Noun: молоко млечный сок
Verb: доить давать молоко извлекать выгоду эксплуатировать


coco milk - кокосовое молоко

milk cow - молочная корова, дойная корова

milk-free diet - диета с исключением молока

milk tooth - молочный зуб

milk agar - молочный агар-агар

production of milk per capita - производство молока на душу населения

milk broker - посредник на рынке молока

milk carton - пакет для молока

cow in milk - дойная корова

milk producing ability - с.-х. удойность

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Cows give milk. - Коровы дают молоко.

Milk is good for you. - Молоко тебе полезно.

The cat lapped up the milk - Кот лакал молоко.

Drink up your milk. - Допивай своё молоко.

I helped to milk the cows. - Я помог подоить коров.

a glass of milk and a cookie - стакан молока и печенька

They had risen at 5.30 to do the milking. - Они поднялись в 5.30, чтобы подоить коров.

Cook the milk over low heat. - Нагрейте молоко на слабом огне.

Milk is very rich in calcium. - Молоко очень богато кальцием.

We're out of milk. - У нас закончилось молоко.

Please give me some milk. - Дайте мне, пожалуйста, молока.

Water and milk are liquids. - Вода и молоко — жидкости.

Heat the milk until it boils. - Нагрейте молоко до кипения.

cheese made from sheep's milk - сыр из овечьего молока

Katie almost spilled her milk. - Кэти чуть не пролила своё молоко.

He qualified coffee with milk. - Он разбавил кофе молоком.

Cows need to be milked every morning. - Коров нужно доить каждое утро.

The milk curdled - Молоко свернулось

The milk has soured - Молоко прокисло.

The milk's gone off. - Молоко прокисло.

Ugh! The milk's off. - Фу! Молоко-то прокисло!

This milk has gone bad. - Это молоко испортилось.

The price of milk rose. - Цена молока выросла.

Is there any milk left? - Молока совсем не осталось? / Осталось ли хоть немного молока?

The milk had turned sour. - Молоко скисло.

Brush the pastry with milk. - Смажьте выпечку молоком.

I cannot digest milk products - Я не перевариваю молочные продукты. / Я плохо усваиваю молочные продукты.

She sponged up the spilt milk. - Она вытерла пролитое молоко губкой.

Thin the sauce by adding milk. - Разбавьте соус, добавив молока.

The milk caseated. - Молоко створожилось (свернулось).

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Связанные термины:

baby milk: a powder made from dried cows ' milk, or other ingredients, mixed with water to feed babies

dry milk: dehydrated milk from which about 95 percent of the moisture has been evaporated

ice milk: frozen dessert like ice cream, but with a lower butterfat content

milk bank: a place where breast milk can be donated for babies who cannot be breastfed or breastfed sufficiently by their mothers

milk bar: a snack bar at which milk drinks and light refreshments are served

milk can: a container used to transport milk from farms

milk cap: any of a large genus ( Lactarius ) of basidiomycetous fungi that are brittle to touch and exude a milky liquid when crushed . Some are funnel-shaped and some parasol-shaped, and most, except for L. deliciosus, are inedible

milk diet: a diet consisting largely of or solely of milk

milk duct: a duct leading from the mammary gland to the tip of a nipple which carries milk to the nipple in breastfeeding women

milk jug: a jug for holding and pouring milk, usually intended for use on the table

milk leg: inflammation and thrombosis of the femoral vein following childbirth, characterized by painful swelling of the leg

milk pan: a type of small saucepan often used for heating milk

milk run: a routine and uneventful flight, esp on a dangerous mission

raw milk: unpasteurized milk

skim milk: milk from which the cream has been removed

sour milk: milk that is no longer fresh

town milk: milk treated by pasteurization for direct consumption, as opposed to dairy factory milk for the production of butter, cheese, etc

almond milk: a creamy mixture of blanched almonds, sugar, and water, blended to a smooth paste and sieved

breast milk: Breast milk is the white liquid produced by women to breast-feed their babies .

dried milk: See dry milk

filled milk: skimmed milk with vegetable oils added to increase the fat content

malted milk: Malted milk is a drink made from hot or cold milk flavoured with a powder containing malt.

milk bottle: a glass bottle in which milk is sold, esp when it is distributed by a milkman

milk churn: a container used to transport milk from farms

milk fever: a fever that sometimes occurs shortly after childbirth, once thought to result from engorgement of the breasts with milk but now thought to be caused by infection

milk float: A milk float is a small electric van with a roof and no sides which is used to deliver milk to people's houses.

milk gland: any of the milk-producing glands in mammals. In higher mammals each gland consists of a network of tubes and cavities connected to the exterior by a nipple

milk glass: opaque white glass, originally produced in imitation of Chinese porcelain

milk powder: powder made from dehydrating milk

milk punch: a spiced drink made of milk and spirits

milk round: If someone has a milk round, they work as a milkman, going from house to house delivering milk.

milk shake: A milk shake is a cold drink made by mixing milk with a flavoring or fruit, and sometimes ice cream .

milk snake: a nonvenomous brown-and-grey North American colubrid snake Lampropeltis doliata, related to the king snakes

milk stout: a rich mellow stout lacking a bitter aftertaste

milk sugar: → lactose

milk tooth: Your milk teeth are the first teeth that grow in your mouth, which later fall out and are replaced by a second set .

milk train: a local train running through the early hours of the morning

milk truck: a small motor vehicle used to deliver milk to houses

milk vetch: any of various leguminous plants of the genus Astragalus, esp A. glycyphyllos, with clusters of purple, white, or yellowish flowers: formerly reputed to increase milk production in goats

milk-white: You can use milk white to describe things that are a milky white colour .

moose milk: a mixed alcoholic drink made with ingredients such as milk and eggs and usually rum

plant milk: any of several beverages produced from plants such as almond, rice, or soya

school milk: (formerly, in Britain) a third of a pint of milk, originally provided free by the local education authority to all young pupils, then later given only to children who passed a needs or means test

soured milk: milk that has been deliberately soured by fermentation or by adding acids such as lemon juice or vinegar, to be used in cooking

whole milk: milk from which no constituent has been removed

coconut milk: Coconut milk is the milky juice inside coconuts.

formula milk: An artificial substitute for breast milk intended for feeding infants . It can come in powdered form to be mixed with water or in instant liquid form.

glacier milk: water flowing in a stream from the snout of a glacier and containing particles of rock

milk lameness: a disease of cattle that produce a high milk yield, characterized by hip lameness associated with a low concentration of phosphorus in the blood

milk-livered: timid ; cowardly

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Однокоренные слова:

milk round - район, обслуживаемый молочником, маршрут молочника, развозчика молока

Связанные слова: