Noun: заказ порядок приказ распоряжение
Verb: заказывать упорядочивать приказывать предписывать
Interjection: прошу внимания


body of the order - основной текст приказа

to order a brandy - заказать стакан бренди

cheque to order - ордерный чек

great reductions in order to clear - большая скидка с целью распродажи

clerical order - церковный орден

order confirmation / confirmation of the order - подтверждение заказа

counter order from the colonel - встречный приказ полковника

to disobey an order - не подчиниться приказу

to order one's hair - приводить в порядок волосы

in order to avoid - во избежание

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Are you ready to order? - Вы готовы сделать заказ?

I'll order you a taxi. - Я закажу вам такси.

Everything is in order. - Всё в порядке.

The order came by mail. - Заказ пришёл по почте.

He put his desk in order. - Он привёл свой рабочий стол в порядок.

So my lot was ordered. - Итак, моя судьба была предопределена.

I ordered up two ham sandwiches. - Я заказал два бутерброда с ветчиной.

That's an order, not a request! - Это приказ, а не просьба!

We received an order to attack. - Мы получили приказ атаковать.

All is clockwork, all is order. - Всё работает как часы, всё в порядке.

Is your passport in order? - Паспорт у тебя в порядке?

She ordered the dog to sit. - Она приказала собаке сесть.

Has the waiter taken your order? - Официант уже принял ваш заказ?

You can order whatever you want. - Можешь заказать всё, что только пожелаешь.

She keeps her room in good order. - Она содержит свою комнату в полном порядке.

The car is in [out of] order. - Автомобиль исправен [неисправен].

Anne ordered another glass of wine. - Энн заказала ещё бокал вина.

I need to check that your passport is in order. - Мне нужно убедиться, что ваш паспорт в порядке.

Order now and receive a free gift! - Закажите сейчас и получите бесплатный подарок!

He sat down and ordered a meal. - Он сел и заказал еду.

The captain gave the order to abandon ship. - Капитан приказал покинуть корабль.

A problem must be stated in order to be solved. - Чтобы решить проблему, её надо чётко определить.

An order came from on high. - С самого верха пришло распоряжение.

Just don't order me about. - Только не надо меня гонять туда-сюда.

My insides are out of order. - У меня что-то не в порядке с желудком.

The list is ordered alphabetically. - Пункты списка расположены в алфавитном порядке.

The order was given to evacuate. - Был отдан приказ к эвакуации.

Contact your local dealer to order. - Для размещения заказа обратитесь к вашему местному дилеру.

He called the rioters a threat to the social order. - Он назвал погромщиков "угрозой для общественного порядка".

The pilot gave the order to bomb up. - Пилот отдал приказ загружать бомбы.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you say that someone is ordering you around or is ordering you about, you mean they are telling you what to do as if they have authority over you, and you dislike this.

Связанные термины:

gag order: If a judge puts a gag order on information relating to a legal case, people involved in the case are banned from discussing it in public or writing about it.

in order: If you put or keep something in order, you make sure that it is tidy or properly organized .

new order: a new or revised system of operation, form of government, plan of attack, or the like

on order: Something that is on order at a shop or factory has been asked for but has not yet been supplied.

the order: the dress, equipment, or formation directed for a particular purpose or undertaking

to order: If you do something to order, you do it whenever you are asked to do it.

Attic order: a low pilaster of any order set into the cornice of a building

back order: an order to be filled when stock is renewed

care order: an order by a magistrate that places a child in the care of a local authority

close order: an arrangement of troops in compact units at close intervals and distances, as for marching

court order: a command by a court

first-order: quantifying only over individuals and not over predicates or clauses : first-order predicate calculus studies the logical properties of such quantification

keep order: to maintain or enforce order

limit order: an order to buy or sell a specified amount of a security at a specific price

loose order: a formation in which soldiers, units, etc, are widely separated from each other

mail order: Mail order is a system of buying and selling goods . You choose the goods you want from a company by looking at their catalogue, and the company sends them to you by post.

money order: A money order is a piece of paper representing a sum of money which you can buy at a post office and send to someone as a way of sending them money by post.

open order: a formation that allows additional space between the ranks of a guard or inspected unit to allow the inspecting officer to pass

order about: to bully or domineer

order arms: the order in drill to hold the rifle close to the right side with the butt resting on the ground

order book: When you talk about the state of a company's order book or order books, you are talking about how many orders for their goods the company has.

order form: a form with blanks in which a purchaser indicates desired items

order mark: a minor school punishment for some deviation from order

order paper: a list indicating the order in which business is to be conducted, esp in Parliament

peck order: a natural hierarchy in a group of gregarious birds, such as domestic fowl

rush order: an order for goods required urgently

short order: food that is easily and quickly prepared

side order: A side order is an amount of a food that you order in a restaurant to be served at the same time as the main dish.

stock order: A stock order is a request, often created automatically by retail software, for new supplies to refill the inventory and replenish shelves .

stop order: an instruction to a broker to sell one or more shares when the price offered for them falls below a stipulated level

tall order: if something is a tall order it is very difficult

Third Order: a religious society of laymen affiliated to one of the religious orders and following a mitigated form of religious rule

word order: the arrangement of words in a phrase, clause, or sentence . In many languages, including English, word order plays an important part in determining meanings expressed in other languages by inflections

work order: an order authorizing specific work, repairs, etc., to be done

batting order: the sequence in which hitters will bat in a given game, determined in advance by the team manager

battle order: the strategic arrangement of fighters and weapons in a battle

buying order: an order to buy a certain security

counter-order: an order which revokes a previous order

firing order: the sequence of ignition in the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine

gagging order: an official order against certain information being made public or discussed (by the press, etc)

general order: any of a numbered series of orders under competent authority, including general directives, announcements, etc.

lexical order: the arrangement of a set of items in accordance with a recursive algorithm, such as the entries in a dictionary whose order depends on their first letter unless these are the same in which case it is the second which decides, and so on

market order: an instruction to a broker to sell or buy at the best price currently obtainable on the market

matched order: the pairing of an order to buy stock with an order to sell stock by member brokers on the stock exchange

minimum order: A minimum order is the smallest amount or number that may be ordered in one delivery, usually to spread delivery costs over an economical number of units.

Orange Order: → the Orange Order

order around: If you say that someone is ordering you around or is ordering you about, you mean they are telling you what to do as if they have authority over you, and you dislike this.

order-driven: denoting an electronic market system, esp for stock exchanges, in which prices are determined by the publication of orders to buy or sell

order number: a number associated with a purchase or merchandise order

pecking order: The pecking order of a group is the way that the positions people have are arranged according to their status or power within the group.

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Однокоренные слова:

order about - командовать, помыкать
order out - приказать уйти, , приказывать уйти

Связанные слова: