Noun: пустяк ноль пустое место мелочь
Adverb: нисколько совсем нет ни в малейшей степени
Pronoun: ничего


to go for nothing (something) - ничего не стоить (кое-что стоить)

like nothing on earth - ни на что не похожий, странный

there is nothing like home - нет места лучше, чем дом

all for nothing - зря, напрасно

to get for nothing - получить даром

all to nothing - все ни к чему

nothing to - ничто по сравнению с

mere nothing - пустяк

have nothing to do with - не иметь никакого отношения к; не иметь ничего общего с; быть ни при чём

he has done nothing out of the way - он не сделал ничего из ряда вон выходящего

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There's nothing new about this. - В этом нет ничего нового.

'What did you do last weekend?' 'Oh, nothing much.' - — Что ты делал в прошлые выходные? — Да ничего особенного.

He's nothing like his brother. - Он совсем не похож на брата.

She is nothing like her sister. - Она ни капельки не похожа на свою сестру.

It's nothing to what I saw in Paris. - Это ничто по сравнению с тем, что я видел в Париже.

'What have you been doing?' 'Nothing. Just sitting here.' - — Что ты делаешь? — Ничего. Просто сижу здесь.

There's nothing in this box. - В этой коробке ничего нет.

He looks nothing like his father. - Он нисколько не похож на своего отца.

You have nothing to worry about. - Вам не о чем беспокоиться.

There's nothing on television tonight. - Сегодня вечером по телевизору ничего нет.

I promised to say nothing about it to anyone. - Я пообещал ничего никому об этом не говорить.

She knows nothing of our plans. - Она ничего не знает о наших планах.

She had eaten virtually nothing at supper. - За ужином она практически ничего не съела.

There's nothing in my hands. - У меня в руках ничего нет.

'Do you know much about business?' ' Nothing at all.' - — Ты много знаешь о бизнесе? — Вообще ничего.

It's nothing close to finished. - Ничего ещё далеко не кончено.

Your opinion means nothing to me. - Ваше мнение для меня ничего не значит.

We know nothing about her family. - Мы ничего не знаем о её семье.

Nothing ever happens in this town. - В этом городишке никогда ничего не происходит.

I couldn't just stand by and do nothing. - Я не мог просто стоять в стороне и ничего не делать.

There's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. - Тут абсолютно нечего стыдиться.

There was nothing else the doctors could do. - Ничего больше врачи сделать не могли.

It appeared out of nothing. - Оно появилось из пустоты. / Оно возникло из ничего.

He had nothing more to say. - Ему нечего было больше сказать.

We beat them ten to nothing. - Мы разгромили их со счётом десять — ноль.

Don't get all upset over nothing. - Не надо так расстраиваться из-за пустяков.

This service will cost you nothing. - Эта услуга вам ничего не будет стоить.

There's nothing wrong with the data. - С данными всё в порядке.

There's nothing fun to do around here. - Тут вообще нечем заняться.

We've heard nothing from her for weeks. - Мы уже несколько недель ничего о ней не слышали.

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Связанные термины:

do-nothing: a person without ambition or initiative ; idler

for nothing: free; at no cost

nothing but: You use nothing but in front of a noun, an infinitive without 'to', or an '-ing' form to mean 'only'.

it's nothing: People sometimes say ' It's nothing ' as a polite response after someone has thanked them for something they have done .

know-nothing: an ignorant person

nothing doing: You can say ' Nothing doing ' when you want to say that something is not happening or cannot be done.

nothing like: not at all like; completely different from

nothing loath: willing

nothing much: You say nothing much to refer to something that is not very interesting or important.

all or nothing: You can use all or nothing to say that either something must be done fully and completely or else it cannot be done at all.

be nothing to: not to concern or be significant to (someone)

nothing for it: no choice ; no other course

nothing if not: You use nothing if not in front of an adjective to indicate that someone or something clearly has a lot of the particular quality mentioned .

nothing in it: If you say about a contest or competition that there is nothing in it, you mean that two or more of the competitors are level and have an equal chance of winning .

nothing to it: If you say about a story or report that there is nothing to it, you mean that it is untrue .

good-for-nothing: If you describe someone as good-for-nothing, you think that they are lazy or irresponsible.

have nothing on: to have no engagements to keep

if nothing else: You can say ' if nothing else ' to indicate that what you are mentioning is, in your opinion, the only good thing in a particular situation .

in nothing flat: in almost no time; very quickly or soon

make nothing of: to treat as of little importance

not for nothing: If you say that it was not for nothing that something happened, you are emphasizing that there was a very good reason for it to happen.

nothing less than: You can use nothing less than to emphasize your next words, often indicating that something seems very surprising or important.

nothing more than: If you say that someone or something is nothing more than a particular thing, you are emphasizing that they are only that thing, and nothing more interesting or important.

stick at nothing: to be prepared to do anything; be unscrupulous or ruthless

stop at nothing: to be prepared to do anything; be unscrupulous or ruthless

think nothing of: to regard as routine, easy, or natural

nothing in particular: You use nothing in particular or nobody in particular to mean nothing or nobody important or special .

something for nothing: If you say that someone is getting something for nothing, you disapprove of the fact that they are getting what they want without doing or giving anything in return.

there's nothing like: a general expression of praise

to say nothing of: You use to say nothing of when you mention an additional thing which gives even more strength to the point you are making.

to stop at nothing: If you say that someone will stop at nothing to get something, you are emphasizing that they are willing to do things that are extreme, wrong, or dangerous in order to get it.

no/nothing other than: You use nothing other than and no other than when you are going to mention a course of action, decision, or description and emphasize that it is the only one possible in the situation .

nothing of the sort: Nothing of the sort is used when strongly contradicting something that has just been said .

there's nothing to it: If you say ' There's nothing to it ', ' There's not much to it ', or ' That's all there is to it ', you are emphasizing how simple you think something is.

think nothing of it: If something happens and you think nothing of it, you do not pay much attention to it or think of it as strange or important, although later you realize that it is.

to think nothing of: If you think nothing of doing something that other people might consider difficult, strange, or wrong, you consider it to be easy or normal, and you do it often or would be quite willing to do it.

have nothing to do with: to have no connection with

much ado about nothing: a lot of fuss about something which is not important

nothing to choose between: (of two people or objects) almost equal

on a hiding to nothing: If you say that someone who is trying to achieve something is on a hiding to nothing, you are emphasizing that they have absolutely no chance of being successful.

there is nothing for it: If you say that there is nothing for it but to take a particular action, you mean that it is the only possible course of action that you can take, even though it might be unpleasant .

there's nothing for it: there's no choice ; there's no other course

nothing in it/nothing to it: If you say about a story or report that there is nothing in it or nothing to it, you mean that it is untrue .

nothing to it/nothing in it: If you say about an activity that there is nothing to it or nothing in it, you mean that it is extremely easy .

be on a hiding to nothing: to have absolutely no chance of being successful at what you are trying to do

nothing to write home about: If you say that something is nothing to write home about, you mean that it is not very interesting or exciting .

to be better than nothing: If you say that something is better than nothing, you mean that it is not what is required, but that it is better to have that thing than to have nothing at all.

be nothing to write home about: to be not very interesting, exciting, or special

have nothing between your ears: to be stupid

nothing short of little short of: You use nothing short of or little short of to emphasize how great or extreme something is. For example, if you say that something is nothing short of a miracle or nothing short of disastrous, you are emphasizing that it is a miracle or it is disastrous.

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Однокоренные слова:

nothingness - ничто, небытие, ничтожество, пустяки, несущественность

Связанные слова: