Noun: орех псих муфта орешник
Adjective: гаечный
Verb: шевелить мозгами собирать орехи


to crush a nut - сминать грани гайки

to draw up nut tight - подтягивать гайку

fastening nut - крепёжная гайка

adjusting nut - регулировочная гайка

to draw up a nut tight - подтягивать гайку

bush nut - макадамия трилистниковая; австралийский орех

nut butter - ореховая паста

cadmium plated nut - кадмированная гайка

nut cake - ореховый торт; ореховый кекс

nut oil cake - ореховый жмых

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That guy is a real nut. - Этот парень — настоящий псих /чудак/.

My dad is such a nut. - Мой папа такой псих /чудак/.

Oh come on, use your nut! - Ну давай же, пошевели мозгами!

Are you allergic to nuts? - У вас есть аллергия на орехи? / У тебя что, аллергия на орехи?

She's a real baseball nut. - Она настоящая бейсбольная фанатка.

The squirrel sat and ate the nut. - Белка села и съела этот орех.

I asked him how he nutted up the idea. - Я спросил его, как он это придумал.

Use a wrench to loosen the nut. - Чтобы ослабить гайку, воспользуйтесь ключом.

a bowl of nuts and raisins - миска с орехами и изюмом

What are you, some kind of nut? - Ты что, псих какой-то?

walnuts, almonds, peanuts, and other nuts - грецкие орехи, миндаль, арахис и другие орехи

The squirrel cracked the nut and ate the meat inside. - Белка расколола орех и съела ядро.

He just turned round and nutted me! - Он просто повернулся и врезал мне головой!

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Связанные термины:

nut key: a tool for extracting a nut, chock, etc, from a crack after use

nut oil: oil obtained from walnuts, hazelnuts, etc, used in paints and varnishes and in cooking

betel nut: the fruit of the betel palm, chewed with leaves of the betel pepper by some Southeast Asian peoples as a mild stimulant

cola nut: any of the seeds of the cola tree, which contain caffeine and theobromine and are used medicinally and in the manufacture of soft drinks

ivory nut: the seed of the ivory palm, which contains an ivory-like substance used to make buttons, etc

kola nut: the seed of the cola

nut-brown: Nut-brown is used to describe things that are dark reddish brown in colour.

nut case: one who is eccentric or crazy

nut pine: either of two varieties of the pine tree Pinus cembroides, of Mexico, Arizona, and California, having edible nuts

pili nut: a burseraceous Philippine tree, Canarium ovatum, with edible seeds resembling almonds

pine nut: Pine nuts are small cream-coloured seeds that grow on pine trees. They can be used in salads and other dishes .

piñon nut: the small edible nut of a pi ñon tree; pine nut

wheel nut: A wheel nut is a nut which attaches the wheel of a vehicle to its hub .

wing nut: a threaded nut tightened by hand by means of two flat lugs or wings projecting from the central body

brazil nut: Brazil nuts are large nuts with a woody shell that grow on trees in South America and that you can eat .

cashew nut: a tropical American anacardiaceous evergreen tree, Anacardium occidentale, bearing kidney-shaped nuts that protrude from a fleshy receptacle

castle nut: a hexagonal nut with six slots in the head, two of which take a locking pin to hold it firmly in position

coffee nut: the fruit of the Kentucky coffee tree

ginger nut: a crisp biscuit flavoured with ginger

monkey nut: a leguminous plant, Arachis hypogaea, of tropical America: widely cultivated for its edible seeds . The seed pods are forced underground where they ripen

butterfly nut: a threaded nut tightened by hand by means of two flat lugs or wings projecting from the central body

coquilla nut: the nut of a South American palm tree, Attalea funifera, having a hard brown shell used for carving

macadamia nut: the seed of this tree

nut chocolate: chocolate containing nuts

pistachio nut: an anacardiaceous tree, Pistacia vera, of the Mediterranean region and W Asia, with small hard-shelled nuts

stuffing nut: a large nut that is tightened to compress the packing in a stuffing box

castellated nut: a nut that has indentations similar to battlements

do one's nut: to be extremely angry ; go into a rage

do your nut: to become very angry about something

Queensland nut: any tree of the Australian proteaceous genus Macadamia, esp M. ternifolia, having clusters of small white flowers and edible nutlike seeds

off one's nut: foolish in behaviour

locknut: a supplementary nut screwed down upon a primary nut to prevent it from shaking loose

cembra nut tree: a five-needled pine tree, Pinus cembra, found esp in mountain regions of Central Europe and yielding edible seeds

cashew: A cashew or a cashew nut is a curved nut that you can eat .

nutcase: If you refer to someone as a nutcase, you mean that they are mad or that their behaviour is very strange .

hard nut to crack: a person, problem, or thing difficult to understand or deal with

hickory: any juglandaceous tree of the chiefly North American genus Carya, having nuts with edible kernels and hard smooth shells

a hard nut to crack: a person not easily persuaded or won over

a tough nut a hard nut: If you think someone is difficult to deal with, you can say they are a tough nut or a hard nut .

pistachio: Pistachios or pistachio nuts are small, green, edible nuts.

a tough nut to crack: a problem that is difficult to solve or a person who is difficult to deal with or to defeat in an argument or competition

do one's nut/go nuts: If someone goes nuts, or in British English does their nut, they become extremely angry .

a sledgehammer to crack a nut: If you say that someone is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, you mean that they are using stronger measures than are really necessary to solve a problem .

a hard nut to crack/ a tough nut to crack: If you say that something is a hard nut to crack or a tough nut to crack, you mean that it is difficult to do or to understand .

Arolla pine: a five-needled pine tree, Pinus cembra, found esp in mountain regions of Central Europe and yielding edible seeds

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Однокоренные слова:

nutate - колебаться, кивать, качаться
nutting - сбор орехов
nutty - рехнувшийся, вкусный, пикантный, увлекающийся, щегольской, нарядный, интересный
nutter - псих, ореховая паста, сборщик орехов
nutant - склоненный, висячий, нависший

Связанные слова: