Verb: предлагать возносить выдвигать выражать
Noun: предложение оферта попытка предложение цены


to give / offer / pronounce the benediction - дать благословение, благословить

to offer / pay a bounty - подарить дорогой подарок

competitive offer - конкурентоспособное предложение

to convey / express / offer one's condolences to smb. - выражать соболезнования кому-л.

to afford / offer consolation - утешить

to accept a proposal / a suggestion / an offer - принять предложение

to give / offer / provide encouragement - одобрять

to give / offer / provide an explanation for smth. - давать объяснение чему-л.

friendly merger offer - предложение дружественного объединения

offer advantage - обеспечить преимущество

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He offered to help me. - Он предложил мне свою помощь.

Can I offer you something to drink? - Могу ли я предложить вам что-нибудь выпить?

He offered to marry her. - Он предложил ей выйти за него замуж.

I offered to bring the cake. - Я вызвался принести торт.

We have been successful because we are offering a quality service. - Мы добились успеха, потому что предлагаем качественное обслуживание.

His offer to resign will be accepted. - Его предложение уйти в отставку будет принято.

All advertising sales messages are offers. - Все рекламные сообщения представляют собой торговые предложения [предложения купить товар].

Will you accept their offer? - Вы примете их предложение?

She offered us all a cold drink. - Она предложила всем нам холодный напиток.

He offered his opinion - Он выразил своё мнение.

Is that your best offer? - Это ваше лучшее предложение?

I accept your kind offer. - Я принимаю ваше любезное предложение.

A woman stopped and offered to help us. - Женщина остановилась и предложила помочь нам.

Have you had any job offers? - У вас есть какие нибудь вакансии?

He refused my offer of hospitality. - Он отверг мой жест гостеприимства.

This offer was a dirty trick. - Это предложение оказалось уловкой.

We froze off their offer of help. - Мы отказались от их помощи.

I don't need any help, but it was nice of you to offer. - Мне не нужна помощь, но с вашей стороны было очень любезно её предложить.

What's behind his offer? - Интересно, что заставило его сделать такое предложение?

The offer was hard to resist. - Перед этим предложением было трудно устоять.

Thank you for your kind offer. - Благодарю вас за любезное предложение.

Living in a large city offers a number of advantages. - Жизнь в большом городе имеет ряд преимуществ.

The offer is very intriguing. - Это предложение очень интригующее.

They offered 40 cents a share. - Они предложили сорок центов за акцию.

The offer was plumply accepted. - Предложение было полностью поддержано.

She availed herself of the offer. - Она воспользовалась предложением.

He turned down an offer to run the company. - Он отверг предложение руководить компанией.

The newspaper offered to apologise for the article. - Редакция газеты предложила извиниться за статью.

I appreciate the generous offer. - Большое спасибо за это щедрое предложение.

I offered to leave the committee if they did not accept my proposal. - Я предложил покинуть комиссию, если моё предложение не примут.

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Связанные термины:

job offer: an offer of employment

on offer: If there is something on offer, it is available to be used or bought .

pay offer: an offer of a certain amount of wages or salary

re-offer: to offer (something) again

cash offer: a public equity issue sold to everyone who is interested in it

offer price: The offer price for a particular stock or share is the price that the person selling it says that they want for it.

share offer: a scheme giving employees an option to buy shares in the company for which they work at a favourable price or discount

bargain offer: something for sale at a low price

offer advice: If you give someone advice, you tell them what you think they should do in a particular situation.

offer support: If you give support to someone during a difficult or unhappy time, you are kind to them and help them.

special offer: A special offer is a product, service, or programme that is offered at reduced prices or rates.

tender offer: an offer to buy shares in a corporation with the price specified by the buyer

godfather offer: a takeover bid pitched so high that the management of the target company is unable to dissuade shareholders from accepting it

offer document: a document sent by a person or firm making a takeover bid to the shareholders of the target company, giving details of the offer that has been made and, usually, reasons for accepting it

offer evidence: Evidence is anything that you see, experience, read, or are told that causes you to believe that something is true or has really happened .

offer guidance: Guidance is help and advice .

offer something: You use something to refer to a thing, situation, event, or idea, without saying exactly what it is.

offer treatment: Treatment is medical attention given to a sick or injured person or animal.

offer a reward: A reward is a sum of money offered to anyone who can give information about lost or stolen property or about someone who is wanted by the police.

offer assistance: If you give someone assistance, you give them information or advice .

offer a benefit: The benefit of something is the help that you get from it or the advantage that results from it.

offer a glimpse: A glimpse of something is a brief experience of it or an idea about it that helps you understand or appreciate it better .

offer an apology: An apology is something that you say or write in order to tell someone that you are sorry that you have hurt them or caused trouble for them.

have sth to offer: If you have something to offer, you have a quality or ability that makes you important, attractive, or useful .

offer an explanation: If you give an explanation of something that has happened, you give people reasons for it, especially in an attempt to justify it.

offer a variety of: A variety of things is a number of different kinds or examples of the same thing.

offer someone a carrot: to try to persuade someone to do something by offering them a reward if they do it

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Однокоренные слова:

offering - предлагающий, предложение, приношение, подношение
offered - предложенный

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