Noun: масса месса множество громада
Adjective: массовый повальный поточный
Verb: массировать концентрировать сосредоточивать собирать в кучу


critical mass - критическая масса

mass evacuation - массовая эвакуация

to fill by mass - наполнять по массе

to mix flour with water until you get a uniform mass - смешивать муку с водой до получения однородной массы

fraction of total mass - массовая доля

to hear mass - посещать обедню

to carry out a (mass) immunization against influenza - проводить (массовые) прививки против гриппа

to be fused into a frozen mass - смерзаться

shapeless mass - бесформенная масса

mass effect - общий эффект

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Television is a mass medium. - Телевидение — средство массовой информации.

Her face was a mass of wrinkles. - Ее лицо было скоплением морщин.

He is a mass of bruises. - Он весь в синяках.

What time do you go to mass? - В какое время вы ходите к мессе?

a mass of bloom on the apple trees - масса цветов на яблонях

Her face was framed in a mass of red hair. - Её лицо обрамляла копна рыжих волос.

Shakespeare for the masses - Шекспир, изданный в серии народной библиотеки; дешёвое издание Шекспира (доступное всем)

Mozart's Mass in C minor - месса Моцарта си минор

an amorphous mass of twisted metal - бесформенная масса искорёженного металла

The food had congealed into a sticky mass. - Еда застыла, превратившись в клейкую массу.

There is a mass of letters on my table this morning. - Сегодня утром на моём столе груда писем.

The great bands of caribou massed up on the edge of the woods. - Большие стада карибу собрались на опушке леса.

We go to Midnight Mass at Christmas. - На Рождество мы поедем к Полуночной мессе.

The guidebook arms the reader with a mass of useful information. - Данный путеводитель вооружает читателя массой полезной информации.

The parishioners came to mass in their best turnouts. - Прихожане пришли на мессу в своей лучшей одежде.

Their presentation was an indigestible mass of information. - Их презентация представляла собой неудобоваримое нагромождение информации.

New York is just now nohow, an uninteresting mass of houses. - Нью-Йорк сейчас просто никакой, скучная груда домов.

Industrial progress is being shackled by a mass of regulations. - Многочисленные законодательные нормы тормозят промышленный прогресс.

The spreading of the disease caused mass hysteria in the village. - Распространение данного заболевания вызвало в деревне массовую истерию.

A large gray, indistinct mass stretched all along from east to west. - Большая серая смутная масса протянулась с востока на запад.

It is going to be very difficult to compress this mass of material into a book of ordinary length. - Уместить такой обильный материал в книгу обычного объёма будет крайне трудно.

The famine brought mass starvation. - Нехватка еды привела к массовому голоду.

Mass, unlike weight, is invariable. - Масса, в отличие от веса, является неизменной.

the most numinous moment in the Mass - наиболее мистический момент во время мессы

Urban Mass Transportation Administration - Управление городского общественного транспорта (в США)

the principle of the conservation of mass - принцип сохранения массы

There were masses of camellias and azaleas. - Там было огромное количество камелий и азалий.

Priests chanted the Catholic Mass in Latin. - Священники пели католическую мессу на латыни.

Politicians have to respect a mass movement. - Политикам нужно уважать массовое движение.

A priest celebrates Mass at the church daily. - Ежедневно один из священников совершает в церкви мессу.

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Связанные термины:

mass in: to fill or block in (the areas of unified colour, shade, etc) in a painting or drawing

air mass: a large body of air having characteristics of temperature, moisture, and pressure that are approximately uniform horizontally

body mass: the ratio of a person's weight to their height

High Mass: High mass is a church service held in a Catholic church in which there is more ceremony than in an ordinary mass.

land mass: A land mass is a very large area of land such as a continent .

Low Mass: a Mass that has a simplified ceremonial form and is spoken rather than sung

Mass card: a printed card indicating to its recipient that the donor has requested a Mass to be offered for a specified person or intention

mass cult: something regarded as significant by a minority, but a very large one

mass man: a hypothetical common man, esp. one held to be typical of a mass society, to be characterized by the absence of unique values or distinct personality traits, to lack a sense of personal or social responsibility, and to be readily manipulated by the techniques developed by mass media

mass noun: A mass noun is a noun such as ' wine ' which is usually uncount but is used with 'a' or 'an' or used in the plural when it refers to types of that substance, as in 'a range of Australian wines'.

rest mass: the mass of an object that is at rest relative to an observer . It is the mass used in Newtonian mechanics

atomic mass: the mass of an isotope of an element in atomic mass units

black mass: a blasphemous travesty of the Christian Mass, performed by practitioners of black magic

mass action: Mass action is the effect when continuously adding reactants (= substances that are used in a reaction ) to a reaction causes it to generate products continuously.

mass defect: the amount by which the mass of a particular nucleus is less than the total mass of its constituent particles

mass-energy: mass and energy considered as equivalent and interconvertible, according to the theory of relativity

mass grave: a grave in which a large number of corpses has been buried

mass leave: (in India ) leave taken by a large number of employees at the same time, as a form of protest

mass market: Mass market is used to refer to the large numbers of people who want to buy a particular product.

mass media: You can use the mass media to refer to the various ways, especially television, radio, newspapers, and magazines, by which information and news are given to large numbers of people.

mass medium: any of the means of communication, as television or newspapers, that reach very large numbers of people

mass murder: Mass murder is the deliberate illegal killing of a large number of people by a person or an organization.

mass number: the total number of neutrons and protons in the nucleus of a particular atom

mass ratio: the ratio of the mass of a fully-fuelled rocket at liftoff to the mass of the rocket without fuel

muscle mass: In physics, the mass of an object is the amount of physical matter that it has.

solar mass: an astronomical unit of mass equal to the sun's mass, 1.981 × 10 30 kilograms

Vigil Mass: a Mass held on Saturday evening, attendance at which fulfils one's obligation to attend Mass on Sunday

votive Mass: a Mass differing from the Mass or Divine Office prescribed by the liturgy for a certain day and offered for some special private or public intention

water mass: a large body of oceanic water usually identified by a well-defined relationship between temperature and salinity or chemical content : usually a mixture of two or more such bodies, each having a specified temperature and salinity

critical mass: In physics, the critical mass of a substance is the minimum amount of it that is needed for a nuclear chain reaction.

inertial mass: the mass of a body as determined by its momentum, as opposed to gravitational mass. The acceleration of a falling body is inversely proportional to its inertial mass but directly proportional to its gravitational mass: as all falling bodies have the same constant acceleration the two types of mass must be equal

mass-affluent: of or relating to those at the wealthier end of the mass market

mass audience: The audience for a television or radio programme consists of all the people who watch or listen to it.

mass balance: Mass balance is a consideration of the input, output, and distribution of a substance between streams in a process or stage.

mass catering: the trade of supplying food and drink to large numbers of customers at the same time

mass funeral: a funeral held for several dead people at the same time

mass hysteria: a frenzied emotional state that affects a large number of people at the same time

mass mailing: the act of sending the same email message to a large number of people at the same time.

mass meeting: a meeting attended by large numbers of people

mass movement: a movement in which large numbers of people are involved

mass murderer: A mass murderer is someone who deliberately kills a large number of people illegally.

mass-produce: If someone mass-produces something, they make it in large quantities, usually by machine. This means that the product can be sold cheaply.

mass society: a society whose members are characterized by having segmentalized, impersonal relations, a high degree of physical and social mobility, a spectator relation to events, and a pronounced tendency to conform to external popular norms

mass spectrum: a spectrum of charged particles, arranged in order of mass or mass-to-charge ratios

mass tourism: Tourism is the business of providing services for people on holiday, for example hotels, restaurants, and trips.

mass transit: a system of buses, trains, etc running on fixed routes, on which the public may travel

missing mass: the difference in mass in the universe between that observed to exist and that necessary for the closed universe model

requiem mass: a Mass celebrated for the dead

in the mass: in the main; collectively

mass marketing: the organization of the sale of a product to a large number of people

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Однокоренные слова:

massage - массаж, массировать, делать массаж
massive - массивный, массовый, огромный, большой, массированный, крупный, тяжелый, солидный
massed - многочисленный, массированный, сосредотачивать, сосредотачиваться
massless - безмассовый, невесомый, безынерционный

Связанные слова: