: to set free

loose end: A loose end is part of a story, situation, or crime that has not yet been explained .

set loose: to make free; release

the loose: the part of play when the forwards close round the ball in a ruck or loose scrum

break loose: to free oneself by force

cast loose: to untie or unfasten ; become or set free

hang loose: to relax or not to be too serious about something because it is not important

loose cover: a fitted but easily removable cloth cover for a chair, sofa, etc

loose ends: small details or parts of something that have not been sorted out satisfactorily. Compare be at a loose end ; see end .

loose head: the prop on the hooker's left in the front row of a scrum

loose-leaf: (of a binder, album, etc) capable of being opened to allow removal and addition of pages

loose metal: shingle on a road

loose order: a formation in which soldiers, units, etc, are widely separated from each other

loose scrum: the act or method of restarting play after an infringement when the two opposing packs of forwards spontaneously group together with heads down and arms interlocked and push to gain ground while the scrum half throws the ball in and the hookers attempt to scoop it out to their own team

loose smut: a disease of cereal grasses caused by smut fungi of the genus Ustilago, in which powdery spore masses replace the host tissue

loose-weave: loosely woven

loose cannon: a person or thing that appears to be beyond control and is potentially a source of unintentional damage

loose change: money in the form of coins suitable for small expenditures

loose-fitting: Loose-fitting clothes are rather large and do not fit tightly on your body.

loose forward: one of a number of forwards who play at the back or sides of the scrum and who are not bound wholly into it

loose-jointed: supple and easy in movement

loose-leafed: (of a binder, album, etc) capable of being opened to allow removal and addition of pages

loose-limbed: (of a person) having supple limbs

loose-tongued: careless or irresponsible in talking

loose chippings: pieces of gravel spread on the top of tarmac that fail to stick to it

loose sentence: a sentence in which the essential elements, in the main clause, come first, followed by subordinate parts, modifiers, etc., as in some complex sentences

on the loose: If a person or an animal is on the loose, they are free because they have escaped from a person or place.

to cut loose: If a person or an organization cuts loose or is cut loose, they become free from the influence or authority of other people.

a loose cannon: If someone is a loose cannon, they do whatever they want and nobody can predict what they are going to do.

at loose ends: in an unsettled, disorganized, or confused condition

let loose sth: If someone lets loose a sound or remark, they make it, often suddenly .

loose connection: an imperfect electrical connection, as in a plug or car engine

at a loose end: If you are at a loose end, you are bored because you do not have anything to do and cannot think of anything that you want to do. In American English, you usually say that you are at loose ends .

let loose (with): to set free or give out; release

loose-leaf binder: a hard cover with metal rings inside which is used to hold loose pieces of paper

have a screw loose: to be slightly crazy

have a slate loose: to be eccentric

all hell breaks loose: If you say that all hell breaks loose, you are emphasizing that a lot of arguing or fighting suddenly starts .

be at a loose end: to have some spare time but feel rather bored because you do not have anything particular to do. Compare loose ends ; see ends .

play fast and loose: to behave in an insincere or unreliable manner

to play fast and loose: If you say that someone is playing fast and loose, you are expressing disapproval of them for behaving in a deceitful, immoral, or irresponsible way.

loosie: one of a number of forwards who play at the back or sides of the scrum and who are not bound wholly into it

be let loose to let someone loose: If you say that someone has been let loose in a place or situation, you mean that they have been given complete freedom to do what they like in that place or situation, and you suggest that this may be risky .

play fast and loose with something: to treat something important without enough care or respect

slipcover: a fitted but easily removable cloth cover for a chair, sofa, etc

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Однокоренные слова:

loosely - свободно
loosen - ослаблять, ослабляться, рыхлить, расшатывать, разрыхлять, отпускать, развязывать
looseness - слабость, слабый стул, понос
unloose - ослаблять, развязывать, делать просторнее, отвязывать, отпускать грехи

Связанные слова: