Noun: деньги денежная сумма денежные суммы богатство
Adjective: денежный денежно-кредитный


judicious use of one's money - рациональное расходование денег

she has money to burn - у неё денег куры не клюют

his money burns a hole in his pocket - деньги жгут ему карман

to draw money on a cheque - получать деньги по чеку

money circulation - денежное обращение

to coin bad money - делать фальшивые деньги, фальшивомонетничать

colossal sums of money - огромные суммы денег

to deposit money with / in a bank - положить деньги в банк

frugal of / with one's money - экономящий деньги

generous with money - щедрый на деньги

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I always carry money. - Я всегда имею при себе деньги.

Have you got enough money? - У тебя достаточно денег?

Money isn't everything. - Деньги — это ещё не всё.

He has money to burn. - У него денег — куры не клюют.

Money reigns supreme here. - Здесь всем заправляют деньги.

I demand my money back. - Я требую свои деньги назад.

I have no money on me. - У меня нет при себе денег.

We are out of money. - У нас кончились деньги.

Money makes money. - Деньги к деньгам. (посл.)

He's coining money. - Он деньги лопатой гребёт.

He hasn't any money. - У него совершенно нет денег.

She said she had no money. - Она сказала, что денег у неё нет.

Are you all right for money? - У тебя нормально с деньгами?

We shared the money equally. - Мы поделили деньги поровну.

I saw her take the money. - Я видел, как она взяла эти деньги.

I need that money bad. - Я крайне нуждаюсь в этих деньгах.

He just burns up money! - Он просто сорит деньгами! / Он просто прожигает деньги!

This move will save money. - Этот шаг позволит сэкономить деньги.

He put his money into land. - Он вложил свои деньги в земельную собственность.

Money became his god. - Деньги стали его божеством.

The money is yours by right. - Эти деньги — ваши по праву.

This will save money. - Это позволит сэкономить деньги.

Invest the money wisely. - Вкладывайте деньги с умом.

She's got bags of money. - У неё денег куры не клюют.

I've no money to speak of. - У меня почти нет денег.

She lent the money to him. - Она дала эти деньги ему взаймы.

The place stinks of money. - Здесь денег не считают.

I don't have any money left - У меня совсем не осталось денег. / У меня не осталось ни копейки.

We won a chunk of money - Мы выиграли приличную сумму (денег)

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Связанные термины:

aid money: Money is the coins or bank notes that you use to buy things, or the sum that you have in a bank account.

big money: Big money is an amount of money that seems very large to you, especially money which you get easily .

cob money: crude silver coins issued in the Spanish colonies of the New World from about 1600 until 1820

hot money: capital transferred from one financial centre to another seeking the highest interest rates or the best opportunity for short-term gain, esp from changes in exchange rates

key money: a fee payment required from a new tenant of a house or flat before moving in

mad money: money kept in reserve, often for impulsive purposes

money box: A money box is a small box with an opening at the top, into which a child puts coins as a way of saving money.

money pit: an object or venture which requires one to spend large sums of money on a regular basis

new money: money and wealth that has not been inherited

old money: money and wealth that has passed down from your ancestors

pin money: Pin money is small amounts of extra money that someone earns or gets in order to buy things that they want but that they do not really need .

beer money: a small amount of money to be used for incidental expenses

black money: that part of a nation's income that relates to its black economy

blood money: If someone makes a payment of blood money to the family of someone who has been killed, they pay that person's family a sum of money as compensation.

boot money: unofficial bonuses in the form of illegal cash payments made by a professional sports club to its players

call money: money loaned by banks and recallable on demand

cash money: cash, as distinguished from a check or money order

cheap money: money lent at a low rate of interest

coin money: to earn or accumulate wealth rapidly

cost money: If you say that something costs money, you mean that it has to be paid for, and perhaps cannot be afforded .

dole money: money received from the state while out of work

door money: admission fee to a place of entertainment or recreation

easy money: money made with little effort, sometimes dishonestly

even money: a bet in which the winnings are the same as the amount staked

fiat money: money declared by a government to be legal tender though it is not convertible into standard specie

front money: an amount of money paid in advance

funny money: a sum of money so large as to be considered unreal

gate money: Gate money is the total amount of money that is paid by the people who go to a sports match or other event.

hard money: (in the US) money given directly to a candidate in an election to assist his or her campaign

head money: a reward paid for the capture or slaying of a fugitive, outlaw, etc

hello money: a charge made by a retailer to a supplier for introducing the supplier's goods to its stores

hush money: If a person is paid hush money, someone gives them money not to reveal information they have which could be damaging or embarrassing .

make money: If you make money, you obtain money by earning it or by making a profit .

money belt: a belt worn around the waist which has a pouch that can carry money

money cowry: a tropical marine gastropod, Cypraea moneta

money fund: a money-market fund

money-loser: something which causes someone to lose money or to make a loss rather than a profit

money-maker: If you say that a business, product, or investment is a money-maker, you mean that it makes a big profit .

money order: A money order is a piece of paper representing a sum of money which you can buy at a post office and send to someone as a way of sending them money by post.

money shot: a shot in a pornographic film in which a male performer is seen to ejaculate

money talks: If you say that money talks, you mean that if someone has a lot of money, they also have a lot of power .

money tree: a fanciful tree that when shaken sheds coins or paper money

money wages: wages evaluated with reference to the money paid rather than the equivalent purchasing power

near money: liquid assets that can be converted to cash very quickly, such as a bank deposit or bill of exchange

paper money: Paper money is money which is made of paper. Paper money is usually worth more than coins .

play money: paper that is cut and printed to resemble paper money, often used in playing board games

prize money: any money offered, paid, or received as a prize

push money: a cash inducement provided by a manufacturer or distributor for retailers or their staff, to reward successful selling

quick money: money that you make easily or quickly

ready money: funds for immediate use; cash

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Однокоренные слова:

conductmoney - деньги, уплачиваемые за доставку свидетеля в суд, деньги на доставку солдат в армию
gate-money - входная плата, сбор
moneyed - денежный, богатый
moneyless - безденежный, нуждающийся в деньгах
smart-money - компенсация за увечье, отступные деньги
head-money - подушный налог, избирательный налог
moneys - денежные суммы, монетные системы
door-money - плата за вход
hearth-money - налог на очаги
hush-money - взятка за молчание

Связанные слова: