Adjective: делающий создающий
Noun: создание изготовление производство заключение


capacity for making friends - коммуникабельность, способность сходиться с людьми

to admit to (making) an error - признать ошибку

decision making under instability - принятие решений в условиях неустойчивости

since the making of the world - от сотворения мира

decision making under ambiguity - принятие решений в условиях неоднозначности

decision making under risk - принятие решений в условиях риска

decision making under uncertainty - принятие решений в условиях неопределённости

profit-making / proprietary organization - коммерческая организация

for the sake of making money - из-за денег

decision-making technique - метод принятия решений

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Stop making such a fuss! - Перестань делать из мухи слона! / Хватит поднимать шум из-за ерунды!

You're making a terrible mistake. - Ты делаешь ужасную ошибку.

The dust was making him sneeze. - От пыли он начал чихать.

I'm making myself a sandwich. - Я делаю себе бутерброд.

She's good at making things. - У неё хорошо получается мастерить.

I'll be making $400 extra a month. - Я буду зарабатывать по четыреста долларов в месяц дополнительно.

You're making yourself look like a fool. - Вы выставляете себя дураком.

You're making a ghastly mistake. - Вы совершаете ужаснейшую ошибку.

making notes in the margins of a book - делать заметки на полях книги

They couldn't resist making fun of him. - Они просто не могли не смеяться над ним.

All of us had a share in making the decision. - В принятии данного решения приняли участие все мы.

Someone was making a disturbance. - Кто-то возмущал спокойствие /наводил шорох, мутил воду/.

Stop making that infernal racket! - Прекрати этот адский шум!

a region famous for its cheese making - регион, который славится своим сыроварением

Fewer women are making up these days. - Всё меньше и меньше женщин пользуются косметикой в наше время.

They have an obsession with making money. - Они просто помешаны на деньгах.

John was making breakfast in the kitchen. - Джон готовил на кухне завтрак.

I'm afraid we're not making much progress. - К сожалению, мы не очень продвинулись.

Oh, sod it! I'm not making any sense, am I? - Черт возьми, я говорю ерунду, да?

He resented his boss for making him work late. - Он возмущался, что начальник заставляет его работать допоздна.

He was making life unbearable for his parents. - Он делал жизнь своих родителей невыносимой.

I could never forgive her for making a mock of me. - Я никогда не мог простить ей того, что она сделала из меня посмешище.

We will soon be making changes. - Вскоре мы будем вносить изменения.

Paul is making steady progress. - Пол уверенно развивается /прогрессирует/.

We're making plans for the future. - Мы строим планы на будущее.

The baby was making a cooing sound. - Ребенок издавал воркующие звуки.

It's time we started making tracks. - Пора нам потихоньку отсюда сваливать.

She is in the kitchen making a meal. - Она в кухне, готовит еду.

She assisted in making the decision. - Она оказала содействие в принятии данного решения.

Making hit movies is old hat for him. - Снимать фильмы рассчитанные на широкую аудиторию для него будет не оригинально /слишком избито/.

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Связанные термины:

mak: to bring into being by shaping, changing, or combining materials, ideas, etc; form or fashion ; create

make: You can use make with a wide range of nouns to indicate that someone performs an action or says something. For example, if you make a suggestion, you suggest something.

film-making: the activity or business of producing and directing films

sick-making: making one feel jealous

tool making: a person who specializes in the production or reconditioning of precision tools, cutters, etc

cringe-making: causing feelings of acute embarrassment or distaste

epoch-making: An epoch-making change or declaration is considered to be extremely important because it is likely to have a significant effect on a particular period of time.

merry-making: Merry-making is the activities of people who are enjoying themselves together in a lively way, for example by eating, drinking, or dancing .

policy-making: Policy-making is the making of policies .

profit-making: A profit-making business or organization makes a profit.

speech making: the act of making a speech

decision-making: Decision-making is the process of reaching decisions, especially in a large organization or in government.

dictionary-making: the work or activity of compiling dictionaries

in the making: If you describe a person or thing as something in the making, you mean that they are going to become known or recognized as that thing.

be the making of: to cause the success of

non-profit-making: A non-profit-making organization or charity is not run with the intention of making a profit.

slave-making ant: an ant of any of several species that enslave ants of other species, as by raiding their nests to carry off pupae that are kept until they become useful as workers

make for: If you make for a place, you move towards it.

make of: If you ask a person what they make of something, you want to know what their impression, opinion, or understanding of it is.

make off: If you make off, you leave somewhere as quickly as possible, often in order to escape .

make out: If you make something out, you manage with difficulty to see or hear it.

make-up: The people or things that make up something are the members or parts that form that thing.

of your own making: If you say that something such as a problem you have is of your own making, you mean you have caused or created it yourself.

lovemaking: Lovemaking refers to sexual activities that take place between two people who love each other.

make away: to depart in haste

make over: If you make something over to someone, you legally transfer the ownership of it to them.

make with: to proceed with the doing, showing, etc, of

decision-making process: Decision-making is the process of reaching decisions, especially in a large organization or in government. [...]

ice-making compartment: a part of a refrigerator in which ice is made

custom-make: to make according to the specifications of an individual buyer

make after: to set off in pursuit of; chase

peacemaking: Peacemaking efforts are attempts to persuade countries or groups to stop fighting with each other.

tailor-make: If someone tailor-makes something for you, they make or design it to suit your requirements.

make believe: If someone is living in a make-believe world, they are pretending that things are better, different, or more exciting than they really are instead of facing up to reality .

make up for: To make up for a bad experience or the loss of something means to make the situation better or make the person involved happier .

make up to: If you say that you will make it up to someone, you are promising that you will do something good for them after they have been upset or disappointed, especially by you.

be the making of sb/sth: If something is the making of a person or thing, it is the reason that they become successful or become very much better than they used to be.

make off with: If you make off with something, you steal it and take it away with you.

make the bed: If you make the bed, you arrange the sheets and blankets on it so someone can sleep there.

make a complaint: If a guest makes a complaint, they express their dissatisfaction with something.

make a photocopy: If you make a photocopy of a document, you make a copy of it using a photocopier .

make a policy paid up: If you make a policy paid up, you stop making premium payments into a life policy but still leave the coverage in place.

deal-maker: A deal-maker is someone in business or politics who makes deals.

glass-maker: a person who makes glass or glass objects

tool maker: a person who specializes in the production or reconditioning of precision tools, cutters, etc

cabinet-maker: A cabinet maker is a person who makes high-quality wooden furniture.

mischief-maker: If you say that someone is a mischief-maker, you are criticizing them for saying or doing things which are intended to cause trouble between people.

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Однокоренные слова:

makings - задатки, заработок

Связанные слова: