Adjective: национальный государственный народный общенациональный
Noun: гражданин соотечественник подданный согражданин


national / state budget - государственный бюджет

national / nationwide campaign - общенациональная кампания

national / state capital - национальный капитал

national celebrity - национальный герой

national championship - чемпионат страны

national character - национальный характер

national characteristic - национальные особенности

national disaster - национальная катастрофа

national flag - национальный флаг

national affairs - вопросы государственной политики

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He's a national celebrity. - Он является национальной знаменитостью.

National Coal Board - Национальное управление угольной промышленности (в Англии)

Everyone stood up for the national anthem. - В честь национального гимна все встали.

Tim plays for the national volleyball team. - Тим играет за сборную страны по волейболу.

National Farmers Union - Национальный союз фермеров

National AIDS Trust - Национальное управление по контролю за распространением СПИДа (США)

National Housing Agency - Национальное управление жилищного строительства (в США)

It was wonderful to visit our national parks. - Прогулки по национальным паркам были просто замечательными.

National Taxpayers' Union - Национальный союз налогоплательщиков (США)

The crown incarnates national power. - Корона олицетворяет государственную власть.

The dancers were in national costume. - Танцоры были в национальных костюмах.

His speech was broadcast on national radio. - Его речь транслировалась по национальному радио.

Grand National Assembly - Великое Национальное Собрание (однопалатный парламент Турции)

He led the national liberation front. - Он возглавил национально-освободительный фронт.

We must insure our national security. - Мы должны обеспечить нашу национальную безопасность.

America's national security is at issue. - На карту поставлена государственная безопасность США.

She robed herself in her national costume. - Она надела свой национальный костюм.

The story lifted him to national recognition. - Благодаря этой истории он стал известен всей стране.

They all joined in singing the national anthem. - Все подхватили национальный гимн.

They are affiliated with the national committee. - Они связаны с центральным комитетом партии. (амер.)

National immunization day - Национальный день всеобщей вакцинации (в США, Великобритании и др. странах)

National Command authority - Высшее национальное военное командование (в США)

the National Museum of Art - Национальный художественный музей

He is revered as a national hero. - Его почитают как национального героя.

National Collection of Type Cultures - Национальная коллекция типовых культур (в США)

National Credit Union Administration - Национальная администрация кредитных союзов (в США)

The National Women's Political Caucus - Национальное Политическое Собрание Женщин США

American National Standards Institute - Американский национальный институт стандартов

this year's national basketball champs - победители баскетбольного первенства этого года

They affiliated with a national group. - Они присоединились к одной из национальных групп.

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Связанные термины:

dual national: a person that has dual nationality

national bank: (in the US) a commercial bank incorporated under a Federal charter and legally required to be a member of the Federal Reserve System

National City: city in SW Calif.: suburb of San Diego: pop. 54,000

national code: a game resembling rugby football, played in Australia between teams of 18 players each on an oval pitch, with a ball resembling a large rugby ball. Players attempt to kick the ball between posts (without crossbars ) at either end of the pitch, scoring six points for a goal (between the two main posts) and one point for a behind (between either of two outer posts and the main posts). They may punch or kick the ball and run with it provided that they bounce it every ten yards

national debt: the total outstanding borrowings of a nation's central government

national flag: a flag that represents or is an emblem of a country

national grid: a network of high-voltage power lines connecting major power stations

national hunt: the racing of horses on racecourses with jumps

national park: A national park is a large area of land which is protected by the government because of its natural beauty, plants, or animals, and which the public can usually visit .

the National: → short for the Grand National

Grand National: → the Grand National

national anthem: A national anthem is a nation's official song which is played or sung on public occasions.

national church: an independent church within a country, usually representing the prevalent religion

national dress: the traditional clothing of a country

national forest: forested land owned, maintained, and preserved by the U.S. government

National Front: (in Britain) a small political party of the right with racist and other extremist policies

National Guard: In the United States, the National Guard is a military force within an individual state, which can become part of the national army if there is a war or emergency .

National Health: → another name for National Health Service ⇒ ⇒ I got it on the National Health.

national income: the total of all incomes accruing over a specified period to residents of a country and consisting of wages, salaries, profits, rent, and interest

National League: the second oldest league of baseball in the United States

National Party: (in New Zealand ) the more conservative of the two main political parties

national press: newspapers which concern national events of a country collectively

national pride: Pride is a feeling of satisfaction which you have because you or people close to you have done something good or possess something good.

National School: (in Ireland ) a state primary school

national squad: A squad is a group of players from which a sports team will be chosen .

national status: the status of someone as regarding their citizenship of a country

national strike: When there is a strike, workers stop doing their work for a period of time, usually in order to try to get better pay or conditions for themselves.

National Tests: externally devised assessments in the core subjects of English, mathematics, and science that school students in England and Wales sit at the end of Key Stages 1 to 3

National Trust: (in Britain) an organization concerned with the preservation of historic buildings and monuments and areas of the countryside of great beauty in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland . It was founded in 1895 and incorporated by act of parliament in 1907. The National Trust for Scotland was founded in 1931

foreign national: a person residing in a country without the right to permanent residence in that country

national agreement: written formal agreements covering rates of pay and other terms and conditions of employment that are the result of collective bargaining at national level between one or more trade unions and employers in a sector of the economy

National Assembly: the body constituted by the French Third Estate in June 1789 after the calling of the Estates General. It was dissolved in Sept 1791 to be replaced by the new Legislative Assembly

national costume: to put clothes on (oneself or another); attire

National Covenant: any of the bonds entered into by Scottish Presbyterians to defend their religion, esp one in 1638 ( National Covenant ) and one of 1643 ( Solemn League and Covenant )

national economy: An economy is the system according to which the money, industry, and trade of a country or region are organized .

national election: An election is a process in which people vote to choose a person or group of people to hold an official position.

National Gallery: a major art gallery in London, in Trafalgar Square . Founded in 1824, it contains the largest collection of paintings in Britain

National Guardsman: A National Guardsman is a male member of the National Guard in the United States .

National Guardsmen: (in the US) a member of a state military force that can be called into federal service by the president

national holiday: a day's holiday in a country that celebrates the country itself

national identity: The identity of a person or place is the characteristics they have that distinguish them from others.

national insurance: In Britain, national insurance is the state system of paying money to people who are ill, unemployed, or retired. It is financed by money that the government collects from people who work, or from their employers.

national library: a library established and funded by a national government with the designation national, to serve the needs of this government, often to function as a library of record for the nation's publishing output, and in some cases to act as a central agency for library and bibliographic development in the nation

National Lottery: the largest UK lottery organization

national monument: a natural landmark or building designated by a national government as being of notable scenic or historical importance

National Savings: a borrowing programme set up by the UK government, aimed esp at retail investors, and providing bonds, saving certificates, etc

national seashore: any of the coastal areas with beaches, waterfowl, fishing, etc., reserved by the federal government for public use

national security: A country's national security is its ability to protect itself from the threat of violence or attack .

national service: National service is service in the armed forces, which young people in certain countries have to do by law .

National Socialism: the doctrines and practices of the Nazis, involving the supremacy of Hitler as Führer, anti-Semitism, state control of the economy, and national expansion

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Однокоренные слова:

nationalism - национализм, патриотизм
nationalist - националистический, националист
nationality - национальность, гражданство, национальная принадлежность, подданство, нация
nationalize - национализировать, принимать в подданство, превращать в нацию
nationally - в масштабе всей страны, в национальном духе

Связанные слова: