Noun: шея шейка горло горлышко
Verb: обниматься


to set / put / have one's foot on the neck of smb. - поработить кого-л.

to fling one's arms round smb.'s neck - обвить чью-л. шею руками

to get it in the neck - получить по шее, получить нагоняй

an albatross around one's neck - камень на шее, тяжкая ноша

to have / fix a millstone about one's neck - надеть себе камень на шею

to break the neck - свернуть шею

up to the neck - по горло, по уши

my neck of the woods - мой участок леса

to break the neck of winter - оставить позади большую часть зимы

nervy neck - мускулистая шея

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He risked breaking his neck. - Он рисковал сломать себе шею.

She tied a scarf around her neck. - Она повязала на шее шарф.

She gave him a neck massage. - Она сделала ему массаж шеи.

She's up to her neck in work. - У неё работы по горло. / Она по горло в работе.

The rain dripped down his neck. - Капли дождя стекали по его шее.

They necked their Queen. - Они отрубили голову своей королеве.

He necked a good share of beer. - Он отпил приличную порцию пива.

Our horse won by a neck. - Наша лошадь выиграла с минимальным преимуществом.

The proud lift of her neck was gone. - От её гордой осанки не осталось и следа.

She fondled his neck. - Она нежно погладила его по шее.

He is such a pain in the neck. - Он такой зануда.

They sat talking and necking in the car for another ten minutes. - Они разговаривали и обнимались в машине ещё минут десять.

This leash chafes the dog's neck - Этот поводок натирает собаке шею.

she was an albatross around his neck - она была обузой для него

He wore a blue shirt open at the neck. - На нём была голубая рубашка с открытым воротом.

She felt his neck. There was no pulse. - Она приложила руку к его шеи. Пульса не было.

He skewered his victim through the neck. - Он пронзил шею своей жертвы.

Her key hung on a string around her neck. - Её ключ висел на шнурке у неё на шее.

Her face and neck were quite badly burned. - Ее лицо и шея довольно серьёзно обгорели.

I'll wring her neck when I get hold of her! - Я сломаю ей шею, когда поймаю ее!

Fame has become an albatross around her neck. - Слава начала тяготить её. / Известность стала ей обузой.

He stretched his neck to see what was going on. - Он вытянул шею, чтобы посмотреть, что творится (вокруг).

The elephant's conductor is usually mounted upon its neck. - Погонщик слона обычно сидит у него на шее.

The horse won by a neck. - Лошадь выиграла на голову.

His hair prickled my neck. - Его волосы покалывали мне шею.

Sweat dripped down her neck. - Капли пота стекали по её шее.

The mare nuzzled into his neck. - Кобыла ткнулась носом ему в шею.

Her neck was swathed in jewels. - Её шея была усыпана драгоценностями.

Joan gave me a gentle neck massage. - Джоан сделала мне нежный массаж шеи.

They tightened the noose around his neck. - Они затянули петлю у него на шее.

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Связанные термины:

V neck: A V-neck or a V-neck sweater is a sweater with a neck that is in the shape of the letter V.

boat neck: a high slitlike neckline of a garment that extends onto the shoulders

bull neck: a short thick neck

crew neck: A crew neck or a crew neck sweater is a sweater with a round neck.

ewe-neck: a condition in horses in which the neck is straight and sagging rather than arched

hard neck: audacity; nerve

neck-rein: to go to the right if the left rein is lightly pressed against the neck or to the left if the right rein is so pressed

polo neck: A polo neck or a polo neck sweater is a sweater with a high neck which folds over.

roll-neck: A roll-neck sweater or a roll-necked sweater is a sweater with a high neck than can be rolled over.

sore neck: Your neck is the part of your body which joins your head to the rest of your body.

swan neck: a tube, rail, etc, curved like a swan's neck

text neck: a painful condition caused by contorting the neck to view the screen of a mobile phone or portable electronic device

brass neck: effrontery ; nerve

scoop neck: a rounded low-cut neckline on a woman's garment

neck and neck: In a competition, especially an election, if two or more competitors are neck and neck, they are level with each other and have an equal chance of winning .

horse's neck: an iced drink consisting of ginger ale or ginger ale and soda water, garnished with lemon, and sometimes containing an alcoholic liquor

by the neck: (of a bottle of beer ) served unpoured

neck sweetbread: the thymus gland of an animal, used for food

neck and crop: completely; entirely

risk your neck: to do something dangerous which could result in your being killed or injured

low-necked: (of a woman's garment) having a low neckline

redneck: If someone describes a white person, especially a lower class American from the countryside, as a redneck, they disapprove of that person because they think he or she is uneducated and has strong, unreasonable opinions .

break one's neck: to exert oneself greatly, esp by hurrying, in order to do something

crew-neck sweater: a sweater with a crew neck

pain in the neck: → another term for pain (sense 4 )

risk one's neck: to take a great risk

save one's neck: to escape from a difficult or dangerous situation

up to one's neck: If you say that someone is in some sort of trouble or criminal activity up to their neck, you mean that they are deeply involved in it.

wring sb's neck: If you say that you will wring someone's neck or that you would like to wring their neck, you mean that you are very angry or irritated with them.

jewel neckline: a plain, slightly rounded neckline without a collar, as on a dress or sweater

open-necked: If you are wearing an open-necked shirt or blouse, you are wearing a shirt or blouse which has no buttons at the top or on which the top button is not done up.

neck of the woods: an area or locality

save someone's neck: to help someone else escape from such a situation

scruff of the neck the scruff of your neck: If someone takes you by the scruff of the neck, they take hold of the back of your neck or collar suddenly and roughly .

swan's neck pediment: a broken pediment, the outline of which consists of a pair of S-curves tangent to the cornice level at the ends of the pediment, rising to a pair of scrolls on either side of the center, where a finial often rises between the scrolls

to risk your neck: If you say that someone is risking their neck, you mean they are doing something very dangerous, often in order to achieve something.

rubberneck: If someone is rubbernecking, they are staring at someone or something, especially in a rude or silly way.

a pain in the neck: someone or something that is very annoying

get it in the neck: to be punished or strongly criticized for something wrong that you have done

stick one's neck out: to risk criticism, ridicule, failure, etc, by speaking one's mind

stick your neck out: to say or do something which other people are afraid to say or do, even though this may cause trouble or difficulty for you

up to one's neck in: deeply involved in

dead from the neck up: stupid

this neck of the woods: the place where you are at the moment

to stick your neck out: If you stick your neck out, you bravely say or do something that might be criticized or might turn out to be wrong .

your neck of the woods: Someone or something that is from your neck of the woods is from the same part of the country as you are.

throat sweetbread: the thymus gland of an animal, used for food

round one's neck/around one's neck: If you say that you have something round your neck or around your neck, you mean that it is your responsibility and it causes you a lot of worry .

a millstone around your neck: a very unpleasant problem or responsibility that you cannot escape from

breathe down someone's neck: to be close behind someone in a race, contest, or other competitive situation

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Однокоренные слова:

necking - обнимание, нежничанье, обвязка колонны, поцелуи и объятия, выкружка колонны

Связанные слова: