Noun: господин лорд владыка повелитель
Verb: давать титул лорда титуловать лордом


faith in the lord jesus christ - вера в Господа Иисуса Христа

as drunk as a lord - пьяный как сапожник; пьяный в стельку

drunk as a lord - пьян как сапожник; пьян как стелька; пьян в стельку

lord's earthly life - земная жизнь Господа

lord's errand - поручение Господа

the lord of the harvest - фермер, которому принадлежит урожай; главный жнец

lord keeper of the great seal - лорд-хранитель большой печати

lord keeper of the privy seal - хранитель частной печати

lord keeper - лорд-хранитель большой печати

lord lieutenant - лорд-лейтенант

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He lords it over his friends. - Он помыкает своими друзьями.

Lord Harris captained the team. - Капитаном команды был лорд Харрис.

You have found mercy at our lord. - Ты нашёл сострадание у нашего господина.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson - Альфред, лорд Теннисон

We exalt thee, O Lord. - Возносим хвалу Тебе, Господи.

He will not be lorded over. - Он не позволит, чтобы им помыкали.

Exalt ye the Lord. - Прославляйте Господа.

abide in the house of the Lord - пребывать в доме Господнем

The Lord bless you and keep you. - Господь благословляет и хранит вас.

Let us give praise unto the Lord. - Воздадим хвалу Господу.

The Lords voted to amend the bill. - Палата лордов проголосовала за внесение поправок в законопроект.

The Bill goes before the Lords next week. - Законопроект будет рассматриваться в палате лордов на следующей неделе.

Lord North's answers were dry, unyielding. - Лорд Норт отвечал сдержанно и решительно.

Lord Herbert served as ambassador to France. - Лорд Херберт служил во Франции в качестве посла.

People gather in churches to praise the Lord. - Люди собираются в храмах, чтобы восславить господа.

He became a lord upon the death of his father. - Он стал лордом после смерти своего отца.

The drug lord had his muscleman to protect him. - Охранял наркобарона здоровенный громила.

Trust in the Lord...and verily thou shalt be fed - Доверься Господу ... и, воистину, будешь накормлен

Lord Talbot was not much balked with this rebuke. - Эта отповедь не заставила лорда Талбота сдержаться.

May the Good Lord company you on your journey home. - Да сопутствует вам Господь по пути домой.

Lord Berkley called on all his friends to help him. - Лорд Беркли обратился ко всем своим друзьям за помощью.

They fervently sang an anthem of praise to the Lord. - Они страстно спели гимн хвалы Господу.

Pigsticking was a favorite recreation of Lord Robert. - Охота на кабана была любимым развлечением лорда Роберта.

We asked the Lord's blessing on us and on our project. - Мы попросили бога благословить нас и наш проект.

Lord Suffield was a nailer at sprint running. (W. Rye) - Лорд Саффилд был отличным спринтером.

Any miracle ascribed to our Lord was objectively real. - Любое чудо, приписываемое Господу нашему, было действительно реальным.

Blessed are the dead men, that die in the Lord. (Bible) - Отныне блаженны мертвые, умирающие в Господе.

I've commissioned a walking-stick for my lord from Paris. - Я выписал для своего господина трость из Парижа.

The new Lord Lieutenant had at first designed for Munster. - Новый лорд-наместник намеревался отправиться сначала в Манстер.

People gathered in the church to sing praises to the Lord. - Люди собрались в церкви, чтобы воспеть хвалу Господу.

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Связанные термины:

Lords: a cricket ground in N London; headquarters of the MCC

my lord: a respectful form of address used to a judge, bishop, or nobleman

Law Lord: (in Britain ) members of the House of Lords who sit as the highest court of appeal, although in theory the full House of Lords has this role

Lord Lyon: the chief herald of Scotland

Lord Muck: an ordinary man behaving or being treated as if he were aristocratic

Our Lord: Christians refer to Jesus Christ as Our Lord .

Sea Lord: (in Britain) either of the two serving naval officers ( First and Second Sea Lords ) who sit on the admiralty board of the Ministry of Defence

liege lord: a feudal lord entitled to allegiance and service

Lord Cobham: title of Sir John Oldcastle

lord knows: You can say ' Lord knows ' to emphasize something that you feel or believe very strongly.

Lord Mayor: the mayor in the City of London and in certain other important boroughs and large cities

mesne lord: (in feudal society ) a lord who held land from a superior lord and kept his own tenants on it

press lord: a person who owns a major newspaper or newspapers

Lord Advocate: (in Scotland ) the chief law officer of the Crown who acts as public prosecutor and is in charge of the administration of criminal justice

Lord Provost: the provost of one of the five major Scottish cities ( Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, and Perth )

Lord's Day: Sunday

Lord temporal: (in Britain) a peer other than a bishop who is a member of the House of Lords

Lord Chancellor: the cabinet minister who is responsible for the running of the courts in England and Wales

Lord Haw-Haw: James ( Augustine Aloysius ). 1882–1941, Irish novelist and short-story writer. He profoundly influenced the development of the modern novel by his use of complex narrative techniques, esp stream of consciousness and parody, and of compound and coined words. His works include the novels Ulysses (1922) and Finnegans Wake (1939) and the short stories Dubliners (1914)

Lord Lieutenant: (in Britain) the representative of the Crown in a county

Lord Protector: short for Lord Protector, the title borne by Oliver Cromwell (1653–58) and by Richard Cromwell (1658–59) as heads of state during the period known as the Protectorate

Lord spiritual: one of the two Anglican archbishops and 24 most senior bishops of England and Wales who sit as members of the House of Lords

Lord's table: Holy Communion

First Sea Lord: → the First Sea Lord

Lord Chamberlain: (in Britain) the chief official of the royal household

Lord of Appeal: one of several judges appointed to assist the House of Lords in hearing appeals

Lord of Hosts: Jehovah or God when regarded as having the angelic forces at his command

lord proprietary: (in Colonial America) an owner, governor, or grantee of a proprietary colony

Lord's Prayer: The Lord's Prayer is a Christian prayer that was originally taught by Jesus Christ to his followers .

Lord's Supper: → Last Supper

oh lord good lord: Lord is used in exclamations such as ' good Lord! ' and ' oh Lord! ' to express surprise, shock, frustration, or annoyance about something.

Lord Chief Justice: (in England and Wales ) the highest law officer of the Crown, responsible for the functioning and independence of the courts, and formerly presiding over the Court of Appeal, House of Lords, and the Chancery Division

Lord Howe Island: an island in the Tasman Sea, southeast of Australia : part of New South Wales . Area: 17 sq km (6 sq miles). Pop: 401 (2001)

lord it over sb: If someone lords it over you, they act in a way that shows that they think they are better than you, especially by giving lots of orders.

Lord of Misrule: (formerly, in England) a person appointed master of revels at a Christmas celebration

Lord Privy Seal: (in Britain) the senior cabinet minister without official duties

the Lord's Day: the Christian Sabbath ; Sunday

good lord oh lord; etc: Lord is used in exclamations such as ' good Lord! ' and ' oh Lord! ' to express surprise, shock, frustration, or annoyance about something.

Lord High Chancellor: the privy councilor in Great Britain who presides over the House of Lords and is head of the judiciary

Lord of the Flies: → a name for Beelzebub

the First Sea Lord: the senior of the two serving naval officers who sits on the admiralty board of the Ministry of Defence

the Lord's Prayer: the prayer taught by Jesus Christ to his disciples, as in Matthew 6:9–13, Luke 11:2–4

the Lord's Supper: the celebration of the Eucharist

Lord High Commissioner: the Queen's representative

Lord Justice of Appeal: an ordinary judge of the Court of Appeal

protector: If you refer to someone as your protector, you mean that they protect you from being harmed .

Lord Chief Justice of England: (in England and Wales ) the highest law officer of the Crown, responsible for the functioning and independence of the courts, and formerly presiding over the Court of Appeal, House of Lords, and the Chancery Division

Lord of Appeal in Ordinary: one of the Law Lords

Lord President of the Council: (in Britain) the cabinet minister who presides at meetings of the Privy Council

heaven/god/lord/christ etc knows: People use expressions such as goodness knows, Heaven knows, and God knows when they do not know something and want to suggest that nobody could possibly know it.

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Однокоренные слова:

lordly - барский, надменный, барственный, гордый, гордо, как подобает лорду, по-барски
lordship - власть, владение, мэнор, поместье лорда
overlord - повелитель, сюзерен, владыка, господин, господствовать, доминировать

Связанные слова: