Noun: человек мужчина муж человечество
Verb: укомплектовывать личным составом занимать людьми подбодрять укомплектовывать людьми


a blond man - блондин

man of character - человек с характером

man of no character - слабый, бесхарактерный человек

to follow close behind the man - следовать непосредственно за этим человеком

to dust a man's coat (for him) - вздуть, поколотить кого-л.

to pay a man back in his own coin - отплачивать той же монетой, отплачивать тем же

considerable man - человек, пользующийся уважением

consummately bad man - совсем испорченный человек

many a man - многие люди

man's creation - творение человеческих рук

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He's a very kind man. - Он человек очень добрый.

Man, this sucks! - Блин, какой отстой!

Man cannot live by bread alone. - Не хлебом единым жив человек.

Students were manning the booths. - Студенты рассаживались по кабинкам.

The average man is taller and stronger than the average woman. - Среднестатистический мужчина выше и сильнее среднестатистической женщины.

Come on, be a man now. No more crying. - Ну же, будь мужчиной. Хватит рыдать.

Man, that was a lucky escape! - Блин, вот это тебе повезло, выбраться невредимым! (например при аварии)

Every man to his own taste. - На вкус и цвет товарищей нет. (посл.)

We cannot man all the desks. - Мы не можем укомплектовать все рабочие места.

The army will make a man of you. - Армия сделает из тебя мужчину.

Peking Man - Пекинский человек, синантроп (человек раннего древнекаменного века)

She takes good care of her man. - Она хорошо заботится о своем мужчине.

Don't cry, little boy: be a man! - Не плачь, парень: будь мужчиной!

Are you a betting man? - Вы любите заключать пари? / Вы азартный человек?

Man, that was exciting! - Блин, вот это была веселуха!

It was every man for himself. - Каждый был сам за себя.

Has the man been to fix the TV? - Это телемастер приходил?

I waited all day for the gas man. - Весь день я ждал газовщика.

I've been a military man all my life. - Я был военным всю свою жизнь.

Man Friday - Пятница, верный /преданный/ слуга

He's a grown man now. - Он уже взрослый.

The manager spoke to the men. - Управляющий поговорил с работниками.

I'm more of a jazz man myself. - Сам я больше люблю джаз.

He was a vanilla ice-cream man. - Он был большим любителем ванильного мороженого.

Oh, man! I can hear the bullets. - Ничего себе! Я слышу, как свистят пули.

I think she married a Belfast man. - Кажется, она вышла за какого-то мужика из Белфаста.

This young hawk will soon be "manned". - Этого молодого сокола скоро приручат.

He awaited word from his man in Havana. - Он ждал вестей от своего человека в Гаване.

Jeeves was Bertie Wooster's man. - Дживс был слугой Берти Вустера (персонажи книги).

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you man up, you start to be more brave in the way that you deal with a situation.

Связанные термины:

G-man: an FBI agent

T-man: a law-enforcement agent of the US Treasury

de-man: to reduce the workforce of (a plant, industry, etc)

he-man: A he-man is a strong and very masculine man.

man up: If you man up, you start to be more brave in the way that you deal with a situation .

my man: People sometimes address a man as my man .

ape-man: a hypothetical primate representing a transitional form between true humans and the anthropoid apes, considered by some as constituting the genus Australopithecus

bad man: the devil

con man: A con man is a man who persuades people to give him their money or property by lying to them.

end man: a man at the end of a row

God man: a person, such as Jesus Christ, who unites humanity with God

hit man: a hired assassin, esp one employed by gangsters

ice man: a man who sells or delivers ice

man-bag: a small bag, usually with a shoulder strap, carried by a man and designed to contain personal articles

man bun: a hairstyle in which a man's long hair is gathered into a bun at the back of or on top of the head

man-day: a day regarded as the number of hours work one person can complete in a day

man flu: a case of the common cold as suffered by a man, implying that he is exaggerating the debilitating effects of the illness

New Man: → the New Man

old man: Some people refer to their father, husband, or boyfriend as their old man .

one-man: A one-man performance is given by only one man rather than by several people.

own man: If you say that a man is his own man, you approve of the fact that he makes his decisions and his plans himself, and does not depend on other people.

red man: a Native American

the Man: the person having power or authority over one; esp., as orig. used by U.S. blacks, a white man

van-man: a young man who helps a van driver deliver goods

VAT man: → the VAT man

yes man: If you describe a man as a yes-man, you dislike the fact that he seems always to agree with people who have authority over him, in order to gain favour .

best man: The best man at a wedding is the man who assists the bridegroom.

cave man: a prehistoric human being of the Stone Age who lived in caves

early man: early hominids, precursors of the human race in its present form

Essex man: a characterization of a man who flaunts his new-found success and status, thought typical in SE England in the 1980s

fancy man: a person's male lover

front man: If you say that someone is a front man for a group or organization, you mean that their role is to represent and give a good impression of it to the public, especially when it is not very respectable or popular .

holy man: a very holy, religious or saintly person

inner man: a person's mind, soul, or nature

iron man: a multi-event sporting contest requiring stamina, esp a triathlon of long-distance swimming, cycling, and running

Java man: a type of primitive human, Homo erectus (formerly called Pithecanthropus erectus ), that lived in the middle Palaeolithic Age in Java

limit man: (in a handicap sport or game) the competitor with the maximum handicap

main man: one's best friend

man boobs: overdeveloped breasts on a man, caused by excess weight or lack of exercise

man cave: a room or part of a home in which a man may indulge in hobbies and interests without being distracted by other family members

man-child: a boy ; a young male

man crush: an intense but non-sexual admiration felt by one man for another

man-eater: an animal, such as a tiger, that has become accustomed to eating human flesh

Man fern: an Australian tree fern, Dicksonia antarctica, with a thick trunk and large spreading green fronds

man-hater: someone, esp a woman, who dislikes or hates men

man-hour: A man-hour is the average amount of work that one person can do in an hour. Man-hours are used to estimate how long jobs take, or how many people are needed to do a job in a particular time.

man jack: a single individual (in the phrases every man jack, no man jack )

man lock: an airlock that allows workmen to pass in and out of spaces with differing air pressures, esp one providing access to and from a tunnel, shaft, or caisson in which the air is compressed

man-made: Man-made things are created or caused by people, rather than occurring naturally .

man-mark: to stay close to (a specific opponent ) to hamper his or her play

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Однокоренные слова:

manage - управлять, руководить, справляться, школа верховой езды
manful - мужественный, смелый, решительный
manhood - мужественность, зрелость, возмужалость, зрелый возраст
manlike - мужской, мужеподобный, подобающий мужчине
manly - мужественный, мужеподобный, отважный
manned - пилотируемый, укомплектованный людьми
manner - способ, манера, метод, стиль, образ действий, род, нравы, обычаи, хорошие манеры, сорт
manning - укомплектование личным составом, укомплектованный
mannish - мужеподобная, неженственная, свойственный мужчине
manor - поместье, феодальное поместье

Связанные слова: