Noun: заметка внимание примечание замечание
Verb: отмечать замечать указывать записывать


counterfeit bank-note - фальшивый банкнот

a cracked jarring note - резкий, надтреснутый звук

to dash off a note to one's brother - черкнуть записку своему брату

to drop a line/note - черкнуть несколько строк

to drop a line / note - черкнуть несколько строк

to give (smb.) to believe, know, note, understand - дать знать, дать понять (кому-л.)

to inject a note - вставить замечание

a long note / bill / lease - долгосрочный вексель, аренда

nickel note - банкнота в пять долларов

to make / take a note, make / take notes - делать заметки, записывать

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Did you read my note? — Uh-huh. - — Ты читала мою записку? — Ага.

He paid the bill in $50 notes. - Он оплатил счёт пятидесятидолларовыми банкнотами.

Make a note to get some more milk. - Запиши, чтобы мы не забыли купить ещё молока.

Can you change a £20 note? - Вы можете разменять банкноту в двадцать фунтов?

Note how she is holding her racket. - Обратите внимание, как она держит (теннисную) ракетку.

Music ended on a sour note - Музыка завершилась на фальшивой ноте.

I passed the note back to her. - Я передал ей записку обратно.

Note his name and address in your book. - Запиши его имя и адрес в свою книжку.

Ian left this note with me. - Ян оставил мне свою записку.

You may have noted my late arrival. - Быть может, вы заметили, что я опоздал.

Take note of this chemical reaction. - Обратите внимание на эту химическую реакцию.

I wrote a short note to explain. - Я коротко объяснил всё в записке.

The notes are at the back of the book. - Примечания находятся в конце книги.

There was a note of doubt in her voice. - В ее голосе слышались ноты сомнения.

The note was written in blue ink. - Записка была написана синими чернилами.

making notes in the margins of a book - делать заметки на полях книги

He detected a note of sarcasm. - Он обнаружил (в голосе) нотку сарказма.

Can I borrow your lecture notes? - Можно одолжить у тебя конспекты?

Drop Thelma a note and thank her. - Черкни Тельме пару строчек и поблагодари её.

She attached a note to the package. - Она прикрепила к пакету записку.

He put the note where she could easily see it. - Он положил эту записку у неё на виду.

There is merely a short note of what he decided. - Есть только краткая запись о том, какое он принял решение.

I snuck her a note. - Я украдкой передала ей записку.

I made a mental note of his name. - Я отметил его имя в уме.

Here I'd like to add a note of caution. - Здесь я хотел бы добавить одно замечание.

Her note to him was full of rage. - Её записка к нему была наполнена яростью.

The singer held the note too long. - Певец слишком долго держал эту ноту.

She taped a note to the refrigerator. - Она приклеила записку (с помощью скотча) к холодильнику.

Jenny let the note fall to the ground. - Дженни позволила записке упасть на землю.

He jotted a note in the margin. - Он набросал на полях заметку.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you note down something, you write it down quickly, so that you have a record of it.

If you note down something, you write it down quickly, so that you have a record of it.

Связанные термины:

C-note: a one-hundred-dollar bill

of note: Someone or something that is of note is important, worth mentioning, or well-known .

bank note: a promissory note issued by a bank, payable on demand : it is a form of paper money

big-note: to boast about (oneself)

blue note: a flattened third or seventh, used frequently in the blues

fit note: a medical note for an employer setting out the work an employee is able to perform, taking into account his or her health condition

gold note: a currency note issued exclusively to the Federal Reserve Banks by the US Treasury . It forms a claim on gold reserves deposited by the Federal Reserve Banks at the Treasury and is used to transfer interbank balances within the Federal Reserve System

half-note: A half note is a musical note that has a time value equal to two quarter notes.

hum note: a note produced by a bell when struck, lying an octave or (in many English bells) a sixth or seventh below the strike tone

mash note: an effusive note or letter expressing affection or passion for the recipient, usually a stranger or someone known only casually

note down: If you note down something, you write it down quickly, so that you have a record of it.

note row: a group of notes having a characteristic pattern or order that forms the basis of the musical material in a serial composition, esp one consisting of the twelve notes of the chromatic scale

one-note: not changing or varying, as in subject matter or tone; uniform ; monotonous

sick note: A sick note is an official note signed by a doctor which states that someone is ill and needs to stay off work for a particular period of time.

take note: If you take note of something, you pay attention to it because you think that it is important or significant .

wolf note: a predatory canine mammal, Canis lupus, which hunts in packs and was formerly widespread in North America and Eurasia but is now less common

advice note: a document sent by a supplier to a customer to declare that the goods ordered have been dispatched . It usually gives details such as the quantity of goods and how they have been sent

cover note: a certificate issued by an insurance company stating that a policy is operative : used as a temporary measure between the commencement of cover and the issue of the policy

credit note: A credit note is a piece of paper that a shop gives you when you return goods that you have bought from it. It states that you are entitled to take goods of the same value without paying for them.

demand note: a promissory note payable on demand

eighth note: An eighth note is a musical note that has a time value equal to half a quarter note.

grace note: a note printed in small type to indicate that it is melodically and harmonically nonessential

liner note: The liner notes on record jackets are short pieces of writing that tell you something about the record or the musicians playing on the record.

note issue: the action on the part of a bank of issuing banknotes

note value: the duration of a given printed note relative to other notes in a composition or section and considered in relation to the basic tempo

postal note: a written order for the payment of a sum of money, to a named payee, obtainable and payable at a post office

pound note: a British bank note with a value of one pound sterling . These banknotes are no longer in use in the UK except in Scotland

prompt note: performed or executed without delay

sleeve note: The sleeve notes are short pieces of writing on the covers of records, which tell you something about the music or the musicians .

strike note: the note produced by a bell when struck, defining its musical pitch

voice note: A voice note is a reminder or note created by speaking into an electronic device.

whole note: A whole note is a musical note that has a time value equal to two half notes.

currency note: a medium-term interest-bearing obligation issued by the US Treasury, maturing in from one to five years

delivery note: a document that accompanies a delivery of goods

freight note: a document containing full particulars of goods shipped or for shipment

leading note: (esp in cadences ) a note, usually the subtonic of a scale, that tends most naturally to resolve to the note lying one semitone above it

note payable: A note payable is a written legal obligation to repay an amount of borrowed money at a particular future date .

note-perfect: (of a singer or musician ) able to sing or play without making any errors

passing note: a nonharmonic note through which a melody passes from one harmonic note to the next

program note: A program note is an article written in a program for a play or concert that gives information about the performance or production .

quarter note: A quarter note is a musical note that has a time value equal to two eighth notes.

sensible note: the major seventh note of any scale

suicide note: A suicide note is a note written by someone who intends to kill themselves saying that this is what they are going to do and sometimes explaining why.

treasury note: a medium-term interest-bearing obligation issued by the US Treasury, maturing in from one to five years

auxiliary note: a nonharmonic note occurring between two harmonic notes

fractional note: a banknote in a denomination smaller than the standard unit of currency

note of hand: → promissory note

Post-it Note: a small square of sticky paper on which notes can be written

programme note: A programme note is an article written in a programme for a play or concert, which gives information about the performance or production .

promissory note: A promissory note is a written promise to pay a specific sum of money to a particular person.

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Однокоренные слова:

notable - заметный, примечательный, значительный, нотабль, выдающийся человек
notary - нотариус
noted - известный, знаменитый, выдающийся
noteless - незаметный, немузыкальный, безвестный
notify - уведомлять, извещать, предупреждать, регистрировать, объявлять
notion - понятие, представление, идея, мнение, взгляд, точка зрения, намерение, галантерея
notate - обозначать условными знаками, класть на ноты, обозначать нотными знаками

Связанные слова: