Verb: открывать открываться вскрывать раскрывать
Adjective: открытый разомкнутый открытого типа откровенный
Noun: открытое пространство открытый чемпионат открытое море перспектива


to blow open a safe - взломать сейф

open border - открытая граница

to have one's bowels open, to empty / evacuate / move one's bowels - иметь стул

in the open country - на лоне природы

to open the door - открыть дверь

to open the door to / for smth. - открыть путь к чему-л., сделать что-л. возможным

to open new doors to success - открыть новый путь к успеху

to keep open household - держать двери открытыми для гостей

to open the brackets - раскрывать скобки

to open up opportunities - предоставлять возможности

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I'll open it just now. - Я открою прямо сейчас.

The zoo is open daily. - Зоопарк работает ежедневно.

Jack opened the window. - Джек открыл окно.

He kicked open the door. - Он распахнул дверь ударом ноги.

They are in the open sea. - Они находятся в открытом море.

What time do the banks open? - В котором часу открываются банки?

The door burst open. - Дверь распахнулась.

The door opened. - Дверь открылась.

The way is open. - Путь открыт.

The bakery opens early. - Булочная открывается рано.

The door will not open. - Эта дверь никак не открывается.

Mary opened the car door. - Мэри открыла дверь автомобиля.

Nick yanked the door open. - Ник рывком распахнул дверь.

His mouth was wide open. - Его рот был широко открыт.

She opened her umbrella. - Она раскрыла свой зонтик.

When does the play open? - Когда ожидается премьера этого спектакля?

He cracked open the eggs. - Он расколол яйца.

Open Sesame! - Сезам, откройся! (волшебное заклинание в одной из арабских сказок)

He is an open book. - Его легко понять.

The job is still open. - Это рабочее место все ещё вакантно.

The door was half open. - Дверь была приоткрыта.

The door creaked open. - Дверь со скрипом открылась.

The door was wide open. - Дверь была распахнута настежь.

The door squeaked open. - Дверь скрипнула и открылась.

She swung the door open. - Она распахнула дверь настежь.

She wedged the door open. - Она заклинила дверь в открытом положении.

That door's a sod to open. - Эта дверь хреново открывается.

Shall I open the curtains? - Мне открыть занавески?

This door is hard to open. - Эта дверь открывается с большим трудом.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If someone opens out, they start to say exactly what they think or feel.

If a place, economy, or area of interest opens up, or if someone opens it up, more people can go there or become involved in it.

Связанные термины:

open to: glad or willing to receive, discuss, etc.

open up: If a place, economy, or area of interest opens up, or if someone opens it up, more people can go there or become involved in it.

half-open: (of a file ) having a pawn or pawns of only one colour on it

lay open: to reveal or disclose

open air: An open-air place or event is outside rather than in a building.

open bar: a bar at a reception that serves drinks whose cost has been borne by the host, an admission charge, a sponsor, etc

open book: a person or thing without secrecy or concealment that can be easily known or interpreted

open call: an audition, esp. for actors or dancers, open to anyone wishing to try out

open city: a city which is a military objective but is completely demilitarized and left open to enemy occupation in order to gain immunity, under international law, from bombardment and attack

open cut: an excavation made in the open rather than in a tunnel

open day: An open day is a day on which members of the public are encouraged to visit a particular school, university, or other institution to see what it is like .

open door: If a country or organization has an open-door policy towards people or goods, it allows them to come there freely, without any restrictions .

open-end: of or pertaining to an investment company that has no fixed limit to the number of shares issued, so that the shares are issued and redeemed as demand requires

open-eyed: with the eyes wide open, as in amazement

open fire: to start firing a gun, artillery, etc

open game: a relatively simple game involving open ranks and files, permitting tactical play, and usually following symmetrical development

open goal: a goal which is left open or undefended

open jail: A jail is a place where criminals are kept in order to punish them, or where people waiting to be tried are kept.

open-jaw: relating to a ticket that allows a traveller to arrive in one place and depart from another

open-line: a radio or television programme in which listeners' or viewers ' questions, comments, etc, are telephoned to the studio and broadcast live

open mike: a session in a pub or club where members of the public are invited to perform comedy or to sing

open out: If someone opens out, they start to say exactly what they think or feel .

open pit: An open pit is a mine where the coal, metal, or minerals are near the surface and underground passages are not needed .

open-plan: An open-plan building, office, or room has no internal walls dividing it into smaller areas.

open-reel: (of magnetic tape ) wound from one reel to another in use

open road: A road is a long piece of hard ground which is built between two places so that people can drive or ride easily from one place to the other.

open sea: the expanse of sea away from any coastlines, bays, inlets, etc.

open set: a set which is not a closed set

open shop: an establishment in which persons are hired and employed irrespective of their membership or nonmembership of a trade union

open side: the side of the scrum on which the majority of the backs are ranged

open-top: An open-top bus has no roof, so that the people sitting on the top level can see or be seen more easily . An open-top car has no roof or has a roof that can be removed .

the open: any wide or unobstructed space or expanse, esp of land or water

wide open: If something is wide open, it is open to its full extent.

open access: If you have access to something such as information or equipment, you have the opportunity or right to see it or use it.

open chain: a chain of atoms in a molecule that is not joined at its ends into the form of a ring

open cheque: an uncrossed cheque that can be cashed at the drawee bank

open court: a court or trial to which members of the public are freely admitted

open-ended: When people begin an open-ended discussion or activity, they do not have a particular result, decision, or timespan in mind .

open-faced: having an ingenuous expression

open-field: of or denoting the system in which an arable area was divided into unenclosed strips, esp cultivated by different tenants

open ground: uncovered or unobstructed ground in a wide open space

open-handed: generous ; liberal

open-hearth: designating a furnace with a wide, saucer-shaped hearth and a low roof, used in making steel

open house: If you say that someone keeps open house, you mean that they welcome friends or visitors to their house whenever they arrive and allow them to stay for as long as they want to.

open letter: An open letter is a letter that is published in a newspaper or magazine . It is addressed to a particular person but is intended for the general reader, usually in order to protest or give an opinion about something.

open market: Goods that are bought and sold on the open market are advertised and sold to anyone who wants to buy them.

open-minded: If you describe someone as open-minded, you approve of them because they are willing to listen to and consider other people's ideas and suggestions .

open-necked: If you are wearing an open-necked shirt or blouse, you are wearing a shirt or blouse which has no buttons at the top or on which the top button is not done up.

open order: a formation that allows additional space between the ranks of a guard or inspected unit to allow the inspecting officer to pass

open policy: an insurance policy in which the amount payable in the event of a claim is settled after the loss or damage has occurred

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Однокоренные слова:

open on - открываться на, выходить на
open out - раскрывать, раскрываться, развертывать, развертываться
open up - раскрывать, раскрываться, обнаруживать, обнаруживаться, делать доступным

Связанные слова: