Noun: рынок базар торговля биржа
Adjective: рыночный базарный
Verb: продавать сбывать находить рынок сбыта привозить на рынок


on the black market - на чёрном рынке

money market certificate - сертификат валютного рынка

considerable movement in the market - значительное оживление на рынке

to dominate the market - доминировать на рынке

the market is firm - положение рынка устойчивое

to forestall the market - скупить товары

to raise garden truck for the market - выращивать овощи и фрукты для продажи

glut in / on the market - затоваривание рынка

to market / package an idea - продавать идею

introduction of new product in the market - выведение нового товара на рынок

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The market is active. - Рынок активен. / Активность на рынке высокая.

The market is uncertain. - Состояние рынка нестабильно.

They plan to market the toy for children aged 2 to 6. - Они планируют продавать эту игрушку с расчётом на детей в возрасте от двух до шести лет.

The market is depressed. - Рыночные цены снижены.

Common Market - Общий рынок (неофициальное название Европейского экономического сообщества)

The tone of the market is dull. - Настроение рынка вялое.

European Common Market - Европейский Общий рынок

I stopped at the market on the way home for some juice. - По пути домой я остановился на рынке купить сока.

The stock market fell to a new low. - Фондовый рынок упал до нового минимума.

Microsoft dominates the software market. - Майкрософт доминирует на рынке программного обеспечения.

We go marketing every Saturday. - По субботам мы ходим на рынок.

Our main overseas market is Japan. - Нашим основным зарубежным рынком является Япония.

Is there a market for his invention? - Существует ли рынок для его изобретения?

Japanese cars have flooded the market. - Японские автомобили наводнили рынок.

If you could ever figure out how to market this you'd make a fortune. - Если бы вы смогли придумать, как это сбыть, вы бы заработали целое состояние.

the trend of the stock market - тенденция фондового рынка

a hot week on the stock market - горячая неделя на фондовом рынке

The stock market went phut. - Фондовый рынок рухнул.

The stock market fluctuates. - Фондовый рынок неустойчив.

They were driven from the marketplace. - Их изгнали с мирового товарного рынка.

The market has begun to cut rates again. - Цены на рынке снова начали падать.

Caribbean Common Market - Карибский общий рынок

The stock market plummeted. - Фондовый рынок резко упал.

The stock market collapsed. - Фондовый рынок обвалился.

a weak market for oil stocks - слабый рынок нефтяных запасов

a corner on the silver market - монополия на рынке серебра

an upturn in the housing market - подъём на рынке жилья

The crisis flattened the market. - Кризис снизил активность на рынках практически до нуля.

The stock market drifted upward. - Фондовый рынок медленно пошёл вверх.

The market was up at the finish. - К закрытию рынок пошёл вверх.

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Связанные термины:

at market: at the current price

up-market: relating to commercial products, services, etc, that are relatively expensive and of superior quality

bear market: A bear market is a situation on the stock market when people are selling a lot of shares because they expect that the shares will decrease in value and that they will be able to make a profit by buying them again after a short time. Comparebull market .

bond market: the market in which bonds are traded

bull market: A bull market is a situation on the stock market when people are buying a lot of shares because they expect that the shares will increase in value and that they will be able to make a profit by selling them again after a short time. Comparebear market .

curb market: an after-hours street market

down-market: relating to commercial products, services, etc, that are cheap, have little prestige, or are poor in quality

fish market: a market selling fish

flea market: A flea market is an outdoor market which sells cheap used goods and sometimes also very old furniture .

free market: A free market is an economic system in which business organizations decide things such as prices and wages, and are not controlled by the government.

gray market: a market, as for imported goods, operating outside the authorized system of distribution

grey market: Grey market goods are bought unofficially and then sold to customers at lower prices than usual .

job market: → the job market

junk market: the market for junk bonds

kerb market: an after-hours street market

main market: the market for trading in the listed securities of companies on the London Stock Exchange

market cap: A market cap is the total market value of all the shares in a company.

market data: data-word-id="9894">Market data is information gathered about the demand for goods, such as the number of units sold, and the value of goods sold.

market day: the day on which a regular market is held

market-led: of or relating to an approach to business in which the customer's requirements are identified by market research before a product or service is released

market rent: (in Britain) the rent chargeable for accommodation, allowing for the scarcity of that kind of property and the willingness of tenants to pay

market test: If a company carries out a market test, it asks a group of people to try a new product or service and give their opinions on it.

market town: A market town is a town, especially in a country area, that has or used to have a market in it.

mass market: Mass market is used to refer to the large numbers of people who want to buy a particular product.

meat market: a market where meat is sold

near-market: (of rates and amounts ) similar to the market rate or amount

open market: Goods that are bought and sold on the open market are advertised and sold to anyone who wants to buy them.

spot market: a market in which commodities, currencies, or securities are traded for immediate delivery

test-market: to estimate the success of a product on a small percentage of the target market before it is launched fully

the market: business or trade in a commodity as specified

black market: If something is bought or sold on the black market, it is bought or sold illegally.

cattle market: A cattle market is a market where cattle are bought and sold .

Common Market: A common market is an organization of countries who have agreed to trade freely with each other and make common decisions about industry and agriculture .

dragon market: any of the emerging markets of the Pacific rim, esp Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines

forex market: short for

growth market: a rapidly expanding market

labor market: When you talk about the labor market, you are referring to all the people who are able to work and want jobs in a country or area, in relation to the number of jobs there are available in that country or area.

labour market: When you talk about the labour market, you are referring to all the people who are able to work and want jobs in a country or area, in relation to the number of jobs there are available in that country or area.

market abuse: (in Britain) a statutory offence which covers insider trading and stock market manipulation

market cross: a place in a town or village where a cross was set up and a regular market was held

market demand: demand for a particular product or commodity

market-driven: controlled and guided by commercial considerations

market forces: When politicians and economists talk about market forces, they mean the economic factors that affect the availability of goods and the demand for them, without any help or control by governments .

market garden: A market garden is a small farm where vegetables and fruit are grown for sale.

market leader: A market leader is a company that sells more of a particular product or service than most of its competitors do.

market maker: a dealer in securities on the London Stock Exchange who buys and sells as a principal and since 1986 can also deal with the public as a broker

market order: an instruction to a broker to sell or buy at the best price currently obtainable on the market

market price: the prevailing price, as determined by supply and demand, at which goods, services, etc, may be bought or sold

market rates: the current or accepted rates for a product or service

market share: A company's market share in a product is the proportion of the total sales of that product that is produced by that company .

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Однокоренные слова:

marketable - товарный, рыночный, ходкий, ходовой, годный для продажи
marketing - маркетинг, сбыт, торговля, предметы торговли, изучение условий рынка
marketer - продавец, розничный торговец

Связанные слова: