Noun: средства возможность метод богатство


by any (manner of) means - каким бы то ни было образом

to defend oneself with any and all means at one's disposal - защищаться любыми подручными средствами

a means of egress in an emergency - путь эвакуации в случае аварии

any means to an end - все средства хороши

by forcible means - принудительно

to live within (above / beyond) one's income / means - жить (не) по средствам

to live above / beyond one's income / means - жить не по средствам

narrow means - ограниченные средства

to preclude every means of escape - предотвращать любую возможность побега

slender means - скудные средства

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The window was our only means of escape. - Окно было наше единственной возможностью сбежать.

I don't have the means to support a family. - У меня нет средств, чтобы содержать семью.

She means to win. - Она собирается выиграть.

Health means everything. - Здоровье — это всё.

Try to live within your means (=only spending what you can afford). - Постарайся жить по средствам (=тратить столько, сколько можешь себе позволить).

The end does not justify the means. - Цель не оправдывает средства.

She knew the end; the means were to seek. - Цель она видела, а средства предстояло найти.

A red sky means rain. - Красное небо — к дождю.

He is a man of means. - Он — человек состоятельный.

'Can I bring Alan?' 'By all means!' - — Можно я приду с Аланом? — Разумеется!

It's past me what he means! - Я совершенно не понимаю, что он имеет в виду.

I know how much your work means to you. - Я знаю, сколько работа для тебя значит.

Happiness means everything. - Счастье — это всё!

The end justifies the means. - Цель оправдывает средства.

It means a great deal to him. - Для него это очень много значит.

She's a terrible gossip but she means no harm. - Она — ужасная сплетница, но это не со зла.

Every possible means is now taken to conceal the truth. - В настоящее время используются все возможные средства, чтобы скрыть правду.

She's not a bad kid, by any means. - Она вовсе не плохой ребёнок.

It's pretty obvious what she means. - Довольно очевидно, что именно она имеет в виду.

I don't trust him. He means no good. - Я ему не доверяю: у него на уме что-то недоброе.

Red meansstopand green meansgo.” - Красный цвет означает “стой”, а зелёный — “иди”.

She means everything to me. - Она для меня — всё.

I understand what she means. - Я понимаю, что она имеет в виду.

I cannot think what he means. - Не могу понять, что он хочет сказать.

Your opinion means nothing to me. - Ваше мнение для меня ничего не значит.

'Maison' means 'house' in French. - По-французски "maison" означает "дом".

My ex-husband means nothing to me. - Бывший муж ничего для меня не значит.

Roughly translated, it meanshurry up!”. - В вольном переводе это означает: “поторопись!”.

The red light means 'Stop'. - Красный свет означает "стоп".

Loosely translated this means... - В вольном переводе это означает...

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Связанные термины:

mean: If you want to know what a word, code, signal, or gesture means, you want to know what it refers to or what its message is.

arithmetic mean: an average value of a set of integers, terms, or quantities, expressed as their sum divided by their number

middle term: the term that appears in both the major and minor premises of a syllogism, but not in the conclusion

means test: A means test is a test in which your income is calculated in order to decide whether you qualify for a grant or benefit from the state.

means-tested: A grant or benefit that is means-tested varies in amount depending on a means test .

private means: → another name for private income

by all means: You can say ' by all means ' to tell someone that you are very willing to allow them to do something.

by any means: in any way possible; at all; somehow

by means of: If you do something by means of a particular method, instrument, or process, you do it using that method, instrument, or process.

by no means: on no account ; in no way

ways and means: the revenues and methods of raising the revenues needed for the functioning of a state or other political unit

means of transport: any vehicle that you can travel or carry goods in

means to an end: a method of getting or accomplishing what one wants

means of production: (in Marxist theory ) the raw materials and means of labour ( tools, machines, etc) employed in the production process

a means to an end: If you say that something is a means to an end, you mean that it helps you to achieve what you want, although it may not be enjoyable or important itself.

golden mean: the middle course between extremes

golden section: the proportion of the two divisions of a straight line or the two dimensions of a plane figure such that the smaller is to the larger as the larger is to the sum of the two. If the sides of a rectangle are in this proportion and a square is constructed internally on the shorter side, the rectangle that remains will also have sides in the same proportion

by all manner of means: certainly ; of course

by any manner of means: in any way ; at all

by fair means or foul: If someone tries to achieve something by fair means or foul, they use every means possible in order to achieve it, and they do not care if their behaviour is dishonest or unfair .

by no manner of means: definitely not

Ways and Means Committee: a standing committee of the US House of Representatives that supervises all financial legislation

geometric mean: the average value of a set of n integers, terms, or quantities, expressed as the n th root of their product

harmonic mean: the reciprocal of the arithmetic mean of the reciprocals of a set of specified numbers : the harmonic mean of 2, 3, and 4 is 3( 1 ⁄ 2 + 1 ⁄ 3 + 1 ⁄ 4 ) –1 = 3 6 ⁄ 13

to live beyond your means: If someone is living beyond their means, they are spending more money than they can afford . If someone is living within their means, they are not spending more money than they can afford.

not by any means by no means/by no manner of means: You use expressions such as ' by no means ', ' not by any means ', and ' by no manner of means ' to emphasize that something is not true .

know what it means to do sth/know what sth means: If you know what it means to do something, you know everything that is involved in a particular activity or experience, especially the effect that it has on you.

Av: (in the Jewish calendar ) the fifth month of the year according to biblical reckoning and the eleventh month in the civil year, usually falling within July and August

average: An average is the result that you get when you add two or more numbers together and divide the total by the number of numbers you added together.

mean deviation from the mean: the difference between an observed value of a variable and its mean

mean value theorem: the theorem that for a function continuous on a closed interval and differentiable on the corresponding open interval, there is a point in the interval such that the difference in functional values at the endpoints is equal to the derivative evaluated at the particular point and multiplied by the difference in the endpoints

average deviation: the difference between an observed value of a variable and its mean

mean deviation: the difference between an observed value of a variable and its mean

mean deviation from the median: the difference between an observed value of a variable and its mean

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Однокоренные слова:

mean - средний, серединный, скупой, среднее, среднее значение, означать, значить
meaning - значение, смысл, важность, значащий, значительный
meanly - подло, бедно, низко, слабо, скупо, скудно, мелочно
meanness - подлость, низость, убожество, посредственность

Связанные слова: