Adjective: официальный государственный служебный должностной
Noun: чиновник должностное лицо сотрудник лицо


official buffet - фуршет

official delegation - официальная делегация

official duties - служебные обязанности

official greetings - официальное поздравление

elected official - выборное лицо

local official - местный чиновник

postal official - почтовый служащий

public official - должностное лицо

city official - представитель городских властей

official corruption - должностная коррупция

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I have no official business to bind me. - Я не связан никакими служебными делами.

Customs official peered into the driver's window. - Сотрудник таможни заглянул в окно водителя.

Unemployment is way above the official figure. - Безработица намного превышает официальные цифры.

You can't get a ticket through official channels. - Обычным способом билетов не достать.

We were invited to attend the official opening. - Мы были приглашены на официальную церемонию открытия.

Her official title is editor. - Её официальная должность — редактор.

She has a distinguished record as a public official. - Она блестяще проявила себя в роли должностного лица.

A company official responded to our request. - Один из служащих компании откликнулся на нашу просьбу.

The government issued an official denial of the rumour. - Правительство официально опровергло этот слух.

The new official was warmly applauded. - Новое должностное лицо тепло приветствовали аплодисментами.

The railway official punched a hole out of my ticket. - Контролёр проколол дырку в моём билете.

a fat official sweltering in his uniform under the burning sun - толстый чиновник, изнемогающий в своей униформе под палящим солнцем

The official language of Ghana is English. - Официальный язык Ганы — английский.

The property vests in the official receiver. - Имущество переходит к временному управляющему.

It must go through official channels. - Это должно пойти по официальным каналам.

I know not how his proper official title ran. - Я не знаю, каков был его официальный титул.

Despite protests, the official decision stood. - Несмотря на протесты, официальное решение осталось в силе.

The country adopted an official policy of neutrality. - Страна приняла официальную политику невмешательства.

The election returns are now official. - Теперь результаты выборов оглашены официально.

He was the official timer for the race. - Он был официальным хронометристом гонки.

the official endorsement of his candidacy - официальная поддержка его кандидатуры

the official mascot of the 2002 World Cup - официальный талисман Чемпионата мира по футболу 2002 года

The Vice President is on an official trip. - Вице-президент находится в официальной поездке.

Many doubted the official version of events. - Многие сомневались в официальной версии событий.

Our house passed under his official control. - Наш дом официально перешёл под его контроль.

You will have to get official permission first. - Сначала вам придётся получить официальное разрешение.

Your promotion to Senior Editor is now official. - Теперь вы официально повышены на должность старшего редактора.

The official opening of the institute was in May. - Официальное открытие института состоялось в мае.

She was accused of destroying official documents. - Её обвинили в уничтожении официальных документов.

The official enquiry was a long-drawn-out process. - Процесс официального расследования чрезвычайно затянулся.

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Связанные термины:

fourth official: In football, the fourth official is an official who assists the referee and assistant referees from the side of the pitch .

official strike: a collective stoppage of work by part or all of the workforce of an organization with the approval of the trade union concerned. The stoppage may be accompanied by the payment of strike pay by the trade union concerned

party official: an official of a political party

petty official: a minor official in government, etc

customs official: → another name for customs officer

elected official: an official who has been chosen by election

official complaint: A complaint is a statement in which you express your dissatisfaction with a particular situation.

official forecast: A forecast is a statement of what is expected to happen in the future, especially in relation to a particular event or situation.

official guidance: Guidance is help and advice.

official opening: The opening of something such as a book, play, or concert is the first part of it.

Official Receiver: an officer appointed by the Insolvency Service to receive the income and manage the estate of a bankrupt pending the appointment of a trustee in bankruptcy

Official Referee: (in England) a circuit judge attached to the High Court who is empowered to try certain cases, esp where a detailed examination of accounts or other documents is involved

Official Solicitor: an officer of the Supreme Court of Judicature with special responsibilities for protecting the interests of persons under disability

official statistic: Statistics are facts which are obtained from analysing information expressed in numbers, for example information about the number of times that something happens .

official warning: A warning is something which is said or written to tell people of a possible danger, problem, or other unpleasant thing that might happen .

official explanation: If you give an explanation of something that has happened, you give people reasons for it, especially in an attempt to justify it.

Official Secrets Act: any of several Acts of Parliament in the UK related to the protection of official information, esp national security

in an official capacity: If you do something in a particular capacity, you do it as part of a particular job or duty, or because you are representing a particular organization or person.

the Official Secrets Act: an act of Parliament that covers the protection of information relating to state security

Commissioner of Official Languages: (in Canada ) the ombudsman for English and French bilingualism in the federal government

local government officer: an employee of a local council

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Однокоренные слова:

inofficial - неофициальный, приватный
officialdom - чиновничество, бюрократизм
officialese - чиновничий, канцелярский стиль
officialism - бюрократизм, чиновничье самодовольство, чиновничество
officialize - придавать официальный характер
officially - официально, формально
unofficial - неофициальный
officiality - должность председателя церковного суда, официальность

Связанные слова: