Noun: зеркало зеркальце отражение зерцало
Verb: отражать отображать


to give mirror finish - полировать до зеркального блеска

illuminating mirror - осветительное зеркало

to hang a mirror - вешать зеркало

pocket mirror - карманное зеркало

convergent mirror - контррефлектор

convex mirror - выпуклое зеркало

corner mirror - уголковое зеркало

corrugated mirror - гофрированное зеркало

facet cylindrical mirror - фацетное цилиндрическое зеркало; фацетное зеркало

anti-dazzle mirror - неослепляющее зеркало

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Look at yourself in the mirror. - Посмотри на себя в зеркало.

The mirror was cracked and dirty. - Зеркало было треснутое и грязное.

The building was mirrored in the lake. - Здание отражалось в озере.

Language is the mirror of society. - Язык является отражением общественной жизни.

She likes primping in front of the mirror. - Она любит прихорашиваться перед зеркалом.

She spent hours in front of the mirror, combing (out) her long hair. - Она часами просиживала перед зеркалом, расчёсывая свои длинные волосы.

What's holding that mirror? - Что удерживает это зеркало?

There was a crack in the mirror. - На зеркале была трещина.

She studied her image in the mirror. - Она внимательно рассмотрела своё отражение в зеркале.

I looked at myself in the mirror once more. - Я ещё раз посмотрел на себя в зеркало.

The best mirror is an old friend. - Лучшее зеркало — старый друг.

She checked her makeup in the mirror. - Она проверила в зеркале свой макияж.

The mirror cracked when she dropped it. - Зеркало треснуло, когда она его уронила.

He studied his reflection in the mirror. - Он вгляделся в своё отражение в зеркале.

Check your rear-view mirror before you drive away. - Проверьте зеркало заднего вида, прежде чем выезжать.

She propped the mirror against her handbag and began to paint her lips. - Она прислонила зеркальце к сумочке и начала красить губы.

a small mirror fixed to the wall - небольшое зеркало, прикреплённое к стене

They hung a mirror above the mantel. - Они повесили над каминной полкой зеркало.

He spends hours in front of the mirror! - Он торчит перед зеркалом целыми часами!

Someone had taken the mirror off the wall. - Кто-то уже успел снять со стены зеркало.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror. - Она уставилась на своё отражение в зеркале.

She grimaced at her reflection in the mirror. - Она скорчила рожицу своему отражению в зеркале.

She assayed herself in the full-length mirror. - Она изучала своё отражение в большом зеркале.

She was studying her reflection in the mirror. - Она рассматривала свое отражение в зеркале.

She peered closely at her image in the mirror. - Она внимательно посмотрела на своё отражение в зеркале.

Tim ducked down to comb his hair in the mirror. - Тим пригнулся, чтобы расчесать волосы перед зеркалом.

Diane took a quick peek at herself in the mirror. - Диана бросила быстрый взгляд на себя в зеркало.

The smallest pond at night mirrors the firmament above. - Даже в самом маленьком пруду по ночам отражается целый небосвод.

The canoe seemed to slide painfully on a mirror (of a lake). - Лодка, казалось, едва скользила по (водяному) зеркалу.

The mirror is too close to our eyes, and our own breath dims it. - Зеркало слишком близко от нашего лица, и наше дыхание затуманивает его.

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Связанные термины:

mirror ball: a large revolving ball covered with small pieces of mirror glass so that it reflects light in changing patterns : used in discos and ballrooms

mirror carp: a variety of the common carp, Cyprinus carpio, with reduced scales, giving a smooth shiny body surface

mirror lens: a lens of long focal length in which some of the lens elements are replaced by mirrors in order to shorten its overall length and reduce its weight

mirror site: A mirror site is a website which is the same as another website operated by the same person or organization but has a slightly different address . Mirror sites are designed to make it easier for more people to visit a popular website.

wing mirror: The wing mirrors on a car are the mirrors on each side of the car on the outside.

mirror canon: a canon in which the parts are written as though seen in a mirror placed between them: one part or set of parts is the upside-down image of the other

mirror finish: a smooth highly polished surface produced on metal by mechanical or electrolytic polishing or lapping

mirror image: If something is a mirror image of something else, it is like a reflection of it, either because it is exactly the same or because it is the same but reversed .

vanity mirror: a small mirror contained in the sun visor of a car

bevelled mirror: a mirror with a bevelled edge

driving mirror: (in a vehicle) the rear-view mirror

magnetic mirror: a configuration of magnetic fields used to confine charged particles, as in a magnetic bottle

mirror symmetry: symmetry about a plane ( mirror plane ) that divides the object or system into two mutual mirror images

mirror writing: backward writing that forms a mirror image of normal writing

primary mirror: the mirror that collects and focuses the incoming light in a reflecting telescope

rearview mirror: a mirror in or on a vehicle that allows the driver to view the area behind the vehicle

shaving mirror: A shaving mirror is a small, often round, mirror that can be moved out from a wall, and which you use to see your reflection when you are shaving your face .

antidazzle mirror: a rear-view mirror for road vehicles that only partially reflects headlights behind

two-way mirror: a half-silvered sheet of glass that functions as a mirror when viewed from one side but is translucent from the other

Constitution mirror: an oblong Chippendale mirror, usually of mahogany or walnut with gilt detail, having a frame with a fanciful outline emphasized by a raised molding that is topped with a scrolled broken pediment with a central finial, often in the form of a bird

rear-view mirror: Inside a car, the rear-view mirror is the mirror that enables you to see the traffic behind when you are driving .

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Однокоренные слова:

mirroring - отражающий
mirrorwise - в зеркальном порядке, со смещением правой и левой стороны

Связанные слова: