Verb: сочетать соответствовать совпадать сопоставлять
Noun: матч состязание спичка ровня
Adjective: спичечный равносильный


crunch game / match - решающая игра, решающий матч

to fit / match / answer smb.'s description - соответствовать чьему-л. описанию

to dominate the first half of the match - доминировать в первой половине матча

to match a filter - подбирать светофильтр

match highlights - самые острые моменты в матче

to match images - совмещать изображения

to fit / match a key - подобрать ключ

to light / put / set / strike a match - зажечь спичку

to put / set a match to smth. - зажечь что-л., поджечь что-л.

to match up - соответствовать, подходить

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They are no good match. - Они совсем не подходят друг другу.

These colours don't match. - Эти цвета плохо сочетаются.

It is a match! - Идет!, По рукам!

The two pieces match - Эти два куска подходят друг к другу.

They're a perfect match. - Они идеальная пара. / Они идеально подходят друг другу.

Have you got a match / light? - У вас огоньку не найдется?, Не дадите прикурить?

A suitable match for their daughter. - Подходящая партия для их дочери.

Your socks don't match. - У тебя непарные носки.

May I trouble you for a match? - можно попросить у вас спичку?

The match ended in a tie. - Матч закончился в ничью.

The match blew out in the wind. - Спичка потухла на ветру. / Ветер задул спичку.

She's a perfect match for him. - Она ему идеально подходит.

This color matches your skin tone. - Этот цвет подходит к оттенку вашей кожи.

He has met his match. - Нашла коса на камень.

His story doesn't match the facts. - Его рассказ не совпадает с фактами.

A match flared in the darkness. - Спичка ярко вспыхнула в темноте.

No one can match him in shooting. - В стрельбе ему нет равных.

I am looking for a match for my new shoes. - Я ищу что-нибудь подходящее к своим новым туфлям.

Do you think this outfit matches? - Ты думаешь, что эта одежда сочетается?

The match was rained off. - Матч был отменён /перенесён/ из-за дождя.

The match ended in a draw. - Матч закончился вничью.

Carlos was no match for the champion. - Карлос был не ровня чемпиону.

They tanked the match. - Они нарочно проиграли матч.

Who used the last match? - Кто использовал последнюю спичку?

The upbeat music matched her mood. - Жизнерадостная музыка соответствовала её настроению.

Good teams win their home matches. - Хорошие команды выиграют свои домашние матчи.

The boxer won the match by knockout. - Боксёр выиграл матч нокаутом.

Fischer challenged Spassky to a match. - Фишер вызвал Спасского на состязание.

He won with an ace on match point. - Он победил, подав эйс на матчболе. (о теннисе, эйс — подача навылет)

Your socks don't match each other. - У тебя разные носки.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If someone or something does not match up to what was expected, they are smaller, less impressive, or of poorer quality.

match1 (sense 8)

Связанные термины:

match day: the day on which a sports match, esp a football match, takes place

match-fit: in good physical condition for competing in a match

match up: → match 1 (sense 8 )

away match: a game played at an opponent's ground

cross-match: to test the compatibility of (a donor's and recipient's blood) by checking that the red cells of each do not agglutinate in the other's serum

home match: a match played on a team's home ground

love match: a betrothal or marriage based on mutual love rather than any other considerations

match play: Match play is a form of golf where the game is scored by the number of holes someone wins rather than the number of strokes it takes them to complete the course .

match point: In a game of tennis, match point is the situation when the player who is in the lead can win the whole match if they win the next point.

slow match: a match or fuse that burns slowly without flame, esp a wick impregnated with potassium nitrate

test match: In cricket and rugby, a test match is a one of a series of matches played between teams representing two countries .

benefit match: a sports match organized to raise money for charity, or for a particular player

bowling match: a game of bowls

boxing match: a competition between two boxers

crucial match: A match is an organized game of football, tennis, cricket, or some other sport.

fencing match: a match between fencers

grudge match: You can call a contest between two people or groups a grudge match when they dislike each other.

league match: a match played between teams in a league (as opposed to an international game )

match fitness: the condition of being match-fit

match-fixing: the act of arranging the outcome of a sports match prior to its being played

match-funding: the stipulation set by a grant-providing body that the recipients of a grant raise a certain percentage of the money they require, generally a sum more or less equal to that of the sum of money being granted

match-winner: a player who wins a sports match for his or her team, for example by scoring a goal

needle match: a bitterly fought contest between two competitors or teams who bear each other a grudge

return match: A return match is the second of two matches that are played by two sports teams or two players.

safety match: a match that will light only when struck against a specially prepared surface

shield match: a cricket match for the Sheffield Shield

varsity match: → the varsity match

difficult match: A match is an organized game of football, tennis, cricket, or some other sport.

football match: a match played between two football teams

friction match: a match that ignites as a result of the heat produced by friction when it is struck on a rough surface

friendly match: a match played for its own sake, and not as part of a competition, etc

important match: A match is an organized game of football, tennis, cricket, or some other sport.

match donations: A donation is something which someone gives to a charity or other organization.

match up to: If someone or something does not match up to what was expected, they are smaller, less impressive, or of poorer quality.

no match for: If one person or thing is no match for another, they are unable to compete successfully with the other person or thing.

practice match: any informal game (of sports, chess, etc) played as preparation for a real game

shooting match: a shooting competition

shouting match: A shouting match is an angry quarrel in which people shout at each other.

slanging match: A slanging match is an angry quarrel in which people insult each other.

sparring match: a practice boxing match

wrestling match: a sporting event at which two people wrestle

exhibition match: a sports match which is not part of a competition but instead serves the function of demonstrating the skills of the players

match expectations: Your expectations are your strong hopes or beliefs that something will happen or that you will get something that you want .

mix-and-match: consisting of complementary but different items, for instance of clothing, furniture, or food

a shouting match: an angry debate about something

meet your match: to find that you are competing or fighting with someone who is as good as you or is better than you

the varsity match: a sporting fixture between Oxford and Cambridge university rugby teams

match the description: A description of someone or something is an account which explains what they are or what they look like.

to meet your match: If you meet your match, you find that you are competing or fighting against someone who you cannot beat because they are as good as you, or better than you.

rubber game: any game played to break a tie resulting when each side has won the same number of games

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Однокоренные слова:

matchless - несравненный, непревзойденный, бесподобный
overmatch - превосходить умением, превосходить силой
matching - согласование, сопоставление, сравнение, сочетающийся
mismatch - не подходить друг другу
matched - пригнанный
matcher - шпунтовальный станок, обнаружитель совпадений, согласующее устройство
rematch - переигровка, ответный матч, реванш

Связанные слова: