Noun: почта корреспонденция кольчуга почтовая корреспонденция
Adjective: почтовый
Verb: посылать по почте сдавать на почту покрывать кольчугой покрывать броней


e-mail address - адрес электронной почты

by mail - по почте

express mail - экспресс-почта

voice mail - информ. голосовая почта

internetwork mail - межсетевая (электронная) почта

spoken electronic mail - речевая электронная почта

banking by mail - банковские операции по почте

service by mail - судебное извещение по почте

domestic mail - письмо внутри страны

franked mail - франкированное письмо

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The order came by mail. - Заказ пришёл по почте.

Has the mail arrived yet? - Почта уже пришла?

Your mail is on the table. - Ваша почта — на столе.

She mailed the package to me. - Она послала мне посылку.

We get a lot of junk mail. - Мы получаем много спама /нежелательной почты/.

The mail hasn't arrived yet. - Почта ещё не пришла.

You've Got Mail. - Вам письмо. (название фильма)

Did you send the document by mail? - Вы отправили этот документ по почте?

I'll send the book to you by mail. - Я пошлю тебе эту книгу по почте.

She started to sort the mail. - Она начала разбирать / сортировать почту.

Outgoing mail goes in this box. - Исходящая почта попадает в эту коробку/папку на компьютере.

Pick up your mail on the way out. - Заберите почту на обратном пути.

I'll mail you the check tomorrow. - Завтра я вышлю вам чек по почте.

Several letters came in the mail. - По почте пришло несколько писем.

It is my office to open the mail. - В мои обязанности входит вскрывать почту.

It was sent to us by express mail. - Оно было послано нам экспресс-почтой.

She's been reading my private mail. - Она уже давненько читает мою личную почту.

In England they call mail 'the post'. - В Англии почту называют словом "post".

I'll put the check in the mail tomorrow. - Завтра я отправлю чек по почте.

She just dropped by to pick up her mail. - Она просто забежала забрать свою почту.

Ask John to mail those letters tomorrow. - Попросите Джона отправить эти письма завтра.

You can purchase the books by mail order. - Эти книги можно приобрести по почте.

No mail is delivered on federal holidays. - Во время государственных праздников почта не доставляется.

The program brought an avalanche of mail. - Эта программа вызвала целый поток писем.

Users can access their voice mail remotely. - Пользователи могут получать доступ к своей голосовой почте удалённо.

Detectives have been intercepting her mail. - Детективы перехватывают её почту.

We've received a flood of mail. - Мы получили целое море писем.

She delivers the mail on my street. - Она разносит почту на моей улице.

Something came in the mail for you. - Тебе что-то пришло по почте.

Bulky packages might cost more to mail. - Почтовая пересылка объёмных пакетов может стоить дороже.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If someone mails out things such as letters, leaflets, or bills, they send them to a large number of people at the same time.

If someone mails out things such as letters, leaflets, or bills, they send them to a large number of people at the same time.

Связанные термины:

e-mail: a system for sending messages, as by telephone line, from one computer or terminal to a receiving computer or terminal and for storing such messages

v-mail: a video message sent by e-mail

bulk mail: a category of mail for mailing large numbers of identical printed items to individual addressees at less than first-class rates, as circulars or bulletins

fan mail: mail sent to a famous person, such as a pop musician or film star, by admirers

hate mail: If someone receives hate mail, they receive unpleasant or threatening letters.

junk mail: Junk mail is advertisements and publicity materials that you receive through the post or by email which you have not asked for and which you do not want .

mail bomb: a thin explosive device inside an envelope, detonated when the envelope is opened

mail car: a railway coach specially constructed for the transportation of mail

mail drop: a receptacle or chute for mail

mail out: If someone mails out things such as letters, leaflets, or bills, they send them to a large number of people at the same time.

mail room: a room in an organization in which mail sent to the organization is sorted and outgoing mail is prepared for posting

mail slot: a slot, usually covered with a hinged flap, through which letters, etc are delivered to a building

mail van: a small or medium-sized road vehicle that is used to transport letters, packages, etc

chain mail: Chain mail is a kind of armour made from small metal rings joined together so that they look like cloth .

direct mail: Direct mail is a method of marketing which involves companies sending advertising material directly to people who they think may be interested in their products .

grund mail: payment for the right to be buried

mail clerk: a person who performs clerical work in a post office

mail coach: a railway coach specially constructed for the transportation of mail

mail merge: data-word-id="9941">Mail data-word-id="5826">merge data-word-id="9794">is a word data-word-id="3342">processing data-word-id="7740">procedure data-word-id="170">which enables data-word-id="1">you data-word-id="3">to data-word-id="4697">combine a data-word-id="7207">document data-word-id="23">with a data file, for example a list of names and addresses, so that copies of the data-word-id="7207">document are different for each person it data-word-id="9794">is sent data-word-id="3">to.

mail order: Mail order is a system of buying and selling goods . You choose the goods you want from a company by looking at their catalogue, and the company sends them to you by post.

mail orders: goods that have been ordered by mail order

mail server: a server that manages the receiving and sending of e-mails

mail train: a train that transports letters, packages, etc

mail truck: a large vehicle that is used to transport letters, packages, etc, by road

nixie mail: mail which cannot be delivered due to an incorrect or non-existent address

Royal Mail: → the Royal Mail

snail mail: Some computer users refer to the postal system as snail mail, because it is very slow in comparison with email.

voice mail: Voice mail is a system of sending messages over the phone . Calls are answered by a machine which connects you to the person you want to leave a message for, and they can listen to their messages later .

deliver mail: You can refer to letters and parcels that are delivered to you as mail .

express mail: mail delivered quicker than normal mail

mail carrier: A mail carrier is a person whose job is to collect and deliver letters and parcels that are sent by post .

mail merging: a software facility that can produce a large number of personalized letters by combining a file containing a list of names and addresses with one containing a single standard document

metered mail: mail franked privately, under licence, with a machine bearing special markings ( meter marks )

overland mail: a government mail service, started in 1848, for sending mail from the Mississippi to the Far West

surface mail: Surface mail is the system of sending letters and parcels by road, rail, or sea, not by air .

certified mail: first-class mail that requires proof of delivery, for a small fee payable by the sender

coat of mail: a protective garment made of linked metal rings ( mail ) or of overlapping metal plates ; hauberk

electronic mail: Electronic mail is the same asemail .

registered mail: a postal service for sending mail of high monetary value: a record of sending the mail is provided, it is signed for by each postal employee handling it, signed for by the addressee, and may be insured

the Royal Mail: the national postal service of the United Kingdom

airmail: Airmail is the system of sending letters, parcels, and goods by air .

mailbag: A mailbag is a large bag that is used by postal workers for carrying mail.

direct-mail shot: the posting of unsolicited sales literature to potential customers ' homes or business addresses

mail order firm: a company that sells goods by mail order

mail-order house: a business establishment that takes mail orders and sends goods by mail

mailboat: a boat that transports letters, packages, etc

coat-of-mail shell: (in ancient Greece and Rome ) a loose woollen tunic worn knee length by men and full length by women

mail-order catalogue: a catalogue of goods you can buy from a particular company by mail order

mailing clerk: a person who performs clerical work in a post office

chiton: (in ancient Greece and Rome ) a loose woollen tunic worn knee length by men and full length by women

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Однокоренные слова:

mailed - бронированный, пятнистый, защищенный броней, покрытый чешуйками
mailer - отправитель, контейнер для почты
mailing - отправка почтой, почтовое отправление
mailable - разрешенный к пересылке по почте

Связанные слова: