Verb: встречать отвечать встречаться соответствовать
Noun: встреча сбор соревнование место сбора
Adjective: подобающий


to accept / meet / respond to / take up a challenge - принять вызов

to meet with competition - сталкиваться с конкуренцией

to fulfil / meet / satisfy a condition - удовлетворять условию, соответствовать

to meet a violent death - умереть насильственной смертью, погибнуть

to sustain / suffer / meet a defeat - потерпеть поражение

to meet / make up a deficit - покрыть дефицит

to meet / pay the difference - уплатить разницу

to come across / encounter / experience / face / meet / run into difficulties - испытывать затруднения

to meet requirements - соответствовать требованиям

meet a requirement - удовлетворять требованию/условию

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Let's meet at the park. - Давайте встретимся в парке.

Meet me at 8.00. - Встречай меня в 8-00.

Pleased to meet you. - Рад с вами познакомиться.

How seldom we meet! - Как же редко мы встречаемся!

Where did you meet her? - Где ты её встретил? / Где вы с ней познакомились?

Meet my twin sister. - Познакомьтесь с моей сестрой-близняшкой.

Extremes meet. - Противоположности сходятся. / Крайности сходятся.

I am pleased to meet you. - Рад знакомству.

He raced to meet her. - Он помчался к ней на встречу.

I can't meet with you today. - Я не могу сегодня с вами встретиться.

The couple met at a dance. - Эта пара познакомилась на танцах.

I'd like you to meet my friend. - Мне хотелось бы познакомить тебя со своим другом.

Ask any person you meet. - Спросите любого, кого встретите.

Let's meet in the lobby. - Давай встретимся в вестибюле.

Did you meet any difficulties? - Столкнулись ли вы с какими-то трудностями?

We will meet at sunup. - Встретимся на рассвете /на восходе солнца/.

We meet about once a month. - Мы встречаемся примерно раз в месяц.

'This is my niece, Sarah.' 'Pleased to meet you.' - — Это моя племянница Сара.— Приятно познакомиться.

He met his wife at work. - Он познакомился со своей женой на работе.

We first met in Florence. - Мы познакомились во Флоренции.

Will this meet your views? - Будет ли это соответствовать вашим намерениям?

Shall we meet next Tuesday? - Давай встретимся в следующий вторник?

He met her on so few points. - Он подходил ей по очень немногим параметрам.

We'll meet you at the ferry. - Встретимся на пароме.

Nina said to meet her at 4.30. - Нина сказала встретить её в половину пятого /в четыре тридцать/.

The two roads meet just north of Flagstaff. - Эти две дороги пересекаются чуть севернее Флагстаффа.

Shall we meet next Monday? - Давайте встретимся в следующий понедельник?

Let's meet for tea tomorrow. - Давайте завтра вместе попьём чаю. / Давай встретимся завтра за чаем.

They were fated never to meet. - Им не суждено было встретиться.

I met my husband at university. - Я познакомилась с мужем в университете.

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Фразовые глаголы:

to meet by prior arrangement

Связанные термины:

meet up: to meet by prior arrangement

meet-cute: a scene, esp in a romantic comedy, in which two people come to meet in unusual circumstances or through an odd quirk of fate

meet with: to experience

swap meet: a gathering of persons for the purpose of selling, buying, or bartering collectibles, used items, etc.

track meet: an athletics meeting

meet halfway: to compromise with

make ends meet: to be able to pay for the things you need in life, often with very little money

meet and greet: (of a celebrity, politician, etc) to have a session of being introduced to and questioned by members of the public or journalists

meet expectations: Your expectations are your strong hopes or beliefs that something will happen or that you will get something that you want .

meet a challenge: A challenge is something new and difficult which requires great effort and determination .

meet one's Maker: to die

meet your match: to find that you are competing or fighting with someone who is as good as you or is better than you

meet your Waterloo: to suffer a very severe defeat or failure, especially one which causes you to finally give up what you are trying to do

meet someone halfway: to accept some of a person's opinions or wishes, so that you can come to an agreement with them or have a better relationship with them

meet someone's eyes: to look directly into someone's eyes

to make ends meet: If you find it difficult to make ends meet, you can only just manage financially because you hardly have enough money for the things you need .

to meet your match: If you meet your match, you find that you are competing or fighting against someone who you cannot beat because they are as good as you, or better than you.

meet sb's eyes/gaze: If you do not meet someone's eyes or meet someone's gaze, you do not look at them although they are looking at you, for example because you are ashamed .

pleased to meet you: You can say ' Pleased to meet you ' as a polite way of greeting someone who you are meeting for the first time.

go to meet one's Maker: to die

to meet someone halfway: If you meet someone halfway, you accept some of the points they are making so that you can come to an agreement with them.

to meet someone's eyes: If something, especially something surprising or impressive, meets your eyes, you see it.

meet one's death/meet one's end: If someone meets their death or meets their end, they die, especially in a violent or suspicious way.

meet someone in the flesh: to actually meet or see someone, rather than, for example, seeing them in a film or on television

never the twain shall meet: said to mean that there are so many differences between two groups of people or two groups of things that people believe that they can never exist together in the same place or situation

to come to a sticky end meet a sticky end: If someone comes to a sticky end or meets a sticky end, they suffer very badly or die in an unpleasant way.

meet someone on his or her own ground: to meet someone according to terms he or she has laid down himself or herself

come face to face with someone: to meet someone and talk to them directly

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Однокоренные слова:

meeting - встреча, собрание, заседание, митинг, стык, встречающий, встречный
unmeet - неподходящий
meeter - встречное судно
meetly - терпимо, сносно, подходяще, соответствуя, прилично, подобающе
meetness - приличие, соответствие

Связанные слова: