Noun: север Арктика северный ветер северная часть страны
Adverb: к северу на север в северном направлении
Adjective: северный обращенный к северу
Verb: двигаться на север


an expedition to the North Pole - экспедиция на Северный полюс

to the north - на север, к северу

true north - географический (истинный) север

the north entrance - северный выход

north of smth. - к северу от чего-л.

north of the lake - к северу от озера

up North - на север

utmost North - крайний север

north countryman - уроженец северной Англии

declination of grid north - сближение меридианов

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North pole - Северный полюс

North Star - Полярная звезда

Let's go north! - Давайте пойдем на север!

They live up north. - Они живут там, на севере.

regions far to the north - области далеко на севере

Turn north onto Elm Street. - Поверните на север, на улицу Вязов.

I'm headed north. - Я направляюсь на север.

I grew up in the North. - Я вырос на Севере.

The compass needle points north. - Стрелка компаса указывает на север.

North Britain - Северная Британия

Which way is north? - Где тут север?

The house looks north. - Дом смотрит на север.

They've moved up north. - Они переехали на север.

Chicago is four hours north of Indianapolis. - Чикаго находится в четырех часах езды на север от Индианаполиса.

North Atlantic Drift - Североатлантическое течение

He lives in North Wales. - Он живёт в Северном Уэльсе.

a poor boy from the north - бедный парень с Севера

The wind was veering north. - Ветер менял направление к северу.

North Downs - Северный Даунс

North Sea oil fields - нефтяные месторождения Северного моря

The army was pushing north. - Армия продвигалась на север.

the north fork of the river - северное ответвление реки

The arrow always points north. - Стрелка всегда указывает на север.

The weather vane points North. - Флюгер указывает на север.

Who discovered the North Pole? - Кто открыл Северный полюс?

The birds fly north in summer. - Летом птицы летят на север.

Scotland lies north of England. - Шотландия расположена к северу от Англии.

We travelled North on Rte. 508. - Мы поехали на север по трассе 508.

It's a few miles north of here. - Это в нескольких милях к северу отсюда.

Murmansk is a port in the North. - Мурманск — это порт на Севере.

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Связанные термины:

Far North: → the Far North

North Bay: city in SE Ontario, Canada : pop. 54,000

North Sea: an arm of the Atlantic between Great Britain and the N European mainland . Area: about 569 800 sq km (220 000 sq miles)

the North: any area lying in or towards the north

North Cape: a cape on N Magerø y Island, in the Arctic Ocean off the N coast of Norway

North Down: a district of E Northern Ireland, in Co Down. Pop: 77 110 (2003 est). Area: 82 sq km (32 sq miles)

north-east: The north-east is the direction which is halfway between north and east.

North Korea: a republic in NE Asia, on the Sea of Japan ( East Sea) and the Yellow Sea: established in 1948 as a people's republic; mostly rugged and mountainous, with fertile lowlands in the west Language: Korean . Currency : won . Capital: Pyongyang . Pop: 25 490 965 (2017 est). Area: 122 313 sq km (47 225 sq miles)

North Pole: The North Pole is the place on the surface of the earth which is farthest towards the north.

North River: lower course of the Hudson River, between New York City & NE N. J .

North Star: → Polaris

North West: The north-west is the direction which is halfway between north and west .

North Yemen: a former republic in SW Arabia, on the Red Sea; now part of Yemen ; declared a republic in 1962; united with South Yemen in 1990

North York: city in SE Ontario, Canada: part of metropolitan Toronto : pop. 590,000

true north: the direction from any point along a meridian towards the North Pole

further north: The north is the direction which is on your left when you are looking towards the direction where the sun rises.

global north: → another name for developed world

North Africa: the part of Africa between the Mediterranean and the Sahara : consists chiefly of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and N Egypt

North African: of or relating to North Africa or its inhabitants

North Borneo: → Sabah

North Brabant: a province of the S Netherlands : formed part of the medieval duchy of Brabant . Capital: 's Hertogenbosch . Pop: 2 400 000 (2003 est). Area: 4965 sq km (1917 sq miles)

North Channel: a strait between NE Ireland and SW Scotland, linking the North Atlantic with the Irish Sea

North Country: the geographic region formed by Alaska, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut

North Dakota: a state of the western US: mostly undulating prairies and plains, rising from the Red River valley in the east to the Missouri plateau in the west, with the infertile Bad Lands in the extreme west. Capital: Bismarck . Pop: 633 837 (2003 est). Area: 183 019 sq km (70 664 sq miles)

North Dakotan: of or relating to North Dakota or its inhabitants

north-eastern: North-eastern means in or from the north-east of a region or country.

north-facing: facing towards the north

North Holland: a province of the NW Netherlands, on the peninsula between the North Sea and IJsselmeer : includes the West Frisian Island of Texel . Capital: Haarlem . Pop: 2 573 000 (2003 est). Area: 2663 sq km (1029 sq miles)

North Island: the northernmost of the two main islands of New Zealand . Pop: 3 422 000 (2013 est). Area: 114 729 sq km (44 297 sq miles)

North Korean: of or relating to North Korea or its inhabitants

North Kvaløy: an island in the Arctic Ocean, off the N coast of Norway . Area: 329 sq km (127 sq miles)

North Ossetia: a constituent republic of S Russia, on the N slopes of the central Caucasus Mountains. Capital: Vladikavkaz . Pop: 709 900 (2002). Area: about 8000 sq km (3088 sq miles)

North Platte: river flowing from N Colo. north into Wyo. & then southeast through W Nebr., joining the South Platte to form the Platte: 618 mi (995 km)

North Riding: (until 1974) an administrative division of Yorkshire, now constituting most of North Yorkshire

North Vietnam: a region of N Vietnam, on the Gulf of Tonkin : an independent Communist state from 1954 until 1976. Area: 164 061 sq km (63 344 sq miles)

north-western: North-western means in or from the north-west of a region or country .

magnetic north: the direction in which a compass needle points, at an angle (the declination ) from the direction of true (geographic) north

Montreal North: city in SW Quebec, Canada : suburb of Montreal, on Montreal Island: pop. 82,000

North American: of or relating to North America or its inhabitants

North Atlantic: relating to the North Atlantic and, often, the countries bordering it

North Ayrshire: a council area of W central Scotland, on the Firth of Clyde : comprises the N part of the historical county of Ayrshire, including the Isle of Arran ; formerly part of Strathclyde Region (1975–96): chiefly agricultural, with fishing and tourism . Administrative centre: Irvine . Pop: 136 030 (2003 est). Area: 884 sq km (341 sq miles)

North Canadian: river flowing from NE N.Mex. east & southeast into the Canadian River in E Okla.: 760 mi (1,223 km)

North Carolina: a state of the southeastern US, on the Atlantic : consists of a coastal plain rising to the Piedmont Plateau and the Appalachian Mountains in the west. Capital: Raleigh . Pop: 8 407 248 (2003 est). Area: 126 387 sq km (48 798 sq miles)

north-easterly: A north-easterly point, area, or direction is to the north-east or towards the north-east.

North Germanic: a subbranch of the Germanic languages that consists of Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, and their associated dialects

North Macedonia: a landlocked republic in SE Europe, comprising the NW half of ancient Macedon : it became part of the kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (subsequently Yugoslavia ) in 1913; it declared independence in 1991, but Greece objected to the use of the historical name Macedonia ; in 1993 it was recognized by the UN. Official language: Macedonian . Religion: Orthodox Christian majority, Muslim minority . Currency: denar . Capital: Skopje . Pop: 2 083 160 (2017 est). Area: 25 713 sq km (10 028 sq miles)

north-northeast: the point on the compass or the direction midway between north and northeast, 22° 30′ clockwise from north

north-northwest: the point on the compass or the direction midway between northwest and north, 337° 30′ clockwise from north

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Однокоренные слова:

norther - сильный северный ветер
northern - северный, дующий с севера, северянин, житель Севера
northing - дрейф на север, нордовая разность широт
northward - к северу, на север, северное направление
northwards - на север, к северу

Связанные слова: