ˈɔbdʒɪkt, ˈɔbdʒekt


Noun: объект предмет цель вещь
Adjective: объектный целевой выходной
Verb: возражать возразить протестовать не одобрять


to set antenna to bear on an object - наводить антенну на объект

composite object - составной объект

to defeat the object of the exercise - доводить до абсурда

object of derision - объект насмешек

direct object - прямое дополнение

an object of envy - предмет зависти

the butt / object of a joke - объект, предмет насмешек

object / target language - язык, на который переводят

material object / thing - материальный объект, предмет материального мира

moving object - движущийся объект

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They objected that the price was too high. - Они возразили, что цена слишком высока.

No one objected. - Никто не возражал.

I object to being spoken to like that. - Не люблю, когда со мной говорят в подобном тоне.

I think I'll have a smoke, if you don't object. - Я бы выкурил сигарету, если вы не против.

I see an object in the distance. - Я вижу вдали какой-то предмет.

His words achieved their object. - Его слова достигли своей цели.

The object was part hidden by the grass. - Предмет был частично прикрыт травой.

'My name's not Sonny,' the child objected. - — Меня зовут не Сынок, — возразил ребёнок.

Robson strongly objected to the terms of the contract. - Робсон категорически не соглашался с условиями контракта.

My wife objects to modern furniture. - Моей жене не нравится современная мебель.

A floating object displaces water. - Плавающий предмет вытесняет воду.

The decision was made with the object of cutting costs. - Это решение было принято с целью сократить расходы.

The object of this gymnastic exercise is to expand the chest. - Цель этого упражнения — развивать мышцы грудной клетки.

Their object is to investigate the matter thoroughly. - Их цель — тщательно расследовать это дело.

The sun was an object of veneration. - Солнце было предметом почитания.

They saw a starlike object in the sky. - Они увидели в небе звездообразный объект.

The camera could define the smallest object. - Эта камера могла различить мельчайшие предметы.

The object of the game is to improve children's math skills. - Цель игры состоит в развитии у детей математических навыков.

I objected to having to rewrite the article. - Переписывать статью мне ужасно не хотелось.

Money's no object; I want the best. - Деньги не вопрос, мне нужно самое лучшее.

She feared becoming an object of ridicule. - Она боялась стать объектом насмешек.

to seize and book every object worth noticing - схватить и описать любой предмет, достойный внимания

No matter how much people object, I will stand by my decision. - Сколько бы люди ни возражали, я всё равно останусь при своём решении.

The tower predominates over every object. - Башня возвышается над остальными постройками.

The killer struck him with a blunt object. - Убийца ударил его тупым предметом.

Once famous, he was now a mere object of pity. - Некогда знаменитый, теперь он лишь вызывал жалость.

We can't buy the chair,” he objected. “It won't fit in the car.” - — Мы не можем купить это кресло, — возразил он. — Оно не влезет в машину.

My object was to explain the decision simply. - Моя цель была в том, чтобы объяснить это решение просто.

It was full of rackets, balls and other objects. - Там было полно ракеток, мячей и других предметов.

Infrared sensors can track an object's movement. - Инфракрасные датчики могут отслеживать перемещение объектов.

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Связанные термины:

no object: not a hindrance or obstacle

object ball: any ball except the cue ball, esp one which the striker aims to hit with the cue ball

sex object: If someone is described as a sex object, he or she is considered only in terms of their physical attractiveness and not their character or abilities .

direct object: In grammar, the direct object of a transitive verb is the noun group which refers to someone or something directly affected by or involved in the action performed by the subject . For example, in 'I saw them yesterday ', 'them' is the direct object. Compareindirect object .

found object: → objet trouvé

object clause: the clause that acts as the object of a verb

object glass: → objective (sense 12 )

object lesson: If you describe an action, event, or situation as an object lesson, you think that it demonstrates the correct way to do something, or that it demonstrates the truth of a particular principle.

cognate object: a noun functioning as the object of a verb to which it is etymologically related, as in think a thought or sing a song

indirect object: An indirect object is an object which is used with a transitive verb to indicate who benefits from an action or gets something as a result . For example, in 'She gave him her address ', 'him' is the indirect object. Comparedirect object .

object database: a database format in which information is shown in the form of objects

object distance: the distance between the lens of a camera and an object being photographed

object language: a language described by or being investigated by another language

object-oriented: In computing, object-oriented programming involves dealing with code and data in blocks so that it is easier to change or do things with.

object program: a computer program translated from the equivalent source program into machine language by the compiler or assembler

retained object: a direct or indirect object of a passive verb . The phrase the drawings in the sentence Harry was given the drawings is a retained object

BL Lac object: an extremely compact violently variable form of active galaxy

intensional object: the object of a propositional attitude that may or may not exist, as in Robert is dreaming of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow . This must be an intensional (or opaque ) context, for otherwise, since there is no pot of gold, Robert would be dreaming of nothing

object complement: a word or a group of words used in the predicate following a factitive verb and referring to its direct object, as treasurer in We appointed him treasurer, white in They painted the house white, or an interesting speaker in They thought him an interesting speaker

object of virtu: an object of virtu

money is no object: If you say that money is no object or distance is no object, you are emphasizing that you are willing or able to spend as much money as necessary or travel whatever distance is required .

quasi-stellar object: a member of any of several classes of astronomical bodies, including quasars (strong radio sources) and quasi-stellar galaxies (no traceable radio emission ), both of which have exceptionally large red shifts

object relations theory: a form of psychoanalytic theory postulating that people relate to others in order to develop themselves

unidentified flying object: an object seen in the sky or landing on earth which cannot be identified and which is often believed to be from another planet

object linking and embedding: object linking and embedding : a system for linking and embedding data, images, and programs from different sources

quasi-stellar radio source: → quasar

objective: Your objective is what you are trying to achieve .

objective point: existing independently of perception or an individual's conceptions

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Однокоренные слова:

objectify - воплощать, овеществлять
objection - возражение, протест, недостаток, неодобрение, неприязнь, нелюбовь, дефект
objective - цель, задача, объект, объектив, стремление, объективный, целевой, предметный
objectless - беспредметный, бесцельный
objector - возражающий, возражающий, тот, кто возражает
objectize - цель, задача, цель, объект, объектив, беспристрастный, непредвзятый

Связанные слова: