Adjective: старый старинный прежний давний
Noun: старики прошлое


jolly old blade - весельчак

a selfish old blighter - эгоистичный старикашка

the old traditions in which they had been bred - старые традиции, в которых они были воспитаны

old buddy - старинный друг

the corrupt carcass of an old commercial body - разлагающиеся останки старой торговой системы

old chum - старинный друг

an old crazy ship - старое разваливающееся судно

the good old days - добрые старые времена

back in the old days - в прежние времена, раньше

decrepit old man - дряхлый старик

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How old are you? - Сколько вам лет?

My old boss was awful! - Мой прежний начальник был ужасен!

My old car was always breaking down. - Мой старый автомобиль постоянно ломался.

Are you older than Sally? - Вы старше Салли?

They're old rivals. - Они давние соперники.

Bob's an old friend of mine. - Боб — мой старый друг.

It's good to get back into the old routine. - Приятно вернуться к давно заведённому порядку вещей.

Old Lady of Threadneedle Street - Английский банк

He's an old man now. - Он уже старик.

We had a grand old time. - Мы здорово повеселились. (амер. grand old = excellent, outstanding)

The hotel was old and dingy. - Гостиница была старой и грязной.

a new approach to an old problem - новый подход к старой проблеме

The house we live in is 50 years old. - Дому, в котором мы живём — пятьдесят лет.

the oldest known civilization in the region - самая древняя из известных цивилизаций в этом регионе

I enjoyed seeing all the old familiar faces. - Мне было очень приятно увидеть все старые знакомые лица.

He comes out with the same old excuses every time! - Каждый раз у него одни и те же отговорки!

I can't run around like I used to — I must be getting old. - Я не могу бегать, как раньше — должно быть, старею.

Young and old alike will enjoy the movie. - Этот фильм понравится и старикам, и молодёжи.

We went back to visit our old neighborhood. - Мы вернулись навестить места, где когда-то жили.

Some of the houses around here are very old. - Некоторые из здешних домов — очень старые.

That story's as old as the hills (=extremely old). - Эта история стара, как мир (т.е. очень старая).

I met up with one of my old girlfriends at the weekend. - На выходных я встретился с одной из моих бывших подружек.

There's an old saying that good fences make good neighbors. - Есть старая поговорка, что хороший забор — залог хорошего соседства.

We rented an old black-and-white movie. - Мы взяли напрокат старый чёрно-белый фильм.

She wore a T-shirt and an old pair of jeans. - Она была в футболке и старых джинсах.

I can't believe you're nearly forty years old! - Не верится, что тебе уже почти сорок лет!

You're old enough to get your own breakfast now. - Ты уже достаточно взрослый, чтобы самому приготовить себе завтрак.

I wish you would stop wearing that dirty old hat! - Прошу тебя, перестань надевать эту грязную старую шляпу!

I'm not coming skating. I'm too old for that now. - Я не пойду кататься на коньках, слишком стар я стал для этого.

That happened when we were still in the old house. - Это произошло, когда мы ещё жили в старом доме.

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Связанные термины:

of old: If you talk about people or things of old, you are referring to people or things that existed long ago but which no longer exist, or no longer exist in the same form.

age-old: An age-old story, tradition, or problem has existed for many generations or centuries.

any old: You use any old to emphasize that the quality or type of something is not important . If you say that a particular thing is not any old thing, you are emphasizing how special or famous it is.

day-old: having been in existence or alive for one day

old age: Your old age is the period of years towards the end of your life.

old bat: If someone refers to an old person, especially an old woman, as an old bat, they think that person is silly, annoying, or unpleasant .

old boy: You can refer to a man who used to be a pupil at a particular school or university as an old boy .

old hat: If you say that something or someone is old hat, you mean that they have existed or been known for a long time, and they have become uninteresting and boring .

old man: Some people refer to their father, husband, or boyfriend as their old man .

old one: → the old one

old sod: one's native country

good old: You use good old before the name of a person, place, or thing when you are referring to them in an affectionate way .

old adage: An adage is something which people often say and which expresses a general truth about some aspect of life.

Old Bill: a policeman

old bird: Some people use the phrase old bird to refer to someone and say what they are like .

old chap: (used in informal direct address )

old chum: a person who is experienced, esp in life in colonial Australia

Old Dart: → the Old Dart

old days: → the old days

Old Delhi: the capital of India, in the N central part, on the Jumna river: consists of Old Delhi (a walled city reconstructed in 1639 on the site of former cities of Delhi, which date from the 15th century bc ) and New Delhi to the south, chosen as the capital in 1912, replacing Kolkata (then called Calcutta ); university (1922). Pop: 9 817 439 (2001)

Old Dutch: the Dutch language up to about 1100, derived from the Low Franconian dialect of Old Low German

old face: a type style that originated in the 18th century, characterized by little contrast between thick and thin strokes

old flame: An old flame is someone with whom you once had a romantic relationship .

old fogy: a person who is excessively old-fashioned in attitude, ideas, manners, etc.

old girl: You can refer to a woman who used to be a pupil at a particular school or university as an old girl .

Old Glory: People sometimes refer to the flag of the United States as Old Glory .

old goat: an elderly man who is disliked, esp. for being mean to or disapproving of younger people

old gold: a dark yellow colour, sometimes with a brownish tinge

old guard: If you refer to a group of people as the old guard, you mean that they have worked in a particular organization for a very long time and are unwilling to accept new ideas or practices .

old hand: If someone is an old hand at something, they are very skilled at it because they have been doing it for a long time.

Old Harry: the Devil ; Satan

Old Indic: the group of Indo-European languages of ancient India including early and classical Sanskrit, as well as Pali and the earliest vernaculars ( Prakrits )

Old Ionic: a dialect of ancient Greek : the language of Homer

Old Irish: the Celtic language of Ireland up to about 900 ad, introduced to Scotland by Irish settlers about 500 ad

old lady: Some men refer to their wife, girlfriend, or mother as their old lady .

Old Latin: the Latin language before the classical period, up to about 100 bc

old-line: conservative ; old-fashioned

old maid: People sometimes refer to an old or middle-aged woman as an old maid when she has never married and they think that it is unlikely that she ever will marry. This word is likely to cause offence, and should not be used.

old media: the media in existence before the arrival of the internet, such as newspapers, books, television, and cinema

old money: money and wealth that has passed down from your ancestors

old moon: a phase of the moon lying between last quarter and new moon, when it appears as a waning crescent

Old Nick: the Devil ; Satan

Old Norse: the language or group of dialects of medieval Scandinavia and Iceland from about 700 to about 1350, forming the North Germanic branch of the Indo-European family of languages

old river: a river bed left dry because the river has changed its course

old rose: a greyish-pink colour

Old Saxon: the Saxon dialect of Low German up to about 1200, from which modern Low German is derived

old shoe: a person or thing that is comfortably familiar and unpretentious

old skool: the hip-hop music of the 1980s or modern music imitating this style

Old South: the American South before the Civil War

old squaw: a long-tailed northern sea duck, Clangula hyemalis, having dark wings and a white-and-brown head and body

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Однокоренные слова:

olden - былой, старый, более раннего периода, стареть
oldish - староватый
oldness - старость
older - старший, старинный, бывший, давнишний, выдержанный, долго использовавшийся

Связанные слова: