Verb: двигаться двигать перемещать перемещаться
Noun: перемещение движение шаг переезд


to have one's bowels open, to empty / evacuate / move one's bowels - иметь стул

to move by the river side - идти вдоль реки

to move in the highest circles - вращаться в высших кругах

to move in a circle - двигаться по кругу

to move clockwise - двигаться по часовой стрелке

to move earth - перемещать грунт

not to move / stir / lift a finger - палец о палец не ударить

to move one's head - качать головой

to move one's jaw - двигать челюстью

lateral move - движение в сторону

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It's your move. - Твой ход.

The clock doesn't move. - Часы не идут.

One move and I'll shoot! - Одно движение — и я стреляю!

He moved closer to her. - Он придвинулся к ней поближе.

Move over the lot of you! - Валите-ка все отсюда!

He dogged her every move. - Он следил за каждым её движением.

They want to move an amendment to the bill. - Они хотят продвигать поправку к законопроекту.

Movement is a sign of life. - Движение — признак жизни.

Please move out of the way. - Просьба отойти с дороги.

Are you ready to move out? - Готовы к выходу? / Готовы выдвигаться?.

We must move quickly. - Мы должны действовать быстро.

How does the car move? - Как у этой машины с ходом?

This move will save money. - Этот шаг позволит сэкономить деньги.

He was afraid to make a move. - Он боялся пошевелиться.

We've got to move with the times. - Мы должны двигаться в ногу со временем.

When are you moving to Memphis? - Когда вы переезжаете в Мемфис?

Let's move before it's too late. - Давайте действовать, а то будет слишком поздно.

Selling your car was a good move. - Ты правильно поступил, что продал автомобиль.

The story moves far too slowly. - События (в рассказе) разворачиваются слишком медленно.

Don't move till I give the word. - Не двигайся, пока я не подам знак.

They could hardly move. - Они едва могли пошевельнуться.

One false move and you're dead. - Одно неверное движение — и ты труп.

One false move would be costly. - Любой неверный шаг будет дорого стоить.

Hey! Move your carcass! - Эй! Подвинь-ка свою тушу!

Do your bowels move regularly? - У вас регулярный стул?

She won't be movedit doesn't matter what you say to her. - Её не разжалобить — неважно, что вы ей скажете.

This car can really move! - У этой машины и правда отличный ход!

Too numb with fear to move - Настолько оцепенел от страха, что не мог пошевелиться.

What does this move entail? - Что повлечёт за собой этот шаг?

They move with feline agility. - Они двигаются с кошачьей ловкостью.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

move in: When you move in somewhere, you begin to live there as your home .

move on: When you move on somewhere, you leave the place where you have been staying or waiting and go there.

move up: If you move up, you change your position, especially in order to be nearer someone or to make room for someone else.

dick move: a contemptible course of action

key move: the correct initial move in the solution of a set problem

move away: If you move away, you go and live in a different town or area of a country.

move down: If someone or something moves down, they go to a lower level, grade, or class.

move into: If you move into a new house, you start living there.

move off: When you move off, you start moving away from a place.

move out: If you move out, you stop living in a particular house or place and go to live somewhere else.

move over: If you move over to a new system or way of doing something, you change to it.

career move: a change of job, usually to a position with more responsibility and a higher income

false move: a mistake

move along: If someone, especially a police officer, tells you to move along, or if they move you along, they tell you to stop standing in a particular place and to go somewhere else.

move around: If you move around or move about, you keep changing your job or keep changing the place where you live .

sealed move: the last move before an adjournment, which is written down by the player making it, sealed in an envelope, and kept secret from his or her opponent until play is resumed

move in on: to draw near, with the intention of capturing

make a move: to take even the slightest action

move mountains: to do something that seems impossible, particularly when love or a particular belief makes you feel determined to succeed

on the move: If you are on the move, you are going from one place to another.

one false move: You use one false move to introduce the very bad or serious consequences which will result if someone makes a mistake, even a very small one.

get a move on: If you tell someone to get a move on, you are telling them to hurry.

make one's move: to commit oneself to a position or course of action

move one's bowels: to pass waste matter from the large intestine ; defecate

move the goalposts: to change the rules or aims in a situation or activity, in order to gain an advantage and to make things more difficult for the other people involved

one/a false move: If you say that one false move will cause a disaster, you mean that you or someone else must not make any mistakes because the situation is so difficult or dangerous .

to make a move: If you make a move, you prepare or begin to leave one place and go somewhere else.

to move a muscle: If you say that someone did not move a muscle, you mean that they stayed absolutely still .

one false move and: You use one false move to introduce the very bad or serious consequences which will result if someone makes a mistake, even a very small one.

move heaven and earth: to do everything you possibly can to make sure that something happens

to move the goalposts: If you accuse someone of moving the goalposts, you mean that they have changed the rules in a situation or an activity, in order to gain an advantage for themselves and to make things difficult for other people.

move in for the kill: to act decisively to defeat your enemy or opponent

move like a greased pig: to move very fast so that nobody can catch or stop you

to move heaven and earth: If you move heaven and earth to do something, you try as hard as you can to do it.

key: A key is a specially shaped piece of metal that you place in a lock and turn in order to open or lock a door, or to start or stop the engine of a vehicle.

put the moves (or a move) on: to attempt to seduce by the use of deceptive tricks or devices

move in for the kill/close in for the kill: If you move in for the kill or if you close in for the kill, you take advantage of a changed situation in order to do something that you have been preparing to do.

move into the major league/make it into the major league: If someone moves into the major league or makes it into the major league, they become very successful in their career .

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Однокоренные слова:

move about - переезжать, переходить, переносить с места на место
move around - перемещаться, передвигаться
move away - отойти, удаляться, удалять, отдаляться, отодвигаться, отодвигать, уезжать
move back - пятиться, отступать, подавать назад, идти задним ходом, табанить
move down - спускать, опускать
move in - въезжать, вдвигать, вводить
move off - отъезжать, отодвигать, отчаливать, уезжать
move on - идти дальше, проходить дальше, продвинуть
move out - съезжать, выдвинуть, выдвинуться, выезжать, выселить, выселять, выдвигать, выводить
move over - отодвигаться, отстраниться
move up - придвигаться, придвигать

Связанные слова: