Noun: усы ус


He grew a beard and mustache. - Он отрастил бороду и усы.

He decided to grow a mustache. - Он решил отрастить усы.

He was wearing a fake mustache. - У него были накладные усы.

He looked younger after he shaved off his mustache. - Сбрив усы, он стал выглядеть моложе.

He used a small pair of scissors to trim his mustache. - Он использовал маленькие ножницы, чтобы подстричь свои усы.

The actor was wearing a false mustache. - У актера были накладные усы.

a mustache dosed with bear grease - усы, смазанные медвежьим жиром

A glob of ice cream was stuck to his mustache. - К его усам прилипла капля мороженого.

He wore a disguise of glasses, a fake mustache, and a cap. - Он замаскировался с помощью очков, накладных усов и кепки.

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Связанные термины:

moustache: Someone's moustache is the hair that grows on their upper lip. If a man has a long moustache, it is sometimes referred to as his moustaches .

handlebar mustache: A handlebar mustache is a long thick mustache with curled ends.

Fu Manchu mustache: a mustache that droops down along the sides of the mouth, usually to the chin or below

handlebar: The handlebar or handlebars of a bicycle consist of a curved metal bar with handles at each end which are used for steering .