Adjective: многочисленный множественный кратный многократный
Noun: кратное число многократная цепь


multiple collision - многократное столкновение

method of multiple comparison - метод множественного сравнения

a multiple, serial killer - серийный убийца

multiple office bank - банк с разветвлённой системой филиалов

multiple classification - многофакторный анализ

multiple answer - многозначное решение

multiple prediction - множественный прогноз

multiple cooking - многократная варка

multiple unit - кратная единица

multiple / serial murders - серия убийств, серийные убийства

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The inquest heard that she died from multiple injuries. - Следствие установило, что она умерла от многочисленных травм.

35 is a multiple of 7. - Число тридцать пять является кратным семи.

She made multiple copies of the report. - Она сделала несколько копий данного отчёта.

his multiple achievements in public life - его многочисленные достижения в общественной жизни

Having multiple partners increases your risk of sexual diseases. - Наличие нескольких половых партнёров увеличивает риск венерических заболеваний.

A pineapple is a multiple fruit. - Плод ананаса является соплодием.

My wife has Multiple Sclerosis and is in receipt of disability living allowance. - У моей жены рассеянный склероз, и она получает пособие по инвалидности.

The accident victim sustained multiple traumas. - Пострадавший в аварии получил множественные травмы.

There are multiple layers of meaning in the story. - В этой истории есть несколько пластов смысла.

He suffered multiple contusions as a result of a car accident. - В результате автомобильной аварии он получил многочисленные ушибы.

36 is a multiple of 9. - Число тридцать шесть является кратным девяти.

12 is a multiple of 6. - Число двенадцать является кратным шести.

multiple lacerations to the upper arms - множественные рваные раны плеч

She made multiple copies of the speech. - Она сделала несколько экземпляров данного выступления.

He suffered multiple injuries in the accident. - В результате этого несчастного случая он получил многочисленные травмы.

His new album includes multiple versions of the same songs. - Его новый альбом включает в себя несколько версий одной и той же песни.

Baxter was rushed to the hospital with multiple stab wounds. - Бакстер был спешно доставлен в больницу с многочисленными колотыми ранениями.

20 is a multiple of 5. - Число двадцать кратно пяти.

He suffered multiple contusions of the leg. - Он получил многочисленные ушибы ноги.

a woman who has suffered multiple miscarriages - женщина, которая перенесла несколько выкидышей

Multiple Sclerosis (henceforth referred to as MS) - рассеянный склероз (далее именуемый РС)

A child had a multiple organ transplant two months ago. - Два месяца назад ребёнку была сделана множественная трансплантация органов.

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Связанные термины:

multiple shop: → chain store

multiple star: a system of three or more stars associated by gravitation

common multiple: an integer or polynomial that is a multiple of each integer or polynomial in a group

multiple birth: a birth at which two or more children are born at the same time

multiple choice: In a multiple choice test or question, you have to choose the answer that you think is right from several possible answers that are listed on the question paper .

multiple crash: an accident in which several cars crash into each other

multiple fruit: a fruit, such as a pineapple, formed from the ovaries of individual flowers in an inflorescence

multiple store: one of several retail enterprises under the same ownership and management

multiple voting: the practice of voting in more than one constituency in the same election

multiple alleles: three or more alternative forms of a particular gene existing in a population

multiple collision: an accident in which several cars crash into each other

multiple exposure: the filming of more than one scene in a single frame

multiple factors: two or more genes that act as a unit, producing cumulative effects in the phenotype

multiple fission: asexual reproduction in unicellular organisms, esp sporozoans, in which the nucleus divides a number of times, followed by division of the cytoplasm, to form daughter cells

multiple listing: the listing of a home for sale with a number of real-estate brokers who participate in a shared listing service

multiple myeloma: a malignant plasma cell tumor of the bone marrow that destroys bone tissue

multiple ownership: ownership by several people or organizations

multiple sclerosis: Multiple sclerosis is a serious disease of the nervous system, which gradually makes a person weaker, and sometimes affects their sight or speech. The abbreviation → MS is also used.

multiple identities: The identity of a person or place is the characteristics they have that distinguish them from others.

multiple pile-up: an accident in which several cars crash into each other

least common multiple: the smallest positive whole number that is exactly divisible by two or more given whole numbers

multiple-entry visa: a visa that permits the holder to enter a country several times

lowest common multiple: the smallest number or quantity that is exactly divisible by each member of a set of numbers or quantities

multiple-risk insurance: insurance that covers several risks

multiple personality disorder: a dissociative mental disorder characterized by the existence in a person of two or more distinct, independent personalities, any of which may control behavior while being unaware of the other personalities and their memories and experiences

disseminated sclerosis: a chronic progressive disease of the central nervous system characterized by loss of some of the myelin sheath surrounding certain nerve fibres and resulting in speech and visual disorders, tremor, muscular incoordination, partial paralysis, etc

chain store: A chain store is one of several similar shops that are owned by the same person or company, especially one that sells a variety of things.

dissociative identity disorder: a disorder in which an individual's personality appears to have become separated into two or more distinct personalities, each with its own complex organization

dual personality: a disorder in which an individual's personality appears to have become separated into two or more distinct personalities, each with its own complex organization

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Однокоренные слова:

multiplier - множитель, коэффициент
multiply - умножать, умножить, размножать, многообразно

Связанные слова: