Noun: мастер хозяин магистр учитель
Adjective: главный основной ведущий контрольный
Verb: владеть овладевать управлять усвоить


chess master - шахматист высокого класса

to be a master of description - мастерски описывать

master key - ключ-оригинал

to learn / master a language - учить язык

like father like son, like master like man - яблоко от яблони недалеко падает

to be master of smth. - владеть, обладать чем-л.

physics master - учитель физики

master craftsman - искусный мастер

master criminal - профессиональный преступник

master control console - главный пульт управления

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You must learn to master your temper. - Ты должен учиться справляться со своим характером.

Such master, such servant. - Каков хозяин, таков и слуга. / Каков поп, таков и приход. (посл.)

He could never master mathematics. - Он никогда не мог справиться с математикой.

He is a master liar. - Он законченный лгун.

He had learned to master his fear of heights. - Он научился контролировать свой страх высоты.

Deep grief masters me. - Меня одолевает глубокая печаль.

the fine hand of a master - искусная рука мастера

His master threw him out. - Хозяин выгнал его.

I never quite mastered the art of walking in high heels. - Я так и не смогла полностью овладеть умением ходить на высоких каблуках.

We work for a hard master. - Мы работаем на требовательного хозяина.

He is a master of disguise. - Он мастер перевоплощения.

She mastered French in college. - В университете она в совершенстве овладела французским языком.

She is a master of her craft. - Она — мастер своего дела.

The dog saved its master's life. - Собака спасла жизнь своему хозяину.

She's a master of deadpan. - Она королева невозмутимости. (дословно: мастер невозмутимости. значение: она совершенно невозмутима / очень серьёзна)

She's a master at manipulating people. - Она мастерски манипулирует людьми.

Whether we like him or lump him, he is master of the situation. - Нравится он нам или нет, он всё равно хозяин положения.

She apprenticed with the great master. - Она училась у большого мастера.

We've lost the master disk. - Мы потеряли мастер-диск /оригинал диска/.

He is a master of diplomacy. - Он хороший дипломат.

He served his master devotedly - Он преданно служил своему хозяину.

He was a stern yet fair master. - Он был строгим, но справедливым хозяином.

He's a master of the business deal. - Он является мастером сделки.

the master and mistress of the house - хозяин и хозяйка дома

She apprenticed with the great master - Она была ученицей у этого великого мастера.

English grammar can be hard to master. - Английская грамматика порой даётся нелегко.

Master believes all the crams we tell. - Хозяин верит любой чуши, которую мы ему рассказываем.

How's young Master Toby today? - Как сегодня поживает молодой господин Тоби?

the master control center at NASA - главный центр управления НАСА

A master coup, which decides the game. - Мастерский ход, решивший исход игры.

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Связанные термины:

cub master: a man who organizes a pack of cub scouts

fire master: (in Scotland ) the person in charge of a fire brigade

form master: a teacher or member of a school's staff designated as being in charge of a certain form

master card: a card that cannot be beaten

master chef: A chef is a cook in a restaurant or hotel .

master copy: an original copy, stencil, tape, etc, from which duplicates are made

master disk: an original disk from which duplicates are made

master file: an original file from which duplicates are made

master hand: a person who is extremely good at doing something

master key: A master key is a key which will open all the locks in a set, even though each lock has its own different key.

master plan: A master plan is a clever plan that is intended to help someone succeed in a very difficult or important task .

master race: a race, nation, or group, such as the Germans or Nazis as viewed by Hitler, believed to be superior to other races

master tape: an original copy of an audio tape that can be used to produce other copies

old master: An old master is a painting by one of the famous European painters of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries . These painters can also be referred to as the Old Masters .

past master: If you are a past master at something, you are very skilful at it because you have had a lot of experience doing it.

the master: the man of the house

ballet master: a man who teaches and rehearses the dancers in a ballet company

chess master: If you say that someone is a master of a particular activity, you mean that they are extremely skilled at it.

Dutch master: one of a number of renowned and influential Dutch painters

games master: a man who teaches games and sports in a school

Grand Master: the title borne by the head of any of various societies, orders, and other organizations, such as the Templars or Freemasons, or the various martial arts

harbor master: the official in charge of enforcing the regulations governing the use of a harbor

master baker: a person who is fully qualified to work as a baker and to train others in the trade

master class: a class taught by an accomplished musician who individually instructs advanced students in performance and technique, often before an audience

master mason: a highly skilled mason

master print: an original copy of a cinema film that can be used to produce other copies

master switch: a switch that can be used to turn on or off the supply of electricity to a building or to certain equipment

riding master: a person who teaches people how to ride horses

senior master: a male teacher in a senior position

tronc master: a person who distributes pooled tips and service charges to waiters, waitresses, hotel workers etc.

careers master: a male teacher who gives pupils advice and information about careers

fencing master: an expert in, and teacher of, the art and sport of fencing

harbour master: an official in charge of a harbour

master aircrew: a warrant rank in the Royal Air Force, equal to but before a warrant officer

master bedroom: The master bedroom in a large house is the largest bedroom.

master builder: a person skilled in the design and construction of buildings, esp before the foundation of the profession of architecture

master butcher: a person who is fully qualified to work as a butcher and to train others in the trade

master corporal: a noncommissioned officer in the Canadian forces senior to a corporal and junior to a sergeant

master cylinder: a large cylinder in a hydraulic system in which the working fluid is compressed by a piston enabling it to drive one or more slave cylinders

master mariner: a sailor who has achieved a level of competence and experience to be qualified to act as captain of a merchant ship

master sergeant: a senior noncommissioned officer in the US Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps and certain other military forces, ranking immediately below the most senior noncommissioned rank

question master: the chair of a quiz or panel game

assistant master: a person who assists a teacher in their work or who is not yet fully qualified as a teacher

master-at-arms: the senior rating, of Chief Petty Officer rank, in a naval unit responsible for discipline, administration, and police duties

Master of Arts: A Master of Arts degree is the same as an → MA degree.

master's degree: A master's degree is a university degree such as an MA or an MSc which is of a higher level than a first degree and usually takes one or two years to complete.

International Master: the second highest title awarded by the FIDE to a player: won by obtaining a certain number of points during specific international chess tournaments

master of hounds: a person responsible for the maintenance of a pack of foxhounds and the associated staff, equipment, hunting arrangements, etc

Master of Science: A Master of Science degree is the same as an → MSc or → MS degree.

chief master sergeant: a solider of the highest enlisted rank in the US Air Force

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Однокоренные слова:

masterful - мастерской, властный, деспотичный, уверенный, деспотический
masterly - виртуозный, мастерской, великолепный, мастерски
mastership - мастерство, главенство
mastery - мастерство, господство, власть, совершенное владение, владычество
overmaster - овладеть всецело, покорять, подчинять себе
mastering - освоение
masterless - не имеющий владельца
masterdom - превосходство, господство
masterhood - мастерство

Связанные слова: