Pronoun: наш наша наше наши


beneath our (very) eyes - (прямо) на наших глазах

rope burns on our wrists - следы от верёвки на наших запястьях

the chromatic splendours of our atmosphere - цветовое великолепие окружающей среды

the sections into which our society is cleft - группы, на которые расколото наше общество

our own coloured melodies - наши национальные негритянские мелодии

the affluence and comprehension of our language - богатство и полнота нашего языка

a conclusion conformable to our present doctrine - вывод, согласующийся с принятой нами теорией

consistent with our principles - согласующийся с нашими принципами

contiguity of our natures - сходство наших характеров

our American cousins - наши американские собратья

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Our Father - Отче наш, господь, создатель

Our Saviour - Спаситель

We were criticized for our actions. - Нас осудили за наше поведение /за наши поступки/.

Usually we are not happy with what we see in ourselves or in our lives. - Обычно мы не слишком довольны тем, что видим в себе самих или в своей жизни.

We know our algebra. - Мы знаем алгебру в нужном объёме.

We are defending our rights. - Мы защищаем свои права.

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Связанные термины:

our kid: my younger brother or sister

Our Lady: Some Christians, especially Catholics, refer to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, as Our Lady .

Our Lord: Christians refer to Jesus Christ as Our Lord .

Our Father: another name for the Lord's Prayer, taken from its opening words

in our midst: among us

our time(s): When you refer to our time or our times you are referring to the present period in the history of the world .

these shores: you can say 'these shores ' or 'our shores' to refer to the country you live in

clear your debts: A debt is a sum of money that you owe someone.

express your opinion: Your opinion about something is what you think or believe about it.

voice your opinion: Your opinion about something is what you think or believe about it.

in our (or your or their) midst: among us (or you or them)

consider your options: An option is something that you can choose to do in preference to one or more alternatives .

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