Noun: шум помеха звук грохот
Verb: шуметь кричать разглашать распространять


to certificate the airplane for noise - аттестовывать самолёт по шуму

channel with noise - канал с шумом

to deaden the noise - заглушать шум

early morning lull in urban noise - предрассветная тишина города

to make / produce (a) noise - шуметь

loud noise - сильный шум

shrill noise - резкий гудок, сигнал

impact-noise analyzer - анализатор ударного шума

noise exposure contour - контур воздействия шума

noise current - шумовой ток

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What's that noise? - Что это за шум?

Hold your noise! - Перестань(те) шуметь!

What noise was that? - Что это был за шум?

I heard a weird noise. - Я услышал странный шум.

This noise is just intolerable! - Этот шум просто невыносим!

We heard a faint noise. - Мы услышали слабый шум.

All the noise drove me bananas. - Весь этот шум свел меня с ума.

The noise made sleep impossible. - Из-за шума было невозможно спать.

I couldn't hear him over all the noise. - Я не слышал его из-за этого шума.

The traffic noise kept me awake. - Шум уличного движения не давал мне уснуть.

Modern music is just noise to me. - Для меня современная музыка — просто шум.

All this noise is driving me potty! - Весь этот шум сводит меня с ума!

Noise levels have been reduced by 20%. - Уровень шума уменьшен на 20%.

I was distracted by a loud noise. - Меня отвлёк громкий шум.

The noise disturbed my concentration. - Этот шум мешал мне сосредоточиться.

A loud noise awakened her. - Её разбудил какой-то громкий шум..

The noise spooked the cat. - Шум испугал кота.

The noise drove me up the wall. - От этого шума я не находил себе места.

I heard a low moaning noise. - Я услышал слабый стон.

I can't tolerate that noise. - Терпеть не могу этот звук. / Не выношу этот шум.

The noise spooked the horse. - Шум напугал лошадь.

I could hear a beeping noise. - Я слышал, как что-то пикает.

The dog cringed at the noise. - Услышав этот звук, собака съёжилась.

The noise rose to a crescendo. - Шум достиг своего пика.

They tried to muffle the noise. - Они попытались заглушить шум.

What's the bird noising yonder? - Что это за птица там кричит?

Do you hear that rattling noise? - Слышишь этот грохот?

The noise drowned out her speech. - Шум заглушил её речь.

The noise goes on 24 hours a day. - Этот шум не смолкает круглые сутки.

I was driven bonkers by the noise. - Я с ума сошёл от этого шума.

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Связанные термины:

big noise: Someone who is a big noise has an important position in a group or organization.

funny noise: Noise is a loud or unpleasant sound.

pink noise: noise containing a mixture of frequencies, but excluding higher frequencies

shot noise: the inherent electronic noise arising in an electric current because of the discontinuous nature of conduction by electrons

toxic noise: environmental noise which can damage your hearing, for example in an industrial workplace, at a music concert, etc

weird noise: Noise is a loud or unpleasant sound.

white noise: White noise is sound, especially of a continuous kind, that seems to have no pattern or rhythm .

ambient noise: the level of the total noise in an area

cosmic noise: interference caused by radio waves originating in sources beyond the earth

Johnson noise: thermal background noise in a radio receiver

strange noise: Noise is a loud or unpleasant sound.

surface noise: noise produced by the friction of the needle or stylus of a record player with the rotating record, caused by a static charge, dust, or irregularities on the surface of a record

thermal noise: electrical noise caused by thermal agitation of conducting electrons

constant noise: Noise is a loud or unpleasant sound.

galactic noise: radio waves emanating from sources outside the solar system but within the Milky Way galaxy

make a noise: to talk a great deal or complain

noise abatement: a set of strategies or techniques to reduce and control annoying or harmful noise in an environment

noise complaint: A complaint is a statement in which you express your dissatisfaction with a particular situation.

noise generator: a device used in synthesizers to produce high-frequency sound effects

noise pollution: annoying or harmful noise in an environment

Schottky noise: the inherent electronic noise arising in an electric current because of the discontinuous nature of conduction by electrons

background noise: any type of noise that is not the sound that you are specifically listening to or monitoring

noise-cancelling: (esp of headphones ) designed to minimize external noise, usually by creating a sound wave that cancels it out

noise prevention: the prevention of annoying or harmful noise in an environment

perceived noise decibel: a unit for measuring perceived levels of noise by comparison with the sound pressure level of a reference sound judged equally noisy by a normal listener

signal-to-noise ratio: the ratio of one parameter, such as power of a wanted signal to the same parameter of the noise at a specified point in an electronic circuit, etc

sound pollution: annoying or harmful noise in an environment

PNdB: perceived noise decibel

NVH: NVH is the study of the noise and vibration levels of a vehicle.

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Однокоренные слова:

noiseless - бесшумный, тихий, беззвучный, безмолвный
noisy - шумный, шумящий, шумливый, кричащий, галдящий, яркий
noisily - шумно
noisiness - шум, шумливость, громкость
noiseful - шумный

Связанные слова: