Noun: утро утренняя заря начало ранний период


morning dew - утренняя роса

fine morning - погожее утро

the morn's morning - завтра утром

late morning - позднее утро

from morning to night - с утра до вечера

on a morning - утром

early hours of the morning - предрассветные часы

being in the habit of doing morning dozen - имевший привычку делать утреннюю зарядку

morning dozen - утренняя зарядка

the morning was drizzle - утром моросило

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Good morning! - Доброе утро!

I'm not a morning person. - Я не жаворонок.

Good morning, Papa! - Доброе утро, папа!

She and I spoke this morning. - Утром мы с ней поговорили.

"Good morning," said the woman behind the counter. - — Доброе утро, — сказала женщина за стойкой.

Here it's morning already. - Здесь уже утро.

It was two in the morning. - Было два часа ночи.

The morning after a storm - Утро после грозы

He lay in bed all morning. - Он лежал в постели все утро.

Morning, Dave. How are you? - Доброе утро, Дэйв. Как дела?

It was a boiling hot morning. - Этим утром стояла адская жара.

Nicola sulked all morning. - Никола был не в духе все утро.

Good morning, Sister Mary. - Доброе утро, сестра Мэри.

I go jogging every morning. - Я выхожу побегать каждое утро.

It was an overcast morning. - Утро было облачным. / Было пасмурное /хмурое/ утро.

a morning hour sacred to study - утренний час, посвящённый учёбе

It was a gray, dreary morning. - Это было серое, тоскливое утро.

I'll see you tomorrow morning. - Увидимся завтра утром.

He slugged in bed all morning. - Он всё утро провалялся в постели.

I tew from morning till night. - Я тружусь с утра до ночи.

Can you meet me Friday morning? - Можешь встретить меня в пятницу утром?

Morning azured the village. - Утро окрасило деревню в лазурный цвет.

She left early this morning. - Она ушла сегодня рано утром.

the wee hours of the morning - первые часы нового дня

I bust my watch this morning. - Утром я разбил свои часы.

The cocks crowed all morning. - Петухи кричали всё утро.

We are up every morning at six. - Каждое утро мы встаём в шесть часов.

I will leave on Sunday morning. - Я уезжаю в воскресенье утром.

It was still only late morning. - Было всё ещё позднее утро.

Morning light suffused the room. - Комнату залил утренний свет.

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Связанные термины:

morning dew: Dew is small drops of water that form on the ground and other surfaces outdoors during the night.

morning tea: a mid-morning snack with a cup of tea

early-morning: taking place or being presented in the early part of the morning

good morning: You say ' Good morning ' when you are greeting someone in the morning.

morning after: a hangover or a painful awakening

morning coat: a cutaway frock coat, part of morning dress

morning dress: Morning dress is a suit that is worn by men for very formal occasions such as weddings . It consists of a grey or black coat that is longer at the back than the front, grey trousers, a white shirt, a grey tie, and often a top hat.

morning-glory: any of various mainly tropical convolvulaceous plants of the genus Ipomoea and related genera, with trumpet-shaped blue, pink, or white flowers, which close in late afternoon

morning light: Light is the brightness that lets you see things. Light comes from sources such as the sun, moon, lamps, and fire.

morning paper: a paper published the night before for distribution in the morning (as opposed to an evening paper)

morning room: In some large, old houses, the morning room is a living room which gets the sun in the morning.

morning star: The morning star is the planet Venus, which can be seen shining in the sky just after the sun rises .

morning watch: the watch between 4 and 8 am

coffee morning: A coffee morning is a social event at which coffee and tea are served. It takes place in the morning, and is usually intended to raise money for charity .

morning coffee: a mid-morning snack with a cup of coffee drunk during a short break at work, or in your house, when you might invite someone in

morning-glories: any of various mainly tropical convolvulaceous plants of the genus Ipomoea and related genera, with trumpet-shaped blue, pink, or white flowers, which close in late afternoon

morning person: A person is a man, woman, or child.

morning prayer: the second of the canonical hours ; lauds

morning prayers: an act of worship held in the morning

morning routine: A routine is the usual series of things that you do at a particular time. A routine is also the practice of regularly doing things in a fixed order.

morning service: a regular church service in the mornng

in the morning: If you say that something will happen in the morning, you mean that it will happen during the morning of the following day .

morning sickness: Morning sickness is a feeling of wanting to be sick or being sick that some women have, often in the morning, when they are pregnant .

yesterday morning: during the morning of the day preceding today

morning-after pill: The morning-after pill is a pill that a woman can take some hours after having sex to prevent herself from becoming pregnant .

the morning after: the aftereffects of excess, esp a hangover

Monday morning quarterback: a person who criticizes or suggests alternative courses of action from a position of hindsight after the event in question

Monday-morning quarterbacking: wisdom after the event, esp by spectators

morning, noon, and night: If you say that something happens morning, noon and night, you mean that it happens all the time.

the top of the morning: a morning greeting, regarded as a characteristic utternace of Irish people

a Monday morning quarterback: a person who criticizes or judges something unfairly, because although they now have full knowledge of the way things happened, the people involved could not possibly have had that knowledge and so could not have behaved any differently

azoturia: the condition of having excess nitrogen in the urine

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Однокоренные слова:

mornings - утро, утренняя заря, начало, ранний период

Связанные слова: