Adjective: низкий небольшой слабый невысокий
Adverb: низко слабо тихо дешево
Noun: низина мычание самый низкий уровень низшая передача
Verb: мычать


low blood pressure - пониженное давление

low-budget movies - малобюджетные фильмы

low building - малоэтажный дом

to buy in coffee as long as prices are low - закупать кофе, пока цены на него остаются низкими

with low and confidential tone - низким, доверительным голосом

low crowned - с низкой тульей

low-demand items - товары, пользующиеся незначительным спросом

low-sodium diet - диета с употреблением минимального количества натрия (соли)

low-salt diet - диета с употреблением минимального количества соли

low-cut dress - платье с глубоким вырезом

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She earns a low salary. - Она получает маленькую зарплату.

The sun is low. - Солнце стоит низко.

That plane's flying too low! - Этот самолёт летит слишком низко!

They bring me low. - У меня от них ухудшается настроение.

We lived very low. - Жили мы в жуткой бедности.

The euro has fallen to a new low against the dollar. - Евро достиг нового минимума по отношению к доллару.

a low dose of medicine - небольшая /низкая/ доза лекарства

The apartment has low ceilings. - В квартире низкие потолки.

He bent low over the engine. - Он склонился над двигателем.

Demand for his books has remained low. - Спрос на его книги остаётся низким.

I had the radio on low. - Я прикрутил громкость радио.

I heard a low moaning noise. - Я услышал слабый стон.

Store raw meat on the lowest shelf. - Храните сырое мясо на самой нижней полке.

The river is very low today. - Сегодня в реке очень низкий уровень воды.

Sing those bars an octave lower. - Спойте эти такты октавой ниже.

They have a home in the low country. - У них дом в низине.

The overnight low will be 8° C. - Ночью температура опустится до восьми градусов Цельсия.

The volume is too lowturn it up. - Это слишком тихо, добавьте громкости.

Low Sunday - Фомино воскресенье, Антипасха (первое воскресенье после Пасхи; завершение пасхальной недели)

We're running low on gas. - У нас заканчивается газ /горючее, бензин, топливо/.

Our supply of fuel is getting low. - Наши запасы топлива — на исходе.

There was a hole low down in the hedge. - В самом низу изгороди была дыра.

Stocks are getting low. - Запасы на исходе.

The sun was low in the sky now. - Солнце уже клонилось к закату.

the low-toned murmur of the surf - негромкий /тихий/ шум прибоя

The stock market fell to a new low. - Фондовый рынок упал до нового минимума.

Public confidence in the legal system is at an all-time low (=much lower or worse than ever before). - Общественное доверие к правовой системе находится на рекордно низком уровне (т.е. намного ниже или хуже, чем когда-либо прежде).

The thermometer / glass is low. - Ртутный столбик в термометре / барометре упал.

The houses are built on low ground. - Эти дома построены в низине.

temperatures as low as 10 below zero - температура, опускающаяся до десяти градусов ниже нуля

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Связанные термины:

low-fi: (of sound reproduction ) of or giving an impression of poor quality

lay low: to cause to fall by a blow

lie low: If you are lying low, you are hiding or not drawing attention to yourself.

low-cal: Low-cal food is food that contains only a few calories . People who are trying to lose weight eat low-cal food.

low-cut: Low-cut dresses and blouses do not cover the top part of a woman's chest.

low-end: inexpensive and of a very low quality

low-fat: containing relatively less fat than comparable foods, diets, etc

low-key: If you say that something is low-key, you mean that it is on a small scale rather than involving a lot of activity or being made to seem impressive or important.

low-tar: (of cigarettes ) containing less tar than average or usual

high-low: a game of poker in which both high and low hands are eligible to win, the pot usually being split equally between the player with the highest hand and the player with the lowest hand

low beam: the dimmer, shorter-range setting of a vehicle's headlights

low blow: an unfair or illegal blow that lands below the opponent's waist

low board: a diving board 1 meter (3.2 feet) above the water

low camp: effeminate ; affected in mannerisms, dress, etc

low-class: vulgar, coarse, or undignified

low-cost: relatively inexpensive

low-down: If someone gives you the low-down on a person or thing, they tell you all the important information about them.

low floor: A low floor in a hotel is the first floor, or a level that is a short distance from the first floor.

low gear: the arrangement of gears providing little speed but great torque

low-grade: inferior

low heels: shoes which have relatively low heels

Low Latin: any form or dialect of Latin other than the classical, such as Vulgar or Medieval Latin

low-level: not high in the sky

low life: People sometimes use low life to refer in a disapproving way to people who are involved in criminal, dishonest, or immoral activities, or to these activities.

low-lying: Low-lying land is at, near, or below sea level .

Low Mass: a Mass that has a simplified ceremonial form and is spoken rather than sung

low-paid: If you describe someone or their job as low-paid, you mean that their work earns them very little money.

low-proof: low in alcohol content

low-rent: If someone lives in a low-rent house, they only have to pay a small amount of money to live there.

low-rise: of or relating to a building having only a few storeys

low-risk: A low-risk customer, risk, occupation, or property is not very likely to be exposed to a danger .

low road: a method, manner, etc., that is underhand, unscrupulous, or otherwise contemptible

low-slung: Low-slung chairs or cars are very low, so that you are close to the ground when you are sitting in them.

low tech: Low-tech machines or systems are ones that do not use modern or sophisticated technology.

low-test: vaporizing at a relatively high temperature

low tide: At the coast, low tide is the time when the sea is at its lowest level because the tide is out.

low vowel: a vowel uttered with the mouth open and the tongue lowered

low water: Low water is the same aslow tide .

low-alcohol: (of beer or wine) containing only a small amount of alcohol

low-budget: produced or conceived without spending very much

low-calorie: containing relatively fewer calories than comparable foods, diets, etc

Low Church: the school of thought in the Church of England stressing evangelical beliefs and practices

low comedy: comedy characterized by slapstick and physical action

low-context: tending to communicate by electronic methods such as e-mail, rather than in person

low country: a low-lying region or area, as the coastal plains of the Carolinas and Georgia

low-flying: Low-flying aircraft or birds are flying very close to the ground, or lower than normal .

Low German: a language of N Germany, spoken esp in rural areas: more closely related to Dutch than to standard High German

low-heeled: (of shoes ) having relatively low heels

low-impact: Low-impact exercise does not put a lot of stress on your body.

low-loader: a road or rail vehicle for heavy loads with a low platform for ease of access

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Однокоренные слова:

lower - нижний, низкий, ниже, понизить, снижаться, хмурый вид
lowly - скромный, непритязательный, скромно
lowing - мычание

Связанные слова: