Adjective: собственный родной свой собственный любимый
Noun: собственность принадлежность
Pronoun: свой
Verb: владеть иметь обладать держать


to blow one's own horn - выпячивать свои успехи

to live with one's own brains - жить своим умом

at his own charge(s) - на его собственный счёт

to pay a man back in his own coin - отплачивать той же монетой, отплачивать тем же

our own coloured melodies - наши национальные негритянские мелодии

to know (learn) to one's own cost - (у)знать по собственному горькому опыту

to sign one's own death warrant - подписать себе смертный приговор

a declension from his own rules of life - отклонение от его собственных жизненных правил

to dig one's own grave, to dig a grave for oneself - рыть себе могилу

to keep / have / own a dog - держать собаку

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It was my own idea. - Это была моя собственная идея. / Это я сам придумал.

He is his own man. - Он сам себе хозяин.

He is my own brother. - Он мой родной брат.

We hope to someday own our own home. - Мы надеемся, что когда-нибудь у нас будет собственный дом.

She makes a lot of her own clothes. - Большую часть своей одежды она делает сама.

It's your own fault for leaving the window open. - Вы сами виноваты, что оставили окно открытым.

She just wanted a place to call her own. - Она всего лишь хотела иметь собственный угол. / Она просто хотела иметь собственное жильё.

She always owns her faults. - Она всегда признаёт свои ошибки.

We have problems of our own. - У нас своих проблем хватает.

The couple owns and operates the business. - Эта чета владеет и управляет этим бизнесом.

I own that I judged her harshly. - Признаюсь, что я слишком поспешно осудил её.

She has her own problems to deal with. - У неё полно своих проблем.

Every dance has its own rhythm. - У каждого танца — свой собственный ритм. / Каждый танец ритмичен по-своему.

He owns three houses in Florida. - У него три собственных дома во Флориде.

Bring your own equipment. - Оборудование приносите с собой.

Many more people now own their own homes. - Сейчас многие являются владельцами своих домов.

I'd like to have a place of my own (=my own home). - Я хотел бы иметь своё собственное жильё (т.е. свой собственный дом).

I must own to a feeling of anxiety. - Я должен признаться в том, что испытываю чувство тревоги.

He owns the rights to the band's music. - Он владеет правами на музыку этой группы.

His face was only a few inches from her own. - Его лицо было всего в нескольких дюймах от её собственного.

She drives a red truck that was originally owned by her grandfather. - Она водит красный грузовик, который изначально принадлежал её деду.

One day I want to have a horse of my very own. - Когда-нибудь я хочу завести собственную лошадь.

We encourage students to develop their own ideas. - Мы рекомендуем студентам развивать свои собственные идеи.

The yacht was intended for the king's own personal use. - Яхта предназначалась для личного пользования короля.

I own that I judged her harshly at first. - Признаюсь, что сначала я сурово её осудил.

You need to get permission from the farmer who owns the land. - Вы должны получить разрешение от фермера, который владеет этой землей.

The building is owned by the local council. - Зданием владеет местный совет.

After everyone else denied any responsibility, he owned that he was at fault. - После того, как все остальные отказались от какой либо ответственности, он признал свою вину.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

own up: If you own up to something wrong that you have done, you admit that you did it.

own man: If you say that a man is his own man, you approve of the fact that he makes his decisions and his plans himself, and does not depend on other people.

own brand: Own brands are products which have the trademark or label of the shop which sells them, especially a supermarket chain. They are normally cheaper than other popular brands.

own goal: In sport, if someone scores an own goal, they accidentally score a goal for the team they are playing against.

own idea: An idea is a plan, suggestion, or possible course of action.

own label: Own label is the same asown brand .

own assets: The assets of a company or a person are all the things that they own.

own identity: The identity of a person or place is the characteristics they have that distinguish them from others.

an own goal: a failure to achieve something which results in damage to your own interests

of one's own: If you say that someone has a particular thing of their own, you mean that that thing belongs or relates to them, rather than to other people.

on one's own: When you are on your own, you are alone.

own a stake: If you have a stake in something such as a business, it matters to you, for example because you own part of it or because its success or failure will affect you.

own up (to): to confess (to)

hold one's own: If you hold your own, you are able to resist someone who is attacking or opposing you.

hold your own: to be able to defend your position against someone who is attacking you or threatening you

roll-your-own: a hand-rolled cigarette

be one's own man: to be independent or free

go one's own way: If you go your own way, you do what you want rather than what everyone else does or expects .

in your own time: If you do something in your own time, you do it at the speed that you choose, rather than allowing anyone to hurry you.

of it own accord: If something happens of its own accord, it seems to happen by itself, without anyone making it happen.

on your own hook: alone, without any help

the devil's own: a very difficult or problematic (thing)

to hold your own: If you hold your own, you are able to resist someone who is attacking or opposing you.

Og: oganesson

at one's own pace: If you do something at your own pace, you do it at a speed that is comfortable for you.

at one's own risk: If you tell someone that they are doing something at their own risk, you are warning them that, if they are harmed, it will be their own responsibility .

be one's own boss: If you are your own boss, you work for yourself or make your own decisions and do not have anyone telling you what to do.

be your own woman: If you say that a woman is her own woman, you approve of the fact that she makes her plans and decisions herself, and does not depend on other people.

blow your own horn: to boast about yourself. The British expression is blow your own trumpet .

dig your own grave: to put yourself in a difficult situation by doing something wrong or making foolish mistakes

do your own thing: If you do your own thing, you live, act, or behave in the way you want to, without paying attention to convention or depending on other people.

foul your own nest: to do something which damages your own interests or chances of success

get one's own back: to obtain one's revenge

get your own back: to take revenge on someone because of something that they have done to you

in one's own right: If someone is a successful or respected person in their own right, they are successful or respected because of their own efforts and talents rather than those of the people they are closely connected with.

in one's own time: outside paid working hours

in one's own words: If you say something in your own words, you express it in your own way, without copying or repeating someone else's description .

make sth one's own: If you make something your own, you become involved in it in such a way that people think of it as being related only to you or belonging only to you, rather than to anyone else.

off one's own bat: If someone does something off their own bat, they do it without anyone else suggesting it.

of its own accord: If something happens of its own accord, it seems to happen by itself, without anyone making it happen.

of your own making: If you say that something such as a problem you have is of your own making, you mean you have caused or created it yourself.

on one's own hook: on one's own initiative

on one's own time: during time for which one is not paid ; during other than working hours

save your own skin: to try to save yourself from something dangerous or unpleasant, often without caring what happens to anyone else

tell its own tale: to be self-evident

world of one's own: a state of mental detachment from other people

after one's own heart: appealing to one's own disposition, taste, or tendencies

be one's own master: If you say that you are your own master, you mean that your decisions are not controlled by other people and you are free to do what you want .

be one's own person: to be free from restrictions, control, or dictatorial influence

blow one's own horn: If you blow your own horn, you boast about yourself.

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Однокоренные слова:

own up - откровенно признаваться, безропотно подчиняться, покорно соглашаться

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