Adjective: движущий движущийся двигающийся подвижной
Noun: перемещение


figures moving in the dusk - фигуры, движущиеся в сумерках

continuously moving film - непрерывно движущаяся плёнка

moving target simulator - имитатор движущейся цели

moving / touching tribute - трогательный подарок

moving-head disk - диск (ЗУ) с перемещаемыми головками

airborne moving target indicator - бортовой индикатор движущихся целей

moving target indicator - индикатор движущихся целей

to keep smb. moving - заставлять кого-л. все время двигаться

moving assembly line - движущая сборочная линия

moving load - подвижная нагрузка

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Keep moving! - Проходите! Не задерживайтесь!

a moving story of a faithful dog - трогательная история о преданной собаке

I understand that you will be moving here soon. - Как я понял, вы скоро сюда переезжаете.

The old man had difficulty in moving down the stairs. - Старику было трудно спускаться по лестнице.

The moving parts of the machine - Движущиеся части станка

I have a surprise for you: we are moving to Switzerland. - У меня для тебя сюрприз: мы отправляемся в Швейцарию.

Keep the line moving along. - Старайся вести линию вперёд.

We expensed our moving cost. - Мы списали на издержки наши расходы по переезду.

When are you moving to Memphis? - Когда вы переезжаете в Мемфис?

I'm seriously considering moving to France. - Я всерьез решил перебраться во Францию.

A downtrend price will be below the moving average line. - Цена в случае тенденции к ее понижению будет располагаться ниже линии скользящего среднего.

The police are moving in on the criminals hiding in the house. - Полиция окружает дом, в котором спрятались преступники.

He changed his mind about moving, but was unable to buy the house back. - Он передумал переезжать, но выкупить обратно свой старый дом не смог.

When are you moving in? - Когда вы въезжаете? (в дом, в квартиру и т.д.)

I don't regret moving to York. - Я не жалею, что переехал в Йорк.

We're moving to another part of town. - Мы переезжаем в другой район /другую часть/ города.

I dread the thought of moving next week. - Мысль о том, что на следующей неделе нужно будет переезжать, наводит на меня ужас.

This engine has got only three moving parts. - У этого двигателя только три движущиеся части.

The traffic's moving very slowly this morning. - Сегодня утром транспорт движется уж очень медленно.

The company is moving its sales center downtown. - Компания перемещает свой центр продаж в деловую часть города.

The driver clucked at the horses to get them moving. - Кучер прищёлкнул языком, чтобы лошади тронулись с места.

He delivered a moving eulogy at his father's funeral. - Он выступил с трогательной и хвалебной речью на похоронах своего отца.

My parents kept moving house because of my dad's job. - Мои родители всё время переезжали (с одного места на другое) из-за работы отца.

It's dangerous to cut out when all the cars are moving fast. - Когда скорость потока велика, перестраиваться опасно.

Going to university would necessitate his moving to the city. - Когда он поступит в университет, ему придётся переехать в город.

The rope broke not by reason of the holders moving or jerking it. - Веревка порвалась совсем не потому, что те, кто ее держал, что-то с ней делали или дергали ее.

Criminals have been moving in on the taxi business for some years. - Несколько лет криминал подминал под себя таксистов.

They market only what can be classified as fast moving or volume merchandise. - Они распространяют только то, что называется ходовым или хорошо продающимся товаром.

I didn't see the point of moving my family to London without any job security. - Не понимаю, какой смысл переезжать всей семьёй в Лондон без каких-либо гарантий занятости.

Play with the design on screen, moving text and pictures until you get a pleasing arrangement. - Поиграйтесь с дизайном на экране монитора, подвигайте текст и картинки, до тех пор пока их расположение не будет удовлетворять вас.

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Связанные термины:

move: When you move something or when it moves, its position changes and it does not remain still .

fast-moving: moving or capable of moving quickly

moving belt: a flexible endless strip of fabric or linked plates driven by rollers and used to transport objects, esp in a factory

moving coil: denoting an electromechanical device in which a suspended coil is free to move in a magnetic field . A current passing through the coil causes it to move, as in loudspeakers and electrical measuring instruments, or movement of the coil gives rise to induced currents, as in microphones and some record-player pick-ups

moving part: a part in a machine that has power to move

moving van: a largevan 3 (sense 1 ) used for transporting furniture and other belongings, as of a person moving to a new residence

self-moving: moving or able to move under its own power, or of itself

slow-moving: moving without much speed ; moving very slowly

earth-moving: Earth-moving equipment is machinery that is used for digging and moving large amounts of soil .

moving images: An image is a picture of someone or something.

moving party: → the moving party

moving average: (of a sequence of values) a derived sequence of the averages of successive subsequences of a given number of members, often used in time series to even out short-term fluctuations and make a trend clearer

moving pavement: a moving pavement for transporting pedestrians, as in a shopping precinct or an airport

moving picture: A moving picture is a film.

moving sidewalk: a moving pavement for transporting pedestrians, as in a shopping precinct or an airport

moving walkway: a moving pavement for transporting pedestrians, as in a shopping precinct or an airport

moving staircase: → escalator

moving bed reactor: A moving bed reactor is a reactor in which a layer of catalyst in the form of granules is moved between a reaction area and a regeneration area.

the moving party: a person who applies to a court or judge with the aim of obtaining a ruling in their favour

move in: When you move in somewhere, you begin to live there as your home .

move off: When you move off, you start moving away from a place.

move on: When you move on somewhere, you leave the place where you have been staying or waiting and go there.

move out: If you move out, you stop living in a particular house or place and go to live somewhere else.

move up: If you move up, you change your position, especially in order to be nearer someone or to make room for someone else.

moving spirit/force: The moving spirit or moving force behind something is the person or thing that caused it to start and to keep going, or that influenced people to take part in it.

move away: If you move away, you go and live in a different town or area of a country.

move down: If someone or something moves down, they go to a lower level, grade, or class.

move into: If you move into a new house, you start living there.

move over: If you move over to a new system or way of doing something, you change to it.

moving target indicator: a Doppler-radar presentation that indicates moving targets only, stationary objects reflecting signals that the system rejects

move along: If someone, especially a police officer, tells you to move along, or if they move you along, they tell you to stop standing in a particular place and to go somewhere else.

move around: If you move around or move about, you keep changing your job or keep changing the place where you live .

FMCG: FMCGs are inexpensive products that people usually buy on a regular basis, such as supermarket foods or toiletries . FMCG is an abbreviation for 'fast-moving consumer goods'.

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Однокоренные слова:

movingly - волнующе, трогательно, двигаясь, подвижно
movingness - трогательность
removing - перемещение, смещение, удаление, извлечение, разборка, демонтаж

Связанные слова: