Adjective: единый какой-то такой же одинаковый
Pronoun: 1 кто-то некто некий
Noun: единица одиночка число один


to buckle / fasten one's belt - пристегнуть ремень

to loosen one's belt - ослабить ремень

to undo one's belt - расстегнуть ремень

to bend one's brows - хмурить брови

to give smb. the benefit of one's experience and knowledge - поделиться с кем-л. своим опытом и знаниями

to the top of one's bent - вволю, вдоволь

to put one's best foot / leg foremost - делать всё от себя зависящее

to send one's best to smb. - передавать, посылать привет кому-л.

one's best bet - дело верное, выигрышное

to raise one's bid - повысить цены

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It's half past one. - Сейчас половина второго.

She is one year old. - Ей сейчас один годик.

I will see you again one day. - Когда-нибудь мы снова увидимся.

This is the one I ordered. - Это тот самый, что я заказал.

She wears a one. - Она носит первый размер ("единичку").

They all went off in one direction. - Все они удалились в одном и том же направлении.

They are both of one species. - Оба они относятся к одному и тому же виду.

Which one did you like better? - Какой вам больше понравился?

I'll be there at one. - Я буду там в час.

This is one of my favourite books. - Это одна из моих любимых книг.

He is the one who called the police. - Это он вызвал полицию.

I like all the pictures except this one. - Мне нравятся все фотографии, кроме вот этой.

That's one funny boy. - Какой забавный паренёк.

She's one girl in a million. - Она одна такая девушка на миллион.

I don't have any ones. Can you break a five? - У меня нет купюр по одному доллару /фунту/. Пятёрку не разменяете? / С пятёрки сдача будет?

the one and only Muhammad Ali - единственный и неповторимый Мохаммед Али

They had one daughter. - У них была одна дочь.

One from seven leaves six. - От семи отнять один будет шесть.

One can never be too careful. - Невозможно быть слишком осторожным. / Излишняя осторожность не повредит.

There is one minute left in the game. - До конца игры осталась одна минута.

John will be one soon. - Джону скоро исполнится годик.

Your ones are too like sevens. - Твои единички слишком похожи на семёрки.

I have a few one-dollar bills in my purse. - У меня в кошельке есть несколько однодолларовых купюр.

That's one possible answerbut not the only one. - Это один из возможных ответов — но не единственный.

Chapter One. - Глава первая / Глава 1.

Come back at one (=one o'clock). - Возвращайся в час (т.е. в час дня или в час ночи).

Katie's almost one (=one year old). - Кэти уже почти год (т.е. ей скоро исполнится один год).

The train arrives at one twenty five. - Поезд прибывает в час двадцать пять.

I'd like to see the ring next to that one. - Я хотел бы посмотреть колечко, которое рядом с вот этим.

The three chemicals combining into one solution. - Эти три химических вещества объединяются в один раствор.

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Связанные термины:

one-one: (of two or more things) corresponding exactly

A one: first-class ; first-rate ; superior

one's: Speakers and writers use one's to indicate that something belongs or relates to people in general, or to themselves in particular .

as one: If a group of people does something as one, all the people do the same thing at the same time or in the same way.

at one: in a state of agreement or harmony

in one: You can use in one to indicate that something is a single unit, but is made up of several different parts or has several different functions.

no-one: No one means not a single person, or not a single member of a particular group or set.

one-up: having or having scored an advantage or lead over someone or something

all one: all the same

any one: any single

big one: a thousand dollars

day one: If something happens from day one of a process, it happens right from the beginning. If it happens on day one, it happens right at the beginning.

for one: You can use for one to emphasize that a particular person is definitely reacting or behaving in a particular way, even if other people are not.

old one: → the old one

one-day: One day or some day or one of these days means at some time in the future .

one-man: A one-man performance is given by only one man rather than by several people.

one-off: You can refer to something as a one-off when it is made or happens only once.

one-two: a jab with the leading hand followed by a cross with the other hand

one-way: In one-way streets or traffic systems, vehicles can only travel along in one direction.

the one: (in Neo-Platonic philosophy ) the ultimate being

cold one: a glass, can, or bottle of cold beer

every one: each person or thing in a group, without exception

Evil One: → the Evil One

fast one: a shrewd action, esp. when unscrupulous or dishonest ; an unfair trick, deceitful practice, dishonest dealing, etc

half one: 30 minutes after one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, etc

loved one: a person who is loved by another, esp a relative

many-one: (of a function ) associating a single element of a range with more than one member of the domain

nice one: If someone says nice one, they are showing their approval of something clever or funny that they have just seen or heard.

one-acter: a one-act play

one-armed: having only one arm

one-down: having conceded an advantage or lead to someone or something

one-eyed: having only one eye

one-horse: If someone describes a town as a one-horse town, they mean it is very small, dull, and old-fashioned .

one-line: consisting of one line

one-liner: A one-liner is a funny remark or a joke told in one sentence, for example in a play or comedy programme .

one-many: (of a relation ) holding between more than one ordered pair of elements with the same first member

one-note: not changing or varying, as in subject matter or tone; uniform ; monotonous

one-owner: that has only had one owner

one-piece: A one-piece article of clothing consists of one piece only, rather than two or more separate parts.

one-shot: consisting of a single shot

one-sided: If you say that an activity or relationship is one-sided, you think that one of the people or groups involved does much more than the other or is much stronger than the other.

one-size: available in one size only that is designed to fit most people

one-step: an early 20th-century ballroom dance with long quick steps, the precursor of the foxtrot

one-stop: A one-stop shop is a place where you can buy everything you need for a particular purpose.

one-time: One-time is used to describe something such as a job, position, or role which someone used to have, or something which happened in the past.

one-track: obsessed with one idea, subject, etc

one-woman: A one-woman performance or business is done by only one woman, rather than by several people.

plus-one: a person who accompanies an invited person to a social function

quick one: Britishanother name for quickie (sense 1 )

route one: a style of play involving long high kicks towards a central striker

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Однокоренные слова:

oneness - единство, исключительность, тождество, единичность, согласие, одиночество

Связанные слова: