Adjective: следующий ближайший будущий соседний
Adverb: рядом дальше затем после
Preposition: около


due date of next inspection - срок очередной проверки

the next day - на следующий день

next decade - следующая декада

the coming / next generation - следующее поколение

next-of-kin, next of kin - ближайший родственник

material for the next semester - задания на следующий семестр

next month - в следующем месяце

in the next part - в следующей части

when I meet him next - когда я его опять увижу

his garden is next to mine - его сад граничит с моим

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What next! - Ещё чего! / Этого ещё не хватало! Дальше ехать некуда!

What comes next? - А что дальше? / Что за этим следует?

I need the next size up. - Мне нужно на размер больше (чем у этой вещи).

I'll see you next Monday. - Увидимся в следующий понедельник.

Her next was a programmer. - Её следующий хахаль был программист.

the person sitting next to me - человек, сидящий рядом со мной

Next the doctor examined his back. - Потом врач осмотрел его спину.

He next proceeded to write a letter. - Затем он начал писать письмо.

At the next set of lights, turn left. - На следующем светофоре поверните налево.

the next item on the list - следующий пункт в списке

Next year's party will be even better. - В следующем году вечеринка будет ещё лучше.

She knew the answer as well as the next person. - Она знала ответ так же хорошо, как и любой другой человек.

Next, I need to ask you a few questions about your family. - Далее, мне нужно задать вам несколько вопросов о семье.

the very next thing that happened - и тут же случилось вот что:

We could hear people talking in the next room. - Мы слышали, как в соседней комнате кто-то разговаривает.

Next time, please remember to bring your books to class. - В следующий раз, пожалуйста, не забудьте взять с собой учебники.

Can I help the next person in line? Who's next? - Прошу подойти следующего в очереди. Кто следующий?

The next time we will see each other will be on our wedding day. - В следующий раз мы увидимся только в день нашей свадьбы.

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Связанные термины:

next to: If one thing is next to another thing, it is at the other side of it.

next-door: If a room or building is next door, it is the next one to the right or left .

next step: A step is one of a series of actions that you take in order to achieve something.

next year: A year is a period of twelve months or 365 or 366 days, beginning on the first of January and ending on the thirty-first of December .

after next: You use after next in expressions such as the week after next to refer to a period of time after the next one. For example, when it is May, the month after next is July .

next door's: You can use next door's to indicate that something belongs to the person or people who live in the house to the right or left of your own.

next friend: (formerly) a person acting on behalf of an infant or other person under legal disability

next phase: A phase is a particular stage in a process or in the gradual development of something.

next season: You can use season to refer to a fixed period during each year when a particular sport is played.

next stage: A stage of an activity, process, or period is one part of it.

as the next: If you say that you do something or experience something as much as the next person, you mean that you are no different from anyone else in the respect mentioned .

get next to: to ingratiate oneself with; become friendly or intimate with

next door to: If a room or building is next door to another one, it is the next one to the left or right .

next of kin: Next of kin is sometimes used to refer to the person who is your closest relative, especially in official or legal documents .

the next day: A day is one of the seven twenty-four hour periods of time in a week .

next door (to): in, at, or to the next house, building, etc. ( adjacent to)

next to no time: a very short time

the next but one: the one after the next

the next minute: You use the expression the next minute or expressions such as ' one minute he was there, the next he was gone ' to emphasize that something happens suddenly .

the next moment: You use the expression the next moment, or expressions such as ' one moment she was there, the next she was gone ', to emphasize that something happens suddenly, especially when it is very different from what was happening before.

next door neighbour: a person who lives in the house, flat, etc, next to one's home

in (next to) no time: If something happens in no time or in next to no time, it happens almost immediately or very quickly.

the next thing sb knows: You can say the next thing I knew to suggest that a new situation which you are describing was surprising because it happened very suddenly.

the boy next door/the girl next door: If you refer to someone as the boy next door or the girl next door, you mean that they are pleasant and respectable but rather dull .

cleanliness is next to godliness: If someone says that cleanliness is next to godliness, they are referring to the idea that people have a moral duty to keep themselves and their homes clean .

litigation friend: a person acting on behalf of an infant or other person under legal disability

knock a person into the middle of next week: to hit a person with a very heavy blow

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Однокоренные слова:

nextly - затем, далее, в следующем месте

Связанные слова: