Noun: мясо пища мякоть суть


broken bread, broken meat - остатки пищи

meat casserole - мясная запеканка

to raise cattle for meat - выращивать скот на мясо

to slaughter cattle for meat - забивать скот на мясо

meat chopper - резак для рубки мяса, мясной нож

to defrost meat - размораживать мясо

to dress meat - разделывать мясо

generous portions of meat - огромные порции мяса

fatty meat - жирное мясо

raw meat - сырое мясо

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Cut the fat off the meat. - Срежьте с мяса жир.

The meat cuts easily. - Это мясо легко режется.

The meat is a bit off. - Мясо не совсем свежее.

The meat swims in gravy. - Мясо залито подливкой.

The meat is tender and juicy. - Это мясо нежное и сочное.

The restaurant serves a variety of meats. - В ресторане подают разнообразные мясные блюда.

Meat shrinks as it cooks. - Мясо уменьшается (в объеме) во время готовки.

Cut the meat into small cubes. - Нарежьте мясо мелкими кубиками.

Red meat is a rich source of iron. - Красное мясо является богатым источником железа.

Brown the meat in the pan. - Подрумяньте мясо на сковороде.

He allowed himself no meat. - Он не позволял себе мяса.

Check to see if the meat is done. - Проверьте, готово ли мясо.

milk, meat, and other animal products - молоко, мясо и другие продукты животного происхождения

The meat goes bad / spoils. - Мясо портится.

Carve the meat into slices. - Нарежьте мясо на кусочки.

I like my meat very well done. - Я люблю, чтобы мясо было хорошо прожарено.

Meat will keep in the cellar. - В погребе мясо не испортится.

First brown the meat in a pan. - Сперва подрумяньте мясо на сковороде.

The cost of meat finally fell. - Цены на мясо наконец-то упали.

Chop the meat into small cubes. - Порежьте мясо небольшими кубиками.

The meat was burned to a crisp. - Мясо очень сильно подгорело.

The meat of the sheep is mutton. - Мясо овцы - баранина.

Do you think the meat's gone off? - Думаешь, мясо уже испортилось?

Transfer the meat to warm plates. - Переложите мясо на горячие тарелки.

Skewer the meat for the BBQ. - Насадите /нанижите/ на шампур /вертел/ мясо для барбекю.

The meat still needs to stew. - Мясо ещё нужно дотушить.

a tough, stringy piece of meat - жёсткий, жилистый кусок мяса

The meat of a deer is venison. - Мясо оленя называется олениной.

All meat is sold less the bone. - Всё мясо продаётся без костей.

Cut any excess fat from the meat. - Срежьте с мяса весь лишний жир.

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Связанные термины:

meat ax: a cleaver

cold meat: a form of meat that has been cooked and allowed to become cold

dark meat: meat that is dark in appearance after cooking, esp. a leg or thigh of chicken or turkey ( distinguished from white meat )

dead meat: If you say that someone is dead meat, you mean that they are in very serious trouble that may result in them being hurt or injured in some way .

easy meat: someone easily seduced or deceived

meat axe: a cleaver

meat diet: a diet in which meat is predominant

meat dish: Food that is prepared in a particular style or combination can be referred to as a dish .

meat hook: a metal hook on which the carcase of an animal that has been slaughtered for food is hung

meat loaf: Meat loaf is chopped meat made into the shape of a loaf of bread.

meat pie: a savoury pie containing meat

meat safe: a container where meat is stored

red meat: Red meat is meat such as beef or lamb, which is dark brown in colour after it has been cooked .

side meat: salt pork or bacon

stew meat: Stew meat is the same as → stewing steak .

flesh meat: the meat of birds or of animals other than fish, clams, etc., used as food

fresh meat: Meat is flesh taken from a dead animal that people cook and eat.

lunch meat: Lunch meat is meat that you eat in a sandwich or salad, and that is usually cold and either sliced or formed into rolls .

meat-eater: a person or animal that eats meat

meat-eating: having meat as the predominant or only component in one's diet

meat hooks: the hands or fists

meat market: a market where meat is sold

one's meat: something that one especially enjoys or is skillful at

smoked meat: highly seasoned cured beef, usually cut from a brisket

strong meat: anything arousing fear, anger, repulsion, etc, except among a tolerant or receptive minority

white meat: White meat is meat such as chicken and pork, which is pale in colour after it has been cooked .

adder's-meat: the greater stitchwort

luncheon meat: Luncheon meat is meat that you eat in a sandwich or salad, and that is usually cold and either sliced or formed into rolls .

meat cleaver: a cleaver

meat extract: a preparation containing the concentrated essence of meat

meat grinder: A meat grinder is a machine which cuts meat into very small pieces by forcing it through very small holes .

meat products: foods that consist of or contain meat

sausage meat: Sausage meat is minced meat, usually pork, mixed with other ingredients and used to make sausages.

variety meat: processed meat, such as sausage, or offal

meat and drink: a source of pleasure

beat one's meat: to masturbate

meat and potatoes: If you refer to the meat and potatoes of something, you mean its most basic, simple, and essential parts.

crabmeat: Crabmeat is the part of a crab that you eat.

meatloaf: chopped meat served in loaf-shaped mass

meatpacking: the wholesale meat trade

mechanically recovered meat: an amalgamation of the gristle, cartilage, and fat removed from animal carcasses, sometimes used in the manufacture of meat products such as sausages and hamburgers

be meat and drink to sb: If you say something is meat and drink to someone, you mean that they enjoy it very much.

meat and drink to someone: something you find easy to cope with and enjoy doing

be the meat in the sandwich: to be in a very difficult position because you have been caught between two people or groups who are in conflict with each other

have one's meat and one's manners: to lose nothing because one's offer is not accepted

one man's meat is another man's poison: said to point out that different people like different things

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Однокоренные слова:

meatless - постный, не имеющий мяса
meatiness - мясистость
meatal - относящийся к отверстию канала

Связанные слова: