Noun: масло нефть смазочный материал масляная краска
Verb: смазать смазывать пропитывать маслом промасливать


to discover oil - найти нефть

to distill the oil - перегонять нефть

oil meal - жмых

oil painting - живопись масляными красками, картина, написанная масляными красками

oil well - нефтяная скважина

palm oil - пальмовое масло, взятка

rape oil - рапсовое масло

rock oil - нефть

seed oil - растительное масло

shark oil - акулий жир

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The heating system runs on oil. - Система отопления работает с использованием масла. (масляные системы отопления)

We heat our house with oil. - Мы отапливаем дом мазутом.

He oiled the bearings of the machine. - Он смазал подшипники машины.

The bicycle chain needs oiling. - Нужно смазать цепь велосипеда.

Add a little oil to the pan and stir-fry the onions. - Добавьте на сковородку немного масла и жарьте, постоянно помешивая лук.

I asked Simon to oil my back for me. - Я попросила Саймона намазать мне спину маслом.

Check the oil level in your car every week. - Каждую неделю проверяйте уровень масла в вашем автомобиле.

I oiled round to where Jeeves awaited me. - Я прокрался в обход до того места, где меня поджидал Дживз.

I rather liked his oils than his drawings. - Мне больше нравились его масляные полотна, чем рисунки.

The price of crude oil is expected to rise. - Цена нефти, как ожидается, возрастёт.

As man to man, do you want to oil out of this thing? - Скажи, как мужчина мужчине — ты хотел бы из этого выпутаться?

A little bit of oil will help lubricate the chain. - Цепь можно будет смазать небольшим количеством масла.

I usually paint in oils (=using oils). - Я обычно пишу маслом (т.е. масляными красками).

Fish oils are supposed to help relieve arthritis. - Облегчить артрит должен рыбий жир.

The dressing is made with oil, vinegar, and a pinch of herbs. - Соус сделан с маслом, уксусом и щепоткой зелени.

If you oil the machinery on a regular basis, it will operate more efficiently. - Если оборудование регулярно смазывать, то оно будет работать более эффективно.

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Связанные термины:

emu oil: an oil obtained from the fat of the emu, traditionally used as an emollient by native Australians to relieve pain and speed the healing process

gas oil: a fuel oil obtained in the distillation of petroleum, intermediate in viscosity and boiling point between paraffin and lubricating oils. It boils above about 250°C

nut oil: oil obtained from walnuts, hazelnuts, etc, used in paints and varnishes and in cooking

oil men: a person who owns or operates oil wells

oil pan: An oil pan is the place under an engine which holds the engine oil.

oil rig: An oil rig is a structure on land or in the sea that is used when getting oil from the ground.

sun oil: an oil put on your skin to protect it from the sun

argan oil: a yellow nutty-flavoured oil extracted from the ripe green olive-like fruits of the argan tree, Argania spinosa of SW Morocco, and used in cooking, medicines, and cosmetics

baby oil: oil for babies ' skin

bath oil: scented oil added to bath water

benne oil: the edible oil obtained from sesame seeds

bone oil: a dark brown pungent oil, containing pyridine and hydrocarbons, obtained by the destructive distillation of bones

clove oil: a volatile pale-yellow aromatic oil obtained from clove flowers, formerly much used in confectionery, dentistry, and microscopy

coal oil: petroleum or a refined product from petroleum, esp kerosene

colza oil: the oil obtained from the seeds of the rape plant and used in making lubricants and synthetic rubber

corn oil: an oil prepared from maize, used in cooking and in making soaps, lubricants, etc

crude oil: Crude oil is oil in its natural state before it has been processed or refined.

fatty oil: a natural animal or vegetable oil that is not volatile : a mixture of esters of fatty acids, usually triglycerides

fixed oil: a natural animal or vegetable oil that is not volatile : a mixture of esters of fatty acids, usually triglycerides

fuel oil: a liquid petroleum product having a flash point above 37.8°C: used as a substitute for coal in industrial furnaces, domestic heaters, ships, and locomotives

fusel oil: a mixture of amyl alcohols, propanol, and butanol : a by-product in the distillation of fermented liquors used as a source of amyl alcohols

good oil: → the good oil

hair oil: an oily cosmetic preparation designed to improve the condition of the hair

heavy oil: a hydrocarbon mixture, heavier than water, distilled from coal tar

holy oil: a consecrated oil used in Christian ceremonies such as baptisms and (in Catholicism ) Confirmations

lamp oil: kerosene

lemon oil: a fragrant yellow essential oil obtained from the rinds of lemons or manufactured synthetically, used as a flavoring and in perfumery, furniture polishes, etc

motor oil: a type of oil used to lubricate the engine and other internal parts of the engine of a motor such as a car or other road vehicle

oil cake: stock feed consisting of compressed cubes made from the residue of the crushed seeds of oil-bearing crops such as linseed

oil color: a color or paint made by grinding a pigment in a drying oil, esp. linseed oil

oil drill: a boring into the earth or sea bed for the extraction of petroleum

oil drum: a metal drum used to contain or transport oil

oil field: an area having valuable deposits of petroleum, often, specif., one with a number of active oil wells

oil find: the discovery of oil deposits underground or under the sea

oil-fired: Oil-fired heating systems and power stations use oil as a fuel .

oil gauge: a device which indicates whether levels of lubricant in a vehicle or machine are high or low

oil gland: See uropygial gland

oil lamp: a simple vessel used to produce light by burning paraffin (or kerosene )

oil level: the amount of lubricant in a vehicle or machine ( sometimes indicated by an oil guage)

oil paint: Oil paint is a thick paint used by artists . It is made from coloured powder and linseed oil.

oil palm: a tropical African palm tree, Elaeis guineensis, the fruits of which yield palm oil

oil patch: an area or region where much petroleum is produced

oil press: a device for extracting oil from plant material, esp. olives

oil pump: An oil pump is a pump that sends lubricating oil under pressure to the bearings and other lubricated surfaces of an engine .

oil sand: a sandstone impregnated with hydrocarbons, esp such deposits in Alberta, Canada

oil shale: a fine-grained shale containing oil, which can be extracted by heating

oil slick: An oil slick is a layer of oil that is floating on the sea or on a lake because it has accidentally come out of a ship or container .

oil spill: a release of oil into the environment, either leaked or discharged from a ship, lorry, truck etc

oil stove: a heating device that burns oil (typically either paraffin or fuel oil)

oil tank: any tank for containing or storing oil such as a very large oil storage container at a refinery ; a large oil storage area on an oil tanker ; or a smaller container for the storage of heating oil at a property

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Однокоренные слова:

oiled - промасленный, смазанный маслом, пропитанный маслом, жированный
oiler - масленка, смазчик, танкер, лубрикатор, маслодел, нефтеналивное судно
oiliness - маслянистость, вязкость
oilily - маслянисто, вязко, льстиво, елейно, мягко, обходительно
oiling - смазка, смазывание, смазывать маслом, смазывать, пропиточный

Связанные слова: